Chapter 93 The Shield of Baraji Disappears (8)

Chapter 93 The Shield of Baraji Disappears (8)

“I……can I really do it?”

Jiang Qi looked at Bai Chengyu’s extended hand, lowered his head, bit his lip, hesitated a bit, then said : “Can I really become the light?”

“As long as you believe in it, nothing is impossible.”

Bai Chengyu smiled, then said : “I will use the last of my energy to transform your physique.”

“Then what’s about you?”

Hearing this, Jiang Qi flustering asked.


Bai Chengyu scratched his ear. There was a smile on his face : “I would certainly return to the place I should return to, but this also worth it. To be able to save a companion before leaving is definitely worth it.”

“But I……”

The light in Jiang Qi’s eyes dimmed, he didn’t feel that he could lead humanity out of the predicament.

“The ups and downs, the vicissitudes of life. Believe me, you will grow up.”

Patting Jiang Qi’s shoulder, seeing that Jiang Qi still hesitated, Bai Chengyu suddenly said in a solemn voice : “In this world, there will inevitably be someone who has to carry on the responsibility onto themselves.


Jiang Qi was in a trance. Bai Chengyu was right, many times, he fought because he had to.

Then why he had to fight in the end?

Lifting his head, Jiang Qi seemed to see many people; Jiang qi, Jiang Xue……even his parents.

I want to know, why is the world changed! If my parents are really dead, then where did I come from?

Thinking to this, Jiang Qi closed his eyes, the memory of his parents gushed out like a tide.

Zero! Do you see this? This is the purpose of my fight. I want to know! I want to protect the people I love!

Unknowingly when, Jiang Qi’s body began to shine with the particles of light, gradually fusing with the Jiang Qi’s body.


Bai Chengyu became stunned. He stopped his hand, looked at Jiang Qi enveloped in light, whose body was continuously transformed, in surprise.


Bai Chengyu gasped with admiration in his mind, looking at Jiang Qi, he secretly spoke inside : “To actually comprehend how to fuse with the light on his own, this boy’s comprehension is not hight……but at least stronger than myself.”

Thinking to this, Bai Chengyu’s body gradually vanished from this space.

Looking at the scene in front of him, it seemed this journey had been worthwhile.

Jiang Qi began to sense his body became more and more scalding. He opened his eyes and found himself in a tunnel of light. Here, exactly like the first time he transformed, he arrived at this place.

And Zero was before him, with a tremendous body of up to 50 meters, shining a dazzling light.

It made the tiny Jiang qi couldn’t help but to looked up. As if feeling Jiang Qi’s gaze, his body shook.


The tunnel cracked like the mirror, then Jiang Qi gradually float up, until he was in front of Zero’s color timer.

Looking at Zero, Jiang Qi didn’t has any expression on his face, only incomparably firm one.

“Please believe in me! I will absolutely protect the world!”

Slowly, Zero transformed into light, enveloping Jiang Qi. Jiang Qi closed his eyes, feeling the changes his body being transformed by the light.

In the reality, Jiang Qi who was entwined by the rattan frowned. He, at this moment, was filled with blood and very miserable.

But, if carefully looking, one would see that Jiang Qi’s body began to has the particles of light appearing, then it became more and more. Jiang Qi’s body started to tremble.


Finally, along with Jiang Qi’s roar, the light exploded. The rattan was broken to piece by the light like the paper.


The light moved at Jiang Qi’s left arm. The disappeared for a while Shield of Baraji appeared on his arm. Jiang Qi lifted his arm subconsciously, his body was covered in the light again……

On the battlefield, Nexus’s struggle started to become weak, as if he was at his limit.


The monster pleasingly roared, the gradually pulled Nexus toward itself, wanting to eat him.

At this moment, a ray of light shot into the sky, even not weaker than Nexus’s light a moment ago.
(tl : it mean MC is 1/5 strong as this Nexus right?)

Without waiting for the monster to react, two sharps Zero Sluggers flew out from the light.


The cold light flashed. The originally incomparably tough tentacles were cut by Zero Sluggers. With only a few second, numerous rattans were cut by Zero Sluggers.


The monster cried out in pain. It waved its severed tentacles, on the ground, numerous rattan began to appear.

Nexus who was not tied up by the tentacles weakly fell down.


A figure flashed, Nexus was caught by someone, he looked up and saw Jiang Qi’s transformation, Zero.

You really don’t disappoint me……

Jiang Qu supported Nexus’s body, sensing his body’s weakness. The color timer on his chest already flickered

Jiang Qu extended his hand to Nexus’s color timer and divided half of his energy into Nexus.

Feeling his body was once again filled with energy, although the color was still blinking, but it was enough.

Standing up, Nexus and Jiang Qi looked at each other.


The monster roared. It’s originally severed tentacles were restored again, also, its root penetrating in the ground actually turned into two legs.


Looking at the monster, Jiang Qu and Nexus took fight poses together, then charged out.

Jiang Qi took the lead to arrive at the monster’s body. The monster lifted its tentacle to lash at Jiang Qi but it was caught by him. Then he lifted both his feet and kicked at the monster’s chest.


The monster was naturally unlikely to take the beating passively, it lashed another tentacle at him. Jiang Qu hastily let go of its tentacle, then turned his body to dodge its attack.

The monster wanted to follow up, but it was held by Nexus. The sharp thorns on its body suddenly became longer, penetrating Nexus who didn’t has time to dodge it. He couldn’t help but retreat a step.


The monster lashed its tentacle at Nexus, but it was still dodged.


With two fists covered in light punched at the monster’s body, it created a string of sparks.


The monster waved another tentacle at Nexus, which was also dodged again. Then another two punches landed on its body.


Suddenly, the pollen exploded out from the monster’s body. The pollen nearby Nexus then exploded in succession.



Nexus cried out in pain and retreated a step. The monster was about to follow, when suddenly, Jiang Qi leap up and kicked at its back, making it to flew away.

Jiang Qu half knelt on the ground, looking at the monster. After Nexus adjust his state, he came to stand beside Jiang Qi.



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