Chapter 91 The Shield of Baraji Disappears (6)

Chapter 91 The Shield of Baraji Disappears (6)

“What’s that sound?”

Jiang Qi and Bai Chengyu looked at each other, feeling the worry in each other’s eyes.

“I’ll take a look!”

“I’ll take a look!”

Both of them spoke at the same time, leaving Jiang qi there to became slightly stunned, she put the camera down and chased after them.


In the deep forest, many students were surrounding there. When Jiang Qi and Bai Chengyu reached the scene, many female students were vomiting. There were also some courageous first-year students pointed at something, but didn’t step forward.

“Make way!”

Jiang Qu and Bai Chengyu immediately squeezed through the crowd, but when they finished squeezing through, Jiang Qi immediately regretted.

Before them was two sets of bones, one was even broken in two, on the ground there was still a trace of blood. If you looked carefully, you could even see the scratch marks on the bones.


Jiang Qi’s first reaction was wanting to vomit, although he had fought with the monster before, but he had never come across this kind of scene before.

But his mind was quite strong now, making Jiang Qi to be able to endure this feeling.

With pale face, he looked at Bai Chengyu stepped forward.

Unlike Jiang Qi, Bai Chengyu was as if used to this kind of scene, he was frowning and looking at the skeletons.

He faintly touched bloodstained on the ground, there was still trace of temperature, the incident just recently happened.

Bai Chengyu narrowed his eyes. Then he used his finger to lightly touch the ground and closed his eyes.

In his mind, the time in this region quickly flew backward, everything that had happened here appeared in his mind.

Finally, Bai Chengyu found the part he wanted.

…… dancing rattan, binding two students, both of them loudly yelled, but no matter what they did, they couldn’t struggle free.

The rattan slowly tightened, the blood slowly seeped out from the cracks of the rattan and dripped to the ground. The two students’ face became red, they opened their mouths and wanted to loudly yelled, but their entire body were bound by the rattan, soon they couldn’t be seen anymore.


The strange sound came from inside. After a few seconds later, the rattan withdrew back to the depths of the forest. The two students already turned into skeleton fell down to the ground, one of them also broke into two parts.


Finished recalling, Bai Chengyu suddenly opened his eyes. He looked at the students behind and said : “You guys go find the teachers, and ask them to find whether there are students missing! If there is, you all quickly leave this place, this place is unusual!”

Because Bai Chengyu’s age seemed not to differ much from the students, and the scene before them made them panicked, therefore, the students dispersed in a hubbub, packing up their things.

Don’t kidding! Stupidly staying here might be very fatal!

“Is it a monster?”

Hesitated a bit, Jiang Qi slowly asked.

“En, should be a plant-type monster!”

Bai Chengyu nodded, then said to Jiang Qi : “I will go take a look, you stay here!”

“But the current you……”

Jiang Qi was hesitating, he pointed at Bai Chengyu, suggesting that he seemed to lack energy right now.

Seeing Jiang Qi’s concern gaze, Bai Chengyu smiled understanding, then said : “I will have to leave sooner or later. Rather then leaving without doing anything, I prefer doing something meaningful before leaving!”

Finished speaking, Bai Chengyu ran into the depths of the forest. Jiang Qi hesitated a bit, wanting to chase after him, but he was not Ultraman Zero anymore, he would only be a burden.

“What are you doing?”

A familiar voice suddenly rang from behind him. He turned to look and saw Jiang qi was running over.

“What’s happening here? Where’s Mr. Bai Chengyu?”

The girl saw the skeletons on the ground and covered her mouth, resisting the urge to vomit.

“The students were killed here, possibly by the monster tree. Brother Chengyu went to investigate.”

Jiang Qi spoke the truth, but didn’t expect that the girl would become angry.

“What? Monster??”

Jiang qi widened her eyes in shock, then she was about to chased after Bai Chengyu, but was pulled back by Jiang Qi.

“What are you doing? It is very dangerous there!”

Jiang Qi blocked the girl and gravely spoke.

“You also know that it is dangerous? Then why didn’t you stop him? Even if you didn’t stop him, you should also go with him!”

The girl stared at Jiang Qi, her voice was a bit loud.

“You don’t understand! Brother Chengyu had his own consideration. We going in would only be a hindrance!”

Jiang Qi deeply frowned, he took a deep breath and tried to persuade.

“Don’t tell me you’re scared? Are you actually not going to save the person who once saved you is now in danger?”

The girl looked at him disappointedly : “I misjudged you!”

Shaking free from Jiang Qi’s hand, the girl was about to run into the forest.

“You cannot go in!”

Jiang Qi stepped in front of her and solemnly said.


Jiang qi coldly looked at the man before her with the expression that made Jiang Qi to unable to move, that was the expression when looked at the stranger.

Seeing Jiang Qi didn’t respond, the girl pushed Jiang Qi away, then immediately ran into the forest.

Looking at the girl’s disappearing back, Jiang Qi closed his eyes, smiled a bit, then ran after her!


Closing his eyes, Bai Chengyu reacted to the breath of life in the forest. The corner of his mouth lifted up, then he started to run.

The Evoltruster suddenly appeared in Bai Chengyu’s hand, he twirled its twice, then stepped foot into the center of the forest.


Numerous rattans suddenly rose up from the ground, as if feeling the danger.

“Do you know?”

Bai Chengyu blew a whistle, then smiled and said : “I had once dealt with the monster of the same kind as you. Its death was very miserable. That monster may even be your ancestor! Its name is Gijera!”
(tl : that’s a high-end monster! And from Tiga again!)

With that, Bai Chengyu pulled out Evoltruster, the brilliant light then shone upon the ground.


Jiang qi didn’t know which direction Bai Chengyu ran to, after had been running for a while, she actually got lost.

Suddenly, a vine rosed up from the ground and whipped at Jiang qi’s back.


Jiang qi only heard a voice, then she was pushed down.

She looked behind and saw Jiang Qi. She frowned and asked : “Why did you come?”

“From the way you’re searching, not to mention rescuing, not getting lost is already a blessing.”

Jiang Qi sat up, moved his muscle, then extended his hand toward the girl.


The girl only snorted, then stood up by herself.


Suddenly, the vine whipped at the girl again. Jiang Qi subconsciously pulled the unsteady standing girl into his arms, and rapidly retreated.


The vine failed again and hit the ground, creating a long deep pit. If they were hit by that, they would certainly ascend to heaven!


Without looking at the serious man, Jiang qi struggled free from his embrace.

Without time for her to say anything, a light shone up from not a far distance, then a giant figure of light stood up.

“Ultraman Zero?”

Jiang qi pleasantly cried out in surprised. Jiang Qi at her side, on the contrary, felt his toothache.

The light dimmed. Jiang qi looked at the unfamiliar giant in surprise.
“This is……”


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