Chapter 98 The Devil in the Mirror (4)

Chapter 98 The Devil in the Mirror (4)

Jiang Qi sat in the car. His instinct told him that this matter was not simple.

He examined around and found that only the driver seat had the trace of struggle, the other places didn’t have any trace at all.

Looking at the place the sticky liquid fell on, he looked up and saw a skylight on the car’s roof. It was unlikely that something come from there.

“This is……”

Suddenly, Jiang Qi’s gaze focused, he extended his hand to rub the rim of the skylight.
There was a trace of red, clearly a bloodstain. As for the owner of the blood, it most likely belonged to that dregs.

What’s going on?

Jiang Qi fell back to the chair. He looked at the skylight and deeply frowned.

Was it the work of the monster?

Jiang Qi’s thought jumped to the possibility of the monster. The monsters had all kind of strange abilities, making the person to disappear was extremely easy.

But, that being said, even if he knew this was the monster’s work, where should Jiang Qi look for it?


Suddenly, a ringing sound burst inside the car, making Jiang Qi jumped. He lowered his head and saw an ultra-thin smartphone.

It probably fell down from that dregs.

Without hesitation, Jiang Qi picked up the phone and answered it.


“We’re very sorry, we lost the test subject that you sent to us before.”

Jiang Qi didn’t say anything, causing other side to feel oppress.

Test subject?

Jiang Qi narrowed his eyes. Could it be that this matter has something to do with the test subject?

That is our only successful experiment. We just moved him into the headquarter’ s basement, but because of a bit of carelessness, he has gone missing.” That person said in hurry.


That person seeing that Jiang Qi’s side didn’t speak at all, thought that he was angry, so he hastily said : “But you can rest assure, we will surely find the man!”

The test subject was actually a person?

Jiang Qi felt his heart was already filled with flame, this company actually……

“Zzzazzazz……aa…..what happen…….monster……”

Suddenly, a disturbance sudden appeared, he heard that person yelled : “What happen?”
“Monster…….quickly run……”

With no answer but only shriek, Jiang Qi instantly understood that the situation there was far from good.


Immediately after that, the horrible shriek coming from the phone became more and more clear, the sound of thing being smashed to bits also became closer and closer. It was likely that this ‘monster’ already arrived on the other side of the phone.

Jiang Qi hastily got out of the car then stopped a taxi. He said after he got in : “Go to Psytech Biotechnology Corporation headquarter.”

The driver looked strangely at Jiang Qi, you got out from ‘Corbetti’ and actually got in a taxi?

But it could not be helped. Although Jiang Qi could drive, who made him to not know the way?

“Waa……save me——“

The horrible shriek became even more intense. Just by the sound, Jiang Qi knew that it was very tragic there.

Considering that the driver was only ordinary people, Jiang Qi hanged up the phone, then he urged : “Please go a bit faster, I have a very urgent matter!”

Jiang Qi said, then he took out a dozen of bills and tossed them at the driver. He smoothly took them from that car, and since these weren’t his money, he didn’t really care about them.
(tl : Oi, aren’t you on the side of justice? Good job!)

The driver seeing the bills, sent out a golden light from his eyes and immediately stomped on the throttle.

“Please hold tight!”

The inertia from sudden acceleration frightened Jiang Qi. He didn’t expect to be this fast!

As expected of the power of money!

Jiang Qi sighed and tightened the seatbelt on his body to prevent himself from being flung out after the car stopped.

With only 20 minutes, Jiang Qi arrived at the destination. Although it was partly due to the driver’s speed, he still felt that he might be giving that driver too much money.

But Jiang Qi still got down, then immediately walked to the eye-catching building.

Psytech Science and Technology Corporations, located in Gaoyang City, staying at the world’s forefront in the field of biotechnology. The president also held the post as Night Raider’s Science and Technology consultant.

With up to 50 floors, this building could be said to be one of the tallest building in Gaoyang City.

However Jiang Qu stopped at the Psytech Corporation’s door, not because of too many luxuries, but because of many people wearing working clothes and doctor coats were running out of the corporation.

Could it be that monster?

Jiang Qi frowned, then he ran to the door and stopped a person, asked,: “How do I go to the basement?”

“The top west…….stair, there is an electronic door, but it’s unlocked now……”

That person gasped crudely: “Don’t go there, there is a monster!”

“……I must go there!”

Jiang Qi only left a sentence behind then squeezed through the crowd to go in, making that person to dumbfounded. He didn’t understand why there’s someone to run into his death.

Jiang Qi quickly reached the stair. He looked around and saw an opened sliding door. He could smell the pungent odor from far away.

It was smell mixed of chemical drug and blood.

However what strange was that, compared to the disturbance at the entrance door, this area was really too quiet, making people’s hair to stand up. It was unknown whether because of the soundproof characteristic or other reasons.

But he wouldn’t be afraid because of these, Jiang Qi slowly set foot into the basement’s door and tried to be quiet as much as possible. At this moment, he could only hear the sound of his own breathing and heartbeat.
(tl : it become horror)

Slowly, Jiang Qu stepped into the basement. The first glance almost made Jiang Qi to vomit. The entire basement was filled with corpses, there was no blood but only bits of fleshes. Some of the corpses were actually still emitting warmth out, with twitching from time to time.
(tl : now it’s gore)

The entire basement was filled with strange odor


Without waiting for Jiang Qi to take another step, a roar suddenly came from above.
Jiang Qi hastily rolled away to dodge.


A big sound, Jiang Qi raised his head and became inwardly startled.
Green scale, huge tail, long claws, and thick and broad lizard-like head.


The lizardman howled, then pounced at Jiang Qi. Jiang Qi gathered strength into his right leg, turned around and kicked the lizard man staggering back.

Jiang Qi hastily created a distance and raised his left hand. The monster’s pupil shrank as if sensing the danger. It threw itself into the mirror on a fire extinguisher at the side.

Jiang Qi chased over it in shock. He patted the mirror and found that it was really just a mirror.

Skylight……mirror……so it actually like this!

Jiang Qi now understood how that man was killed, though it had nothing to do with Jiang Qi.

He took a deep breath then entered the basement. He carefully looked around, because if this lizard man was their experimental subject, then there should be some notes here. If he could find them, he might be able to know the location the monster might appear next time.



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