Chapter 97 The Devil in the Mirror (3)

Chapter 97 The Devil in the Mirror (3)

“What??? Missing??”

In a research institute, a middle-aged man wearing a doctor coat ‘jump’ up, roared at the person in front of him: “Are your brains made of shit?”

“Sor……Sorry, we didn’t pay attention for a bit……”

That person lowered his head and stuttering explained.

“Didn’t pay attention?”

The middle-aged man narrowed his eyes, looking at the person in front of him and said : “Then how about I don’t pay attention and accidentally cut your head off?”


Seeing the repeated apologies, the middle-aged man became even angrier, he slapped and cursed : “Do you apology have any shitty use? Quickly go find him for me! This is the only test subject that can fuse with the serum! If any accident happen, all of your lives won’t be enough for it!!”




Looking at the address on the box, Jiang Qi ensured that he was at the right place, then he rang a doorbell.


Soon, the door was opened by a woman wearing skintight leather pant, with the smart-looking hairstyle, making one feel refreshing.

“You are……”

The woman seeing Jiang Qi, frowned and asked.

“I’m here to deliver something.”

Jiang Qi looked at the box in his hand, gave it to her then said : “Are you Guan Yin? The owner of this room? Your boyfriend asked me to……eh……why is wrong with your expression?”

Jiang Qi was speaking when he suddenly noticed that the woman’s expression began to darken, so he hesitantly asked.

Hearing Jiang Qu’s question, the woman suddenly pulled Jiang Qi into the room.


The woman unexpectedly pressed Jiang Qi to the wall.

I am actually Kabe-Don by a woman?
(Tl :

Jiang Q’s face became blank. Due to they were very close, the woman’s sweet fragrance like the peony flower drifted into Jiang Qi’s nose, making him blush.

“Give me a break! This mama’s name is Zheng Yue!”
(tl : 关阴 = Guan Yin, 郑月 = Zheng Yue)
(tl : oh, Guan Yin can be mean as closed genitalia, any woman would be angry I guess)

The woman pointed her thumb at herself and fiercely said.


Jiang Qi’s mouth twitched, he couldn’t help but felt awkward.

“CoughCough! Anyway, I am just here to deliver something in place of your boyfriend.”
Jiang Qu awkwardly coughed, then spoke.


Zheng Yue released Jiang Qi, frowned, then said : “I’m single, when did that boyfriend come from?”

“I get it! Fighting between the couple is a normal thing! Just don’t take it to heart.”

Jiang Qi patted his chest, taking the ‘I get it’ manner and consoled her. He probably forgot that himself also was single for the whole 20 years.

“I don’t really have a boyfriend!”

Zheng Yue stepped back and examined Jiang Qi, then she said : “Aren’t you getting tricked?”

“……your boyfriend said that the proposal ring is in here, but in the car, you guys had a disagreement.”

Jiang Qu looked at the woman’s manner which didn’t seem to faking, so he decided to honestly tell the truth.

“The car?”

Zheng Yue’s expression changed. She looked at Jiang Qi and asked : “The car I got off recently?


Jiang Qi nodded,

“That scum!”

Zheng Yue gnashed her teeth and cursed. Her face was fulled of wrath, but Jiang Qi who had been paying attention noticed that there was a bit of tear on her eyes, but she tied to hold it off.

“He is not your boyfriend?”

Jiang Qi looked at Zheng Yue and pursed up his lips.

“He is my boss who always pursues me, but his previous deeds made me keep a distance from him.”

Zheng Yue rubbed her eyes, then gritted her teeth and said : “But I never expected that he would lay his hand on my father.”

“He used father as an experimental topic, injecting the company’s latest developed drug on him! He then hid the antidote, causing father to be at death’s door. Then he threatened me to look for him at the hotel tonight, or else I will miss the best period to rescue my father.”

Quietly listening to Zheng Yue’s words, Jiang Qi rubbed his forehead and heaved a sigh of relief in his mind. He almost did something bad. If infer from her words, then the thing in this box was not something good.

“I’m sorry, It seems I have done something wrong……”

“It’s fine……”

Zheng Yue forced a smile, then said : “I feels like I cannot persist anymore, I cannot look helplessly as my father dies.”


Hearing Zheng Yue’s words, Jiang Qi became silent. Although he was Ultraman Zero, there were many things he couldn’t meddle in as he pleased. Aside from being Zero part, he was just an ordinary man. Did he have the capital to fight against other people?
(tl : C’mon, you kicked a punk until he spit blood. Then again, you got caught easily by a girl, but then again you punched a hole in a sandbag. I’m confused.)

“What is your company?”

Jiang Qi thought, and suddenly asked.

“Psytech Biotechnology Corporation, the man who gave you that box is one level above me.”

Zheng Yue took a deep breath, then answered him.


Jiang Qi tilted his head. Didn’t know why, but he felt like he had heard this name before.

“At the field of biotechnology, it is at the forefront of China. And our president came from Japan, with only around 30 years old.”

Seeing Jiang Qi’s puzzled expression, Zheng Yue explained.

“I’m tired, I want to rest.”

Saying that, Zheng Yue lied on a sofa, then said to Jiang Qi : “Please closes the door after you leave.”

“……sorry for the trouble.”

Jiang Qi looked at the woman for a while, then he turned around and left.



The instant the door was closed, Zheng Yue couldn’t help but cried.

“What should I do? Father! I’m at my limit! I can’t hold on anymore! I just want to save you……”

The crying Zheng Yue didn’t notice at all that a pair of ferocious claws and a lizard-like head came out from the mirror in the dressing room. It drew closer to the woman a bit by bit.

However, when the woman finished speaking, that lizard-like monster suddenly stopped.
Inside its orange eyes showed a bit of agony, and a bit of insanity, then it moved back.


After Jiang Qi closed the door, his expression became cold, then he rapidly walked down the stairs.

Recalling the path he had taken, Jiang Qi moved his muscles.

Not long after, Jiang Qi returned to the place he met that man, the car was still there, Jiang Qi couldn’t help but grimly laughed.


Without saying anything further, Jiang Qi walked to the side of the car and opened the car’s door by brute force.

But strangely, there was no one in the car. Jiang Qi frowned, could it be that he left already?

He looked around and found white sticky liquid. He crouched down and dipped his index finger in it for a bit, then smelled.
(tl : if it was me, I would not touched it, whether it come from human or not.)

“This is not like the breath of human body……”

Jiang Qi became startled, he looked at the mess inside the car and frowned.

What had happened here?



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