Chapter 88 The Shield of Baraji Disappears (3)

Chapter 88 The Shield of Baraji Disappears (3)

At dinner time, Jiang qi didn’t come to eat at the table, saying she would eat outside, but only Jiang Qi and Bai Chengyu knew what’s going on.

She clearly didn’t want to see him!

At this, Jiang Qi could only force a smile. This affair could be said to be his fault, he would has to look for the opportunity to apologize to Jiang qi!

After the dinner, Bai Chengyu went back to Jiang Qi’s room to sleep. Because there was no extra room, he could only stay at Jiang Qi’s room.

Regarding Jiang Liu’s family, shouldn’t get a single bed very easy? Of course, the single bed was Jiang Qi’s.

“Can you tell me of your past achievements?”

After lying on the bed for a while, Jiang Qi still couldn’t fall sleep, because he already had slept enough, hence he asked nearby Bai Chengyu.


Bai Chengyu as if was very surprised, asked Jiang Qi : “You want to know?”


Jiang Qi absolutely nodded in confirmation. Knowing this kind of things was without a doubt, the more the better.

Although the light wasn’t on, but their pairs of eyes still looked at each other.

“Fine, since you insists.”

Bai Chengyu looked at Jiang Qi for a while, suddenly smiled, then sorted out his words, said : “I originally was also an ordinary human. Because of an accident, I stepped on the path of beating little monster……the end.”

Jiang Qi, who was concentrating listening, hearing the last part almost spat out blood.
Lifting his head up, Jiang Qi seemed to see the teasing in Bai Chengyu’s eyes.

“Please don’t tease me.”

Jiang Qi put on a long face, said : “You should at least talk about the funniest fight or the most tragic one!”

“……Can you the word ‘funny’ to describe a fight?”

Bai Chengyu suddenly became solemn, looking at Jiang Qi, said : “Furthermore, I can still fight, no need to use the word ‘the most’ to describe it.”

“I’m sorry.”

Hearing Bai Chengyu’s words, Jiang Qi became stunned, then he said in low voice.

The atmosphere in the room started to drop, and neither of them also spoke.

“Do you know the meaning of the fight?”

When Jiang Qi was slightly at loss, Bai Chengyu’s voice suddenly rang up.

“What……meaning of the fight……”

Jiang Qi became stunned, didn’t understand Bai Chengyu’s question. The meaning of the fight? Wasn’t it just fights?

“As expect, you still cannot truly understand.”

Bai Chengyu helplessly shook his head then said : “To put it bluntly, you fight for the sake of fighting. If you keep being aimless like this, the fight would never end.”

“What about you?”

Jiang Qi’s gaze glimmered, he looked at Bai Chengyu and asked : “What is your goal of fighting?”

“Everyone’s goal is not the same, you don’t need to imitate me, there will surely be a day when you find one.”

Bai Chengyu saw through Jiang Qi’s thought and immediately rejected him.

“I am already not an Ultraman, why on earth do I still need to understand this kind of thing?”

The depressed mood in Jiang Qi’s eyes was clearly visible, Bai Chengyu seeing this opened his mouth, but didn’t say anything.

“You still have to tell me your glorious achievements.”

Jiang Qi suddenly realized his mood was not right, so he immediately straightened up, then smiled, said.


Bai Chengyu didn’t speak, Jiang Qi also didn’t speak. Both of them became like this for half a day, then Bai Chengyu suddenly made a sound.

“Our world is very different from here.”

Bai Chengyu pursed his lip, then introduced their world setting to Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qu was stunned. That world didn’t consist of three great powers, but was multipolar world instead.

And there was also a small place in South Korea that had always robbed Chinese culture.

Jiang Qi seemed to have heard of this place, but it had always regarded China as the sovereign state and had maintained peace and diplomatic relations with China.

The South Korean here robbed China’s Dragon Festival? No need to rob, I will give it to you! Confucius can also go! But, I the Chinese am dare to give, do you the Korean dare to ask?

“You are very lucky that the technology of this world is much higher than there. At least I didn’t have photo-brain system like Jarvis when I fought.”

Bai Chengyu smiled at Jiang Qi, then said : “Although that world was not perfect, but many people were happy, because they were living.”

“But after I arrived at that world, everything changed. The world became different. Various kinds of monster appeared.”


Jiang Qu lifted his brows. You arrived that world? Could it be he wasn’t the original people of that world?

But Jiang Qi didn’t interrupt Bai Chapter, he quietly listened to him.

“In order to defend themselves, humanity formed defense forces, using the ordinary bullets to fight the monster, but the result was obvious.”

Bai Chengyu smiled mockingly at himself : “It was a crushing defeat.”

“I was in this kind of situation, received the Lord’s favor, obtained the light of Nexus.”

Following that, Bai Chengyu began to speak about his combat experience.

“Kyrieloid is still doing the same trick.”
When he heard that Kyrieloid wanted to recruit Bai Chengyu, Jiang Qi curled his mouth.

“But your Chief Ruka was really quick wit to be able to see through it!”
(tl : 泽木 = Zemu which 泽 is not a Chinese surname, so I use Japanese name instead.)

Hearing Jiang Qi’s praise, Bai Chengyu shook his head. You are still too naive, you will find out later why Ruka know that guy was Kyrieloid.

The two then kept talking, from the first battle to the space demon wolf.

“When the demon wolf evolved to the second state(恶魔狼从米基尔进化到崔斯特?), its combat power not only greatly increased, there was also a trace of it eating other living beings, assimilated them. And like the Resident Evil, it became infectious.”

Hearing this, Jiang Qi’s hands slowly tightened, his whole body became taut.

“Soon, the entire human in Seoul were infected. I only got a hint that, when the beast-turning people filled up the city, the demon wolf’s final evolution would arrive.”

“But I rummaged through the entire Seoul, and couldn’t find any assimilated human. Thus I changed my thinking, the term ‘city’ might be different for the demon wolf, so I went to the largest forest in Seoul.”

“Did you find it?”

Jiang Qi nervously asked.

“I found it, we then went through a very intense battle.”

Bai Chengyu’s expression became colorful, it was clear that it was not a good experience.

“At the decisive moment, I evolved into Junis and defeated it.”
(tl : 成年期 = growing up. Not sure myself but according to wikia, Junis mean youth in France.)

“That’s good.”

Hearing this, Jiang Qi breath out a relieved sigh.

“I looked for the assimilated small crystal, but when I saw the small crystal, I was stupefied. At that time my brain thought of one figure.”

When Bai Chengyu spoke to this part, his face became cold. Jiang Qi could even sense the fury inside.



Hearing that, Jiang Qi intended to ask more, but was interrupted by Bai Chengyu.

“Oh! It’s almost 12 o’clock, go to sleep, or you will miss the cell regeneration time!”
Said that, Bai Chengyu lied down first.

Whatwhat?? Was that place’s way of speaking?

Jiang Qi confusedly lied down. He still thought about the follow up, but couldn’t open his mouth, thus he could only sleep in confusion.


Tl note : this might be the hardest chapter I translate yet!


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