Chapter 99 The Devil in the Mirror (5)

Chapter 99 The Devil in the Mirror (5)

Unfortunately, Jiang Qi couldn’t find any clue.

The atmosphere in the basement created nauseating smell, making Jiang Qi to cannot bear it and want to leave.

But after several steps, he found a door at the deepest of the basement, with blood flowing out from it.

Jiang Qi hesitantly looked at the door in horror.

What am I afraid for? I am not scared of monsters! And now I am afraid of a door?

Gritting his teeth, Jiang Qi walked over. But after a few steps, Jiang Qi had the feeling of déjà vu

The reason was none other than so many broken limbs on the way. Jiang Qi could only endure nausea before walked in.

Before the door, Jiang Qi took a deep breath, then pushed the door.
What’s going on?

Jiang Qi became stunned looking at the door. Why didn’t it open?

Unbelieving Jiang Qi pushed the door again several times, but the door was absolutely solid, as if it was nailed.

Jiang Qi carefully examined the door, then he pulled it……

Creak—— the door opened…..
(tl : now it become comedy….)

Without waiting for Jiang Qi to change his mood, a shadow immediately pounced at him.
Jiang Qi thought that the lizard man had returned, so he subconsciously kicked that shadow flying.

The instant that shadow was kicked, Jiang Qi felt something was wrong, because that shadow was too light.

Jiang Qi hastily chased it, and saw a man in suit. One of his hand was holding a mobile phone, probably had just made a call.

Right now there was a bloodied hole on his chest, his internal organ was shaken by Jiang Qi’s kick.

Jiang Qi silently turned his head. He was glad that he hadn’t eaten yet, otherwise he might vomit.

He narrowed his eyes and looked around, it was absolutely messy as if the monster had wreaked havoc. There were many papers scattered on the floor, they were probably data used in work

But how would Jiang Qi find something useful? Moreover, many things on the floor were soaked with blood. Even if he was to really careful search, it would take a lot of time.

Just when Jiang Qi began to feel anxious, suddenly, his gaze concentrated on the nearby safe.

The safe was already smashed, revealing the thing inside. What strange was that the thing inside wasn’t the financial stuff, but it was something covered by plastic.

Jiang Qi walked before the safe, then exerted his strength to pry the safe to conveniently take that thing out.
Although Jiang Qi’s strength was quite strong, but when the safe was so easy to pry open.
After exerting strength for a while. Jiang Qi saw that it didn’t has any effect, so he could only obediently slowly took that thing through the cracks.


Jiang Qi sighed and tiredly sat on the floor. He looked at the thing in his hand and immediately became serious. It was documents with 2cm of thickness. He uncovered it and took it out.

“The list of test subject administrated with experimental drug…….”

Jiang Qi slowly read several words on the first page, then roughly browsed through it.

The test subjects on this data included many animals, plants, and also…..human, regardless of life or death.

Jiang Qi was furious, this company actually used living human in the experiment.

However, Jiang Qi also didn’t need to be angry too much. Based on the miserable scene in this basement, it was very likely the doing of their former test subject, like the saying; you reap what you sowed.

Jiang Qi put the data down, preparing to leave, because whether the atmosphere or the smell here made him to can’t carefully think.

Jiang Qi rapidly left the basement. He became frightened when he arrived at the entrance, because there were many policemen and a large crowd of curious onlookers surrounding the place.

After Jiang Qi appeared, the scene became getting out of control. The policemen ran to interrogate him, but ignore the data in his hand.

“How are you? Are there injuries? What’s the circumstance inside? Where are the wounded personnels?”

Regarding their question, Jiang Qi could only send them a supercilious look. If they were so concerned, why didn’t you go in and see yourself?

However, Jiang Qi really misunderstood the policemen this time. They had already dispatched special forces entering the building, but they didn’t know about the basement, therefore these special forces were looking through 50 or more floor building, investigating one by one, and still didn’t come out after a few hours.

Jiang Qi didn’t answer them and immediately left, but it was very difficult to shake those policemen who want to send him to the police car and a large crowd of reporters around.

My god……

Jiang Qi was practically speechless. He didn’t want to say anything to these reporters and used all his strength to squeeze through the crowd. Then he knocked a car and got in.

“How are you?”

Jiang Qi got on the car and couldn’t help but screaming at the driver, it turned out this driver was the one who drove him here.


The driver smiled at him, Jiang Qi instantly understood, this guy still wanted to drive for him, as for the reason……

However, Jiang Qi underestimated these reporters’ tenacity, they actually took taxis and followed him.

“Shake them off!”

Jiang Qi immediately instructed, then took the data out to look.

Hearing Jiang Qi’s word, the driver stomped on the throttle, they even charged through a few red lights. After being rewarded with a few ‘neurotic’, Jiang Qi hastily spoke : “This should be enough, slow down! I still want to live.”

The driver awkwardly smiled, and asked : “Where do you want to go?”
“Just keep driving for a while.”

Jiang Qu lowered his head and answered. He had paid this driver wage enough for half a year, so delaying a bit didn’t matter.

Looking at the data in his hand, Jiang Qi pursed his lips. He could temporarily eliminate the plants for now. Then he slowly looked at the animals and human separately.

After a while, Jiang Qi suddenly found something. The serum of animals’ side were extracted. And the human’s side, excluding the corpse, all experiments failed!

As for the content of the experiment, the information was somewhat vague, he only knew about injecting serum to fusing with some kind of cell.

In the following, Jiang Qi put his priority on the human’s side, oh god, just the experimented living human were already reached hundreds.

Flipping the page, Jiang Qi suddenly found one of the experiments was unexpectedly a success!

Jiang Qi hastily took it out. The other data regardless of human or animals each occupied a page. But this one alone occupied the whole five pages.

Jiang Qi fixed his eyes on it.

Full Name: Zheng Zuoyi
Gender: Male
Age: 47 years old
Place of Birth: Gaoyang City
Body Condition: Healthy
Experiment: Lizard serum + XX Cell
Result: Success

Jiang Qi frowned looking down, the following wasn’t like an examination report, but rather like a diary.

The First Day

I remember that this man was brought here by Li Shi. He said that this man already wanted to die and had given up on living. Therefore he could join the experiment. But looking at his dull gaze, I was uncertain…….


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