Chapter 86 The Shield of Baraji Disappears (1)

Chapter 86 The Shield of Baraji Disappears (1)

Jiang Qi sensed himself arrived inside the dark space, without knowing how much time had passed ,without any direction, he could only drift about in this endless space.

It was unknown how long it was, Jiang Qi gradually regained his consciousness.

What’s happened in the end?

His brain was continuously recalling many scenes : himself getting severely injured by a bomb, then appeared a monster, himself propped his body up and fought with the monster, but he wasn’t its opponent under his severe injury.


Jiang Qi covered his head in pain, and then? It was like a slide of scenes was transmitted into his brain, then…..the monster fell on him, inhaled the light in his body, after that he lost consciousness.

That……I lost?

Jiang Qi suddenly recalled the severity of this incident, what about other people? With him gone, humanity didn’t have any power to confront that monster.

Jiang Qi started to intensely struggle, but he couldn’t change anything. He knelt down and vexingly held his head.

He didn’t know who he should resent, but it was absolutely his fault. If he didn’t fight head-on with the monster, if he didn’t chase after Kaito Kid, if he was a bit more careful, the key would not be stolen, then everything would not turn out this way.

But, there was no if in this world. Losing is losing, there was no excuse for that!

Jiang Qi closed his eyes. Everything was because of him, he felt incomparably regret in his heart.

He, as long as became stronger a little bit……if only a little bit……

As the same time he felt resentful, a huge black mist began to envelop him, rapidly spreading from his feet.

But Jiang Qi did not feel anything at all, on the contrary, the undulation in his heart became even stronger and stronger.

“Go back!!!”

Suddenly, a fiercely shot rang above Jiang Qi’s head, made his body trembled. He opened his eyes and jumped frightened by the scene in front of him.

The black mist already spread to his neck, Jiang Qi could even smell the evil scent coming from the mist.

While Jiang Qi was at loss, the space above suddenly appeared a light, illuminating the whole space, making Jiang Qi to felt warmth like of the mother’s.

The black mist finally touched with the light, sending out the “Zizi——“ sound. The majority of the black mist was evaporated, the remaining part hastily shrank back under Jiang Qi’s feet, scaring Jiang Qi to jump. He kept looking at his feet, but even shadow couldn’t be found..

Wait a minute……Shadow……

Jiang Qi lifted his head and looked at the light above, then lowered his head and looked at his feet. Why didn’t he has shadow??

While he was bewildered, the light suddenly changed into the whirlpool. The huge suction force drew Jiang Qi who didn’t even had time to cry in.



Jiang Q sat up in fright, but he suddenly felt his lip touched with something soft.

Warm, soft, supple, and also a little bit of sweet taste. Subconsciously, Jiang Qi closed his eyes.


A light moan rang beside Jiang Qi’s ears, making him dumbfounded.

Could it be?? It really is!! How is that possible??

Jiang Qi trembly opened his eyes. When he clearly saw what happen before him, he didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry.

In front of him, a bright red beautiful face was widening her eyes, revealing her shock inside.

“Hi——Good Morning…….Jiang Xue……”

Jiang Qi propped himself up and stutteringly greeted her, but Jiang Xue was still stiff in place.

This was it, to kiss her twice……he was going to be beheaded by that shameless uncle!

Fortunately, that shameless uncle wasn’t here, and Jiang Xue wouldn’t tell him, right?

Jiang Qi stealthily looked around and realized that this was his room. Since he couldn’t find Jiang Liu’s figure here, he couldn’t help but signed in relief. But when he shifted his gaze to the windowsill, he became dumbfounded, along with Jiang Xue.

On the windowsill, there was a man wearing a white long gown with casual pant sitting there. That man couldn’t be called handsome, but gave off a feeling of comfort. His leg was on the windowsill while the other leg hanged down. The sunlight shone in his face while his ears were in the headphone.

His original posture could be imagined, listening to music, gazing out the window. But he was right now as if drawn by the shocking scene. He looked at both of them. His clear eyes didn’t conceal the surprise feeling the slightest bit.


The teasing look toward both of them made Jiang Qi to completely blow up.


Jiang Qi would absolutely never forget this face, it had a very deep impression to him.

“Me? What me?”

That man pointed himself, feeling uncertain, then he ‘lightbulb lit up’ and said : “Aa, I should go, you two carry on.”

The man said, then deftly jumped down and walked out, then said to both of them : “Good Luck! I wish you two have a good day!”

Just as the man finished speaking, Jiang Xue finally recovered from her ‘petrify’ state, then she covered her face and ran out screaming.

Jiang Qi pointed at the man. He was already stammering, and his face became red because of excitement.

“Don’t ‘YouYou’ me.”

After Jiang Xue ran out, the man’s expression changed, became more steady and mature, he waved his hand to Jiang Qi then said in strict voice : “What had happened to you, boy? If it was not for me to pull you out, you’d already sink into the darkness.”
(tl : so he really seem to be the man in the Shield of Baraji?)

What had happened?”

Jiang Qi was dumbfounded, then he recalled back when his body was entwined by the black mist, he couldn’t help but shivered and had goosebumps.

“The light from before is……you?”

Hearing Jiang Qi’s word, the man rubbed his temple and said : “That is certainly me.”

“Boy, don’t have that kind of thought in the future, it is very dangerous!”

Hearing Jiang Qi’s warning, Jiang Qi crooked his head, then asked in surprised : “Aren’t Ultraman light? How could I sink into darkness?”

“The purer the light, the more easily it can turn into the darkness.”

The man walked in front of the window, softly said in a profound tone : “I don’t want you to walk the same path of me.”

Of course, Jiang Qu couldn’t hear the last words.

“Right, what about the monster?”

Jiang Qi became silent for a while, then he recalled something and cried out.

“I already killed it.”

The man was amused by how Jiang Qi’s brain took a sharp turn, : “You got injured, your power was lacking, yet you still unexpectedly fought recklessly.”


Jiang Qi laughed awkwardly, then said : “It doesn’t matter, with senior coming here, the Earth will be protected by us two!!”

Jiang Qi spoke and revealed his left arms, then he became dumbfounded.

“How could this be?”

Jiang Qi looked around bus left arm, then looked at his right arm, then looked at his left arm again.

His Shield of Baraji disappeared??



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