Chapter 87 The Shield of Baraji Disappears (2)

Chapter 87 The Shield of Baraji Disappears (2)

“My Shield of Baraji?”

Jiang Qi became thoroughly panicked. Shield of Baraji was his transformation device. Without it, how could he fight with the monster? This must be a joke!

“It should be related to that monster.”

The man crooked his head and looked at Jiang Qi for a while, then spoke.

“I cannot transform anymore?”

Jiang Qi covered his left arm with an indescribable gloomy expression.

“That depends on how you understand the light, it is still possible to transform into light.”

The man shrugged his shoulder then said : “As long as you can truly fuse with Zero’s light, then you can transform.”
(tl : that’s why Jiang Qi is so weak, compared to Bai Chengyu)

“Fuse? How to?”

Jiang Qi asked blankly, didn’t he bind with Zero before? Why it became like this?

“This me don’t know.”

The man smiled, then said : “This is originally a very small chance of happening, a one in a hundred million probability!”

“One in hundred million…….”

Jiang Qi lowered his head, his mouth twitched bitterly and he couldn’t say anything.

Human were such strange creatures. When they lost something unwanted, they felt empty inside.

“You are still human after all, to be mutually excluded from the light, the monster is merely just a trigger.”

The man said, he put the headphone onto his ears and said : “If you can change your physique, allowing you to evolve from human into light, then it might be possible.”

“Allowing me……to evolve into light?”

Jiang Qi blankly pointed at himself, being stunned for half a day, the said : “I can?”

“Of course you can.”

The man nodded then said : “But there is a price.”

“What price?”

Jiang Qi had nervous expression plastered on, asked.

“You will forever exist as the being of light, possessing incredibly long lifespan.”

The man said, his eyes seemed to show the grief within, but it was disappeared immediately, almost making Jiang Qi to believe it was an illusion.

“That doesn’t seem bad.”

Jiang Qi crooked his head, then said in uncertainty, to live forever and never grow old, wasn’t this everyone’s wish?

“Seeing your most important person growing old bit by bit and was powerless to do anything, this kind of bone-eroding pain, the you right now can’t understand it.”

The man closed his eyes, his face didn’t reveal much expression, but Jiang Qi realized that the man was clenching his fists.

“There isn’t another way?”

Jiang Qi seeing that the man’s mood was not good asked in low voice.

“There is no other way.”

“The light can’t interfere with human’s choice, no matter if it was life or death, it was still the dispute of the race on Earth.”

The man took a deep breath and said : “Their life will reach the end point one day. I can save them for a time, but I can’t do that for their lifetime.”


Hearing the man’s words, Jiang Qi became silent. Sure enough, he was still too young, taking everything too lightly.

“Then I will continue on as a human.”

After a while, Jiang Qi finally spoke, his expression was incomparably tranquil.

“The Earth had you, who was so many times stronger than me, guarding right now. That made me at ease.


The man looked blankly at Jiang Qi, said : “I think you should better consider it!”

“Nope, I am afraid that I can’t stand the temptation of being venerated by many people as the Great Hero.”

Jiang Q immediately waved his hand, rejecting the man’s suggestion.


When the man was about to say some thing, his expression changed. He closed his eyes and said to Jiang Qi : “Someone is coming.”



Without waiting to Jiang Qi to say anything, the door suddenly opened, and Jiang Xue pushed Jiang Liu on the wheelchair in.


How come little qi covered her face and ran out?”
(tl : Oh!?)

Jiang Xue came in and said in uncertainty : “I only let little qi to bring mister Bai Chengyu fruits.”

Nani???? Jiang qi???
(tl : 纳尼 = Nani = loanword from Japanese = what)
(tl : and me too, cry out ‘Naniiii’)

Hearing Jiang Xue’s words, Jiang Qi covered his mouth, his face was as if frozen.

“What? You brat know something?”

Jiang Liu sensing that Jiang Qi’s expression was fishy, frowned and asked.


Jiang Qi hurriedly looked at the calm expression of Jiang Liu, and hastily shook his head : “I don’t know… could I know?”

Jiang Qi wanted to cry right now. He couldn’t let this shameless uncle know, otherwise he would be really beheaded…….


Jiang Liu put both his arm on the armrest. He leaned forward and stared at Jiang Qi’s eyes and didn’t say anything, causing Jiang Qi’s hair to stand up.

“Jiang Qi just had an argument with Jiang…….lady qi.”

At this moment, the man who had been silent suddenly walked over and laughed : “And Jiang Qi still doesn’t know my name after such a long time. My name is Bai Chengyu.”

Saying this, the man, also known as Bai Chengyu, extended his hand toward Jiang Qi.

And Jiang Qi who was still in a mess also extended his hand, then stupefyingly grabbed his hand.

“If I was the father in the front, I will definitely chop you up.”

Suddenly, Bai Chengyu’s voice rand beside Jiang Qi’s ear. Jiang Qi lifted his head and saw that Bai Chengyu’s mouth was not opened, he realized that this must be his power.

“Since you already regain consciousness, come have a meal with mister Bai downstairs.”

Jiang Liu frowned looking at both of them. He seemed to sense that these two people had something going on, so he kept this in mind.


Hearing that, Jiang Qi hastily walked out, the pressure here was simply too high.


Seeing the door closed, Jiang Liu narrowed his eyes and spoke to Bai Chengyu: “This smelly brat’s character is embarrassing like this, making me laughs.”

“Never mind, you resembled the old me.”

Bai Chengyu smiled, then said : “He is also very lucky, to come across you guys. I believe you all would take good care of him.”


Jiang Xue lifted her elegant brow, did not know what’s going on. Something was not right about this dialogue!

“I will take good care of that smelly brat?”

Jiang Liu widened his eyes, sneered : “Don’t play a joke.”


Bai Chengyu smiled, sharp tongue but soft heart, he already had come across more than one of this type.

“Since mister Bai Chengyu can get along with that brat, stay here a bit more.”

Jiang Liu gestured his hand, signaling Jiang Xue to push him out.

“I really consider it, but the circumstance doesn’t consent.”

Bai Chengyu watched Jiang Liu’s back, the smile on his face suddenly vanished.

Then Bai Chengyu lifted his left hand. His left hand was unexpectedly turned illusory, as if it could disappear anytime.

Bai Chengyu creased his brow. A light appeared on his right hand, then surrounded the swaying left hand, then his left hand congealed into reality again.

“My time is not much!”


At the same time, in a deep forest, countless animals were running, as if they were frightened by something.

A hare was scurrying out, when suddenly, a vine bound it, then pulled it back into the depth of the forest……



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