Chapter 92 The Shield of Baraji Disappears (7)

Chapter 92 The Shield of Baraji Disappears (7)

“……A new giant?”

Jiang qi looked at Nexus before her and muttered.

“So it is really the work of the monster?”

Jiang Qi also frowned looking at Nexys.


Right at this moment, numerous vines suddenly drilled up from the ground into the sky, entwined each other, surprisingly gradually transformed into a monster!

Cyan body with countless sharp thorns on it, with two long and sturdy tentacle at its side, its lower body penetrated deeply into the ground.

Nexus moved into a defensive posture, took two steps backward and looked at the monster.

Suddenly, a tentacle scurried at Nexus’s feet and entwined them. Taking by surprise, it actually managed to toss Nexus to the ground.


At this moment, Nexus used the blade at his arm to cut the tentacle, then immediately stood up.

When he was about to stand up, he found out that two long tentacles were rushing toward him. Nexus immediately caught them, but the strength of these tentacles almost made Nexus fly.


The blade on Nexus’s wrist shone with golden light. With the ‘puchi’ sound, the tentacles were ruthlessly severed.


The monster bewilderingly roared, waving its severed tentacles in the air.
Nexus thrown away the monster’s other severed half of the tentacles, he took on attack posture, however he suddenly became stunned.
He saw that several tentacles once again drilled out from the ground, along with the monsters’ body, spread to its broken tentacles, within a few seconds, the monster’s tentacles were restored, and even became even stronger.


The monster pleasingly roared, causing Nexus to straighten his body. He brushed softly at his right wrist, then a light sword actually slowly extended from his right hand.


With his arm at horizontal, the sound of light sword cutting the air rand, as if to prove its sharpness.


Nexus rapidly reached in front of the monster. He waved his sword. From the monster body, a line appeared on its approximate waist horizontally.


Putting away his light sword, Nexus turned around, couldn’t help but became more cautious.

He saw the monster’s body unexpectedly slowly heal.

Then, several tentacles once again rose up from the ground, entwined Nexus, then thrown him to the ground.


The ground violently shook. Nexus stood up, cautiously looked at the monster. His heart however felt anxious. Because he started to feel his energy disappearing at extreme speed. He was afraid that he could only preserve on a few minutes.

“Bastard!! Over here!!”

Suddenly, a sound rang at his ear. He lowered his head to looked, turned out it was Jiang Qi.

Right when Nexus appeared, Jiang Qu realized it was bad, because they were too close to the battlefield. Nexus right now only need to step back a few steps and he would trample them to death.
(tl : yep, a burden, oh wait, two burdens, as expect)

The nexus was about to nod, when the monster suddenly whipped at him. Nexus subconsciously turned around and dodge.


The tentacle hit the ground, shaking it, making two people on the ground staggered.
The dust fell on Jiang Qi body, making him feel awful. Now he understood the feeling of the human nearby him when he was fighting, the feeling of fear.

Fortunately, the girl was protected by him, she didn’t have any injury.

“Quickly go!”

Jiang Qi supported the girl and shouted.


Jiang qi nodded, bit her lip looking at the giant before her, then left without turning back.


A tentacle drilled through the ground, whipping at the girl.


Hearing the sound, Jiang Qi felt the danger. He instinctively protected the girl from behind.



With a low groaned, a huge wound appeared on Jiang Qi’s back. The weak clothes didn’t have any use at all.

“Jiang Qi!”

Hearing the sound, the girl struggled form Jiang Qi’s bosom. Jiang Qi endured the huge pain and knelt on the ground,

“Aa……you……how are you…….”
The girl seeing the savage wound, extended her hand to cover the wound on Jiang Qi’s back, causing Jiang Qi to breath in the cold air.

“You….quickly go!”
Jiang Qi endured the pain and spoke to the girl.

Only a single syllable came from the girl’s mouth in an incomparably firm tone.


At this moment, about a dozen tentacles drilled through the ground and flew toward both of them!


Jiang Qi hastily pushed the girl away, while he was tied up by the tentacles.


The thorns on the tentacles pricked his skin, causing blood to unceasingly flew out, making Jiang Qu to unable to endure the pain and cried out.

“Jiang Qi!!!”

The girl seeing this scene widened her eyes and yelled, then she rushed toward Jiang Qi.

“Go now! Don’t care about me!”

Jiang Qu exhausted his entire strength to shout at the girl.

“No! To abandon a partner!! I, Jiang qi cannot do that!!”
Jiang qi had a little bit of tear on her eye, she gritted her teeth and resolutely said : “You brat stole my first kiss, so don’t ever wish to just drop dead on me!!”


Jiang Qi couldn’t say anything more, he was pulled by the tentacles into the forest.

“Jiang Qi!!!”

Jiang qi seeing the disappearing Jiang Qi, extended her hand and screamed.


Meanwhile, Nexus also fell into a desperate situation. His body began turned illusory.


The monster charged at Nexus roaring. It extended its two tentacles at him.

Nexus’s whole body already didn’t has any strength. His hands were passively tied by the monster. Followed by many tentacles rushed out from the ground, entwining him, and lifting him into the air.



Gasping crudely, Jiang Qi was absolutely unwilling, could it be that this is it for him?

Feeling his consciousness gradually moved away from his body, Jiang Qi slowly closed his eyes.

Suddenly, Jiang Qu felt himself arrived in a space, he couldn’t help but opened his eyes. He saw the surrounding space enveloped by the white light.

“It seems this is the time of parting.”

Suddenly, a voice came from behind Jiang Qi. He turned to look and unexpectedly saw Bai Chengyu who should had been fighting.

“What is this place?”

Jiang Qi examined the surrounding and asked.

“Your heart!”

Bai Chengyu smiled, then said : “I have to leave now, the world should still be protected by you.”

“But I am already…….”

Without waiting for Jiang Qu to finish, Bai Chengyu interrupted.

“Don’t tell me you forget my words? You and the light only repel each other, as long as you become the light, you can transform.”

“Become the light?”

Jiang Qi lowered his head, muttered a sound, then looked at Bai Chengyu and asked : “You have a way?”


Bai Chengyu lifted the corner of his mouth, he extended his hand toward Jiang Qi and said : “Come here!”



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