Chapter 90 The Shield of Baraji Disappears (5)

Chapter 90 The Shield of Baraji Disappears (5)


When Bai Chengyu learned that Jiang qi didn’t have teammates, he simply let them stay together.

The unfortunate Jiang Qi was once again sent away, who made him to only take too few woods?

And with him, was Jiang qi. When Bai Chengyu pushed Jiang qi into his arms, Jiang Qi didn’t know what to feel in his heart.

But Jiang Qu still brought the girl along, as the thing this place didn’t lack the most was wood, these two just had to walk nearby and could find them already.

On the way. Two of them walked a bit slow, especially since Jiang qi would time to time stole a glance at him, Jiang Qi couldn’t help but felt his hairs stood up.


Couldn’t endure this strange atmosphere anymore, Jiang Qi coughed a fee times, then said : “Kaito Kid was finally caught this time……”

Jiang Qi knew this from yesterday’s dinner, it seemed that the thief was knocked out by the monster, then was caught by the police.

The pitiful thief was unexpectedly caught in this way, he was afraid that right now, the thief would already cried on the prison’s toilet.
(tl : why toillet?)

“It’s all thank to Dr.Li Yunlong, who against all opinion, invite father over. Although it was a bit late, but it was still millions of times better than those useless policemen.”

Jiang qi nodded and curled up the corner of the mouth. It was clear that she looked down on the police.

This kind of thought was very normal, because Jiang Liu always dealt with the case the police couldn’t solve, so Jiang qi felt that the police didn’t do anything.

“Wait a minute.”

Jiang Qi was startled, his eyes narrowed, there was something wrong with Jiang qi’s words.

“Did you just said Dr. Li Yulong invited uncle?”

Suddenly, Jiang Qi widened his eyes and shouted.

“Right, this is what father, and Dr.Li Yunlong said, only father can take on this commission, so he had to invite father.”

Jiang qi nodded and looked at Jiang Qi, she didn’t know what’s wrong with this guy.

Jiang Qi closed his eyes, tried to recall Li Yunlong’s dialogue from before.
“……From what I see, it would be fine as long as we carefully watch over the Marshall Cathedral. It’s not worthwhile to invite you guys over at all.”
(tl : this sentence in raw is, in fact, different from the one in chapter 76)

It’s not worthwhile to invite you guys……

It’s not worthwhile……

That Li Yulong should be Kaito Kid in disguise! No wonder when I talked about Kid’s weakness, he thanked me!

He actually told the thief that the key was with him! Who else would he rob but me?

Connecting everything together, Jiang Qi became so angry, to the point that he wanted to drag the crying Kid in the toilet out and beat him all over.

“What I’m more curious is, each time the monster appeared, you would get injured, this is not normal.”

Jiang qi looked at the changing expression of the man before her, and emotionlessly said.

Jiang Qi didn’t hear clearly, so he looked at her in uncertainty.

“Once or twice would be fine, but to be injured every time……”

Jiang qi crossed her arms and said in soft voice.

“Hehe, I also didn’t expect this.”

Jiang Qi rolled his eyes, then thought for a while, said : “Maybe my luck is bad.”


Jiang qi tilted her head, looked at Jiang Qi, said : “Then you should get some protective charms.”

“I will keep that in mind when I get back.”

Jiang Qi then cracked a joke : “Now wish me luck!”
(tl : crows fly)

The girl didn’t say anything, but rather walked in front of him. Jiang Qi’s face also sank. Even the simplest one in the family notice it, then that shameless uncle………


After experiencing through twist and turn, the two of them finally gathered the woods and returned. When they returned, they found out that Bai Chengyu already finished setting up tents.

“How come you two are so quick?”

Bai Chengyu widened his eyes, walked before Jiang Qi and patted his shoulder, then said in sincere tone : “I only let you two to gather some woods, there would be enough time for you two to finish cooking the rice.”
(tl : probably mean that have enough time to flirt)

With that sentence, Bai Chengyu was immediately faced with a murderous expression of Jiang qi. The frightened Bai Chengyu pulled Jiang Qi to the corner.

“What’s up with you two?”

Bai Chengyu stealthily casted a glance at Jiang qi, then asked.

“I get suspected.”

Jiang Qi covered his forehead and forced a smile, then said to Bai Chengyu.

“You are so better than me, It hadn’t been over a month and I was already seen through.”

Bai Chengyu also smiled, then said : “I was found out by my enemies in a year. You are only suspected, just be careful in the future.”

“But I’m not Ultraman anymore.”

Jiang Qi shook his head, then smiled faintly, said : “Speaking of which, I am so relaxed right now, not having to shoulder the fate of the world.”

“Zero is you, and you are Zero.”

Looking at Jiang Qi, Bai Chengyu narrowed his eyes, said : “You are fine now, means that Zero is also fine. The reason you can’t transform is because of your physique. As long as you become light……”

“No need!”

Jiang Qu interrupted Bai Chengyu before he finished speaking, said : “I think being human is fine.”


Bai Chengyu looked at Jiang Qi, Jiang Qi looked at Bai Chengyu, the two of them looked at each other for half a day.

“Mister Bai Chengyu, here’s the drink.”

Suddenly, Jiang qi’s voice rang up. Bai Chengyu turned to look and saw Jiang qi throwing a bottle of beverage to him. Bai Chengyu extended his hand to catch it, but the bottle unexpectedly passed through his hand and fell to the ground.


Because of the angle, the girl didn’t see that scene, only though that Bai Chengyu failed to catch it, thus she didn’t think much.

But Jiang Qi at the side saw it clearly, he widened his eyes and gravely asked : “What’s happened?”

The Earth’s safety right now was in Bai Chengyu’s hand, he couldn’t meet a mishap now.

“Do you want to know?”

Bai Chengyu picked up the bottle, then smiled and asked.

“Did you know? Spacetime has repellent property, if you were to travel through the spacetime by irregular mean, you’ll be repelled by the entire world.”

Bai Chengyu pursed his lip, then said : “I am not the original resident of this world, due to I am the previous host of Shield of Baraji, I can leave my light behind.”

“While I was in the spacetime, I sensed your peril, so I ripped through the space and looked for you within infinite spacetime. When My light was left with only a fifth, I finally found your breath on a certain spacetime axis…….”

The rest need not to be said, Jiang Qi already understood it.

“With each second I am in this world, I am repelled by this world.”

Jiang Qi already became silent, how strong was this senior after all? He could resist the whole world’s rejection with only a fifth of his power?

“Look here!”

When Jiang Qi was about to say something, the distant Jiang qi suddenly took out a camera and took a picture of them.

Both of them looked at each other, then held each other’s sholders. Jiang qi put a thumb up, then took a picture.

Two of them, though were not evilly handsome, one made people felt like a warming elder brother next-door, another one was shining and cheerful boy.

“Sometimes, you cannot run away from the mission.”

Bai Chengyu’s lip moved, making a sound only Jiang Qi at the side could hear.


While Jiang Qi was in silent, a horrible shriek suddenly came up——



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