Chapter 94 The Shield of Baraji Disappears (9)

Chapter 94 The Shield of Baraji Disappears (9)

“What the hell is this?”

Many people nearby looked at there. Didn’t know when, monster, giant, these vocabularies already integrated into their everyday’s life.

“Two giants?

Many people took out their mobile phones to take a picture, especially for the reporter or those in this industry almost shouted out, they already made a profit.

This was the world’s first and the last time these two giants fought side by side together. In the future, this video would be sought out by countless people.


The monster roared, numerous vine started entwining it, making its body even wider.

Jiang Qi and Nexus looked at each other and nodded, then they charged forward together.

The monster roared. It waved its tentacles, lashing at them.


Jiang Qi firstly kicked away a tentacle, then crossed his arm to block another one.

Immediately, Jiang Qu quickly gathered strength from while body to his left fist, then punched the monster. But the monster wasn’t moved by this punch at all, thus he held the monster’s tentacle when it was going to lift it.


The monster lifted another tentacle high, intending to hit Jiang Qi, but that tentacle was held by Nexus.


Both of them holding the monster’s tentacles looked at each other, they exerted strength at the same time pushing the monster. But the monster’s strength was exceptionally high, and they were pushed back instead.

Both of them brought their all to stop being pushed back, then they began to push the monster back. Taking the advantage of when the monster still didn’t react, they both punched at the same place of the monster’s stomach, pushing it back again. They then both kicked the monster, making it to fly back. Both of them then stepped forward and made attack postures.
(tl : if this is on TV, the opening music would be playing right now.)

Was this what it feel to have a companion?

Jiang Qi felt like he was in the special condition. It was like he and Nexus know each other’s thought and they could complement each other’s attack gracefully.


Jiang Qi shouted, then took the lead to charge forward. He skillfully evaded the monster’s attack and made a series of punches at the monster.


The monster furiously roared. The sharp thorns on its tentacles suddenly became longer.
As it was about to attack Jiang Qi, Jiang Qi however stepped back. Immediately then, a figure appeared above Jiang Qi. It was unknown when Nexus gathered energy, his fist was fulled of raging flame.



With this punch, the monster roared in agony and fell down.
Fire triumphed wood, even if it was only a tiny spark, it could still continue to burn.

Nexus landed next to Jiang Qi, they fixed their gazes at the monster.

Looking at the unstably standing up monster, both of them gathered their energy.

Jiang Qi pulled his right arm, making an L-shape, preparing to shoot Wide Zero Shot, while Nexus also almost finished preparing Cross-Ray Schtrom.


Both of them made a loud shout and shot their light beams at the same time. Their light beams quickly fused together and immediately shot through the monsters’ body.


The monster perished without a time to shriek.
“My god…….”

Many who had never seen this covered their mouth, dared not to believe the scene in front of their eyes. The monster actually died like this.

As for the reporters, they didn’t care about this. They only knew that they had materials to write their news.

“Your growth is really fast.”

Nexus straightened his body and spoke to the giant beside him.

“The giant talk???”

People dared not to believe. Some people felt that they had lived plainly, and it was the loss for those who weren’t here today.

Those reported raised their camera and took pictures. For a moment, there were countless ‘ClickClack’ sounds from the crowd.

“I am going to leave soon. The Earth’s safety is in your hand now.”

Nexus’s words made the people below broke out in panic. It was already difficult for two giants to protect them, and now one was about to leave?

“Senior, the words you have said, I will never forget them.”

Jiang Qi lowered his head and whispered.

“Remember, the real man is resolute, keep going till the end. Don’t let blood rush into your head, be sure to keep calm.”

While Nexus was speaking, his body had been turning illusory. Looking at himself, Nexus said : “Before I leave, I will send you a gift.”

Nexus then gradually turned into particles of light and fused into Jiang Qi’s color timer.
And Jiang Qi also disappeared after this.

Both of them left, leaving behind people to blow out into hub-hub, especially on the internet.
It was unknown when the video of this battle was on the internet. Countless people were discussing this.

“This is the nee Giant form before!!”

“Something’s wrong with him! Not good!! Be careful!”

Seeing the giant was being tied up, some people were worried.

“Zero appears, thank god!!”

“Wow! These two cooperate very well……”

When they saw the monster was killed, a new discussion broke out.

“Can this giant really protect Earth?”

“Wasn’t he got defeated before?”

“You actually displease with this? You don’t want to be protected?”

“I just state the fact!”

Thus, waves of discussion swept through the internet. Many people were debating, from can Zero protect the Earth, to can the Earth pass through the crisis, finally to the question of giant’s reproduction.
(tl : I also always wonder about that, how the hell Ultraman procreate?)

Because of the Nexus’s word ‘real man’ from before, made them think that the giant also had gender. Since there was man, then there had to be woman. Where did the giants come from, were they like the creatures on Earth? Were there still others?

Sure enough, the imagination of human was really fearsome.


Where am I?

Jiang Qu difficultly opened his eyes and found that he arrived at an unfamiliar place. The surrounding was filled with rocks, the kind that he had never seen before.

There was no sun on the sky, but there was light, similar to the sunset on Earth.

“Zero! Don’t tell me you only amount to this?”

Suddenly, an imposing voice came from nearby. Jiang Qi difficultly looked at the direction of the sound.

A blazing red figure, lion-like body, there was a strange character on his stomach and a widely known horn on his head.

(tl : yesssssss!)

Jiang Qi cried out. Why was Leo here? Also, what was he just called?? Zero?

Jiang Qi difficultly lifted his hand. Although he was covered in a silver armor, he could still see his own body.

“Stand up!!”

Seeing this, Leo loudly shouted, making Jiang Qi to come to his sense. He hastily difficultly turned his body.

“Damn it! What the hell is going on?”
(tl : thrashing time!)

There was tremendous pressure on his body. Not to mention standing up, even turning his body was already very taxing.

Taking a glance at the silver armor on his body, Jiang Qi understood at once, this was its work.

Barely standing, Jiang Qu tried not to fall down, but he found out that a red fist already flew toward him.



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