Chapter 95 The Devil in the Mirror (1)

Chapter 95 The Devil in the Mirror (1)

He simply didn’t has time to dodge at all, Jiang Qi was punched flying.


Jiang Qi fell on the mountain, causing it to collapse.

Damn it, that is really hurt! It should not be a dream……

Barely standing up, Jiang Qu touched his waist, gasped crudely and looked at Leo.

“Is this your strength? Zero?”

Seeing the sorry state of Jiang Qi, Leo spoke in imposing voice, but there was a bit of disappointment in it.

“With jus this bit of power, you actually schemed at Plasma Spark Tower?”

Hearing Leo’s words, Jiang Qi became dumbfounded, his mind was in a mess.

(╬ ̄皿 ̄) Leo, even if you are fierce, you can’t frame an innocent people! When did I scheme at Plasma Spark Tower?

But after a while, Jiang Qu suddenly found something wrong.

Plasma Spark Tower??? Zero??

Jiang Qi hastily examined his body, aside from the joints, his entire body was covered in silver armor. He touched his head and realized that even Zero Sluggers were covered.
And the pressure on his body he just felt should originate from this armor. Also, the energy in his body was also suppressed, leaving with a small part of it difficultly flowing.
It couldn’t be!
(tl : Baka naaa!)

Jiang Qu wanted to cry, he wanted to wake up!

Jiang Qi already had a guess. What he was wearing should be the legendary Techtor Gear!

It was a bit different from the Techtor Gear in TV Series, this Techtor Gear covered almost 70% of his body.
(tl : it is appeared in the movie though)

Speaking of Techtor Gear, it involved Ultraman Zero’s dark history. Because Zero almost touched Plasma Spark, Seven took him to planet K76 to be trained by Leo.
(tl : Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie, totally recommend)

As for suppressing Zero’s strength, Ultraman King gave Techtor Gear to Zero for tempering Zero’s temperament. Although his strength was suppressed, he still didn’t get defeated by Leo.

Right now he was wearing Techtor Gear, arrived at an unfamiliar place, combined with Leo’s words, it meant that he right now became the real Zero! Receiving Leo’s training?

At a moment, Jiang Qi was speechless by this overwhelming information.

He seemed to……cross through space…….

However Leo didn’t know the true reason Jiang Qu became stunned, but that didn’t stop him from feeling a bit of disappointment.

“Stand up! Fight me!”

Leo’s shout startled Jiang Qi. He looked agitatedly at Leo, only to hear Leo said : “Where do your nerve to provoke previously go? Come at me!”

Provoke you? Provoke your sister! That is Zero’s doing, nothing to do with me!

Jiang Qi wanted to cry, but he couldn’t say anything. If he did so, he was afraid that he would be chopped by the people from the Land of Light.

“Here I go!”

Looking at Jiang Qi, Leo loudly shouted. He exerted strength to the ground, then sprung up to the sky. He put his entire strength into his right leg, making it covered in flame, and kicked at toward Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi closed his eyes. He stood up at once. He subconsciously used his entire strength to punch out.


His punch was solidly caught, then he used his other elbow to pound at Leo.


Jiang Qi’s elbow was also caught, very tightly, causing Jiang Qi to unable to move.
“Ai! What are you doing?”

When Jiang Qu thought he was about to get brutally beaten by Leo, suddenly, a familiar voice rang up.

Jiang Qi trembly opened his eyes, saw the person in front of him and became dumbfound. He subconsciously asked : “Jiang Xue, why are you here? Where’s Leo?”

It was unknown when, the ferocious Leo had turned into the delicate girl, Jiang Xue
(tl : =_=!)

“What Leo?”

Jiang Xue frowned and asked : “What just happened to you? Why did you punch at me?”

Jiang Xue’s words just came out, and Jiang Qi already noticed something wrong. His fist, and also his elbow, were caught firmly in Jiang Xue’s hands.

One must know, his full strength kick could make an average people spew blood. But his two full strength attacks were actually easily caught by this girl.

What did this mean? The girl in front of was stronger than himself after became Zero.
(tl : probably mean after Jiang Qi become Zero’s host)

Jiang Qu could totally imagine his expression right now. It probably was like eating a fly, then was choked by it.

“I just……”

Jiang Qi looked around and realized that he was already in his room. There were indifference Jiang Liu, Jiang Xue who was looking worryingly at him, and also Jiang qi who was playing mobile phone in the room.

“Where is brother Chengyu?”

Hearing Jiang Qi’s words, Jiang Xue lowered her head, then said : “We already search him for 24 hours……but…..we couldn’t…….find……”

Hearing Jiang Xue’s intermittent words, Jiang Qi understood that Bai Chengyu should already return to his spacetime.

Therefore, Jiang Qi wiped his cold sweat, sat up on the bed, he just had a truly ‘Nightmare’.

However, Jiang Qi recalled Bai Chengyu’s last words. Giving a gift, could it be this was it?
Seeing the silent Jiang Qi, Jiang Xue who thought that he was sad about Bai Chengyu also didn’t say anything, wanting him to calm down.

Thus, Jiang Xue gestured at her sister to leave the room, then she pushed Jiang Liu out of the room and quietly closed the door.

“How was it? That brat’s fists?”

The door was just closed when Jiang Liu smiled and asked Jiang Xue.

“Very strong, it would be no problem dealing with more than ten people.”

Jiang Xue shook her two numb hands and said some incredible.

“It seems we get a free muscle.”

Jiang Liu said, and smiled to let Jiang Xue push him outside to get fresh air. A day watching this brat meant another for no sleep.

“You guys go first, I forget my phone in the room.”

Suddenly, the silent Jiang qi feeling her pockets spoke, then ran back to the room. Jiang Xue and Jiang Liu also didn’t think much and left first.


The confused Jiang Qi was about to go to sleep when the door suddenly opened. Jiang Qi dumbfoundingly looked a the door, and then he became even more dumbfounded.

“Eh……why are you……”

Without waiting for Jiang Qi’s word to come out, the girl suddenly ran before him, and her mouth became a machine gun.

“How are you? Are you hurt? What just happened? Did you have a nightmare……”

The girl’s chain of questions stunned Jiang Qi. Did the sun come up from the west today? How come Jiang qi suddenly concern about him?

“Ai! Don’t be like this! Let bygones be bygones, what are you big man fussing a little girl for?”

The girl seeing Jiang Qi’s expression understood what’s he thinking and immediately said.

“But you were cold a moment ago!”
Jiang Qu forced a smile and said.

“How could I let father know that I want to reconcile with you?”

The girl curled her lips, looked at Jiang Qi in disdain and said : “Where would my face go then?”

What was your scheme then?

Jiang Qu silently looked at the girl.


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