Chapter 96 The Devil in the Mirror (2)

Chapter 96 The Devil in the Mirror (2)

Time quickly flew by and the winter already came. People already put on thick overcoats.

Recently, the world fell into the period of calmness. Although there were rumors about monster appearing from time to time, but after they were earnestly inspected by the specialized personnel, they were confirmed to be only just rumors.

But the people would never forget the damages done by the monster every it appeared. They would never believe that it was fine because there was a period of calmness.
But, this period of time was not a bad thing. Many large base were finished establishing. The First Defense Satellite completed a round of orbiting the Earth. The Moon Research Station also began its project.

But, these were not related to Jiang Qi. He was right now in the gym, undergoing an intense exercise.

Because his fist was easily caught by Jiang Xue last time made him unapproved of his strength. How could a guy who couldn’t even compare to a girl protect the Earth?


Jiang Qi waved his fist punching the sandbag with his face fulled of sweat.


Suddenly, Jiang Qi gave a loud shout. He arched his right fist back, then strongly punched forward, and he actually punched through the sandbag.

These trainings were not waste on him. Jiang Qi who originally had no obvious muscle now had some bulges. Regarding his punch, his control of strength was also greatly improved.

“Hey! Jiang Qi!”

A girl’s voice suddenly came from the side. Jiang Wu turned his head and saw Jiang qi who should be at college waving her hand at him.

“Why are you here again?”
(tl : huh? The tsundere role is swapped!?)

Jiang Qu walked to the girl’s side, took her water and drank a mouthful. He then frowned and asked her.

It was worth mentioning that recently, these two’s relationship had changed from cold war into ‘Best Friend’ state, although this ‘Best Friend’ would act cold at him in front of acquaintances.

However, Jiang Qi still felt that something was fishy.

“Why? You don’t like beauty to come here?”

Jiang Qi widened her eyes looking at Jiang Qi. He was wearing black shirt on his upper body exposing naked muscle, making her blushed.

“That’s not the case.”

Jiang Qi shook his head, then wryly smiled at the girl, said : “You should be in the class right now. You shouldn’t delay your study.”

“Then what’s about you?”

Jiang qi made a ‘hehe’ sound, then glanced at him with the knowing eyes.


Fine, he was just bored and didn’t intend to make her go back anyway.

“You are trying it too hard! I feel like your strength is already very good!”

The girl attentively took a towel to wiped the sweat on his face and said : “Even if you are incapable, you still have this bis sis here! She is really capable!”

You’re not the one to talk!

The girl’s words caused Jiang Qi 10,000 points of damage. He ruthlessly rubbed the girl’s head until she couldn’t take it anymore and brushed him off. Jiang Qu then said : “Letting a girl to protect me, My face is still not thick enough.”

“It will be in the future!”

The girl difficultly tidied her hair and pouting said, almost making the person at the side spit blood.


Jiang Qu silently walked to another sandbag and start hitting. He couldn’t tolerate himself standing behind a girl.

The girl walked to the chair nearby and sat down, then propped her chin and her hands looking at Jiang Qi dully.

After a while, the girl suddenly took out her mobile phone and secretly took a picture of Jiang Qu training, using it the background. Then she misty looked at Jiang Qi’s back.
(tl : will she level up from tsundere to yandere)

“So cool!”

But the reality proved that playing truant wasn’t correct behavior. After a while, Jiang qi was called by the teacher to urgently returned.

Recalling the girl’s reluctant expression, Jiang Qi became silent. Why didn’t she like to study?

On the car nearby, a man looked at his wrist watch with a gloomy expression.
A few minutes later, a glasses female student with bob hair got on the car.

“You’re late!”

The man grimly looked at the female student, then said : “If you agree to me, I will immediately give you your father’s medication expenses. But if you refuse……”
“I would never agree to you scum!”

The female student’s face was a little red. Her anger and grievance could be felt from her words.

“Oh? Quite unyielding.”

The man narrowed his eyes, then said : “I will give you one last chance, don’t delay your father’s condition.”

“You are animal!!”

The female student gritted and said : “My father’s illness is caused by you! He had never mistreated you!”

“Animal? Thanks for the praise.”

Contrary to one’s expectation, the man laughed, didn’t mind the female student’s insult at all, he instead relaxing said : “You should consider it again, human life is beyond value!”

(Sfx: the door is closed)

The female student shut the door, she didn’t want to see this disgusting face anymore!

It was just in time Jiang Qi passed by, the female student in wrath made him jump.

Looking at the leaving female student’s back, Jiang Qi kneaded his temple and was about to leave when the car’s window suddenly opened, revealing a genial face.

“Sorry about that, my girlfriend is in disagreement with me.”

The man apologized to Jiang Qi, then said : “Can you help me give her this ring? I was originally planning to propose to her, she seeing this ring will make up with me.”

Jiang Qi wanted to refuse at first, but thinking that having a girlfriend was not easy, so he agreed. Seeing Jiang Qi agreeing, the man happily gave him a box and said : “There are many thing inside, please give them to her, the address of her home is on the box.”

Jiang Qi looked on the box : Bi Yuan, 9 unit, 3rd floor, room 301, Guan Yin.

Bi Yuan? It was not far from his home!

Jiang Qi didn’t think much, he took the box and walked away.

Looking at Jiang Qi’s back, the man’s face suddenly became savage.

“Slut! Let me see how you will reject me this time?”


Suddenly, a liquid fell on the man’s head, making him touch his head.

It was sticky white and stinking.
(tl : >_<!)


Surprised, the liquid fell on the man’s head again.

“What’s happen?”

The man frowned and wiped the liquid. He looked up and suddenly became dumbfounded.

White liquid kept dripping on the man’s head. The man widened his eyes blankly.



A strange roar came from inside the car, followed by the man’s shriek.

The car violently shook, then it became calm. No one seemed to notice that the owner of the car mysteriously disappeared.


“En? Misconception?”

Jiang Qi who was holding a box looking suddenly lifted his head, seemingly to feel an ominous breath, but it was disappeared in the twinkling of an eye. He tilted his head and looked back.

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