Chapter 85 My name is……Bai Chengyu

Chapter 85 My name is……Bai Chengyu


The monster flew like a spring, it staggering stood up, looked at the giant approaching it, continue retreating.

It was unknown when, the monster’s body had small and large depressions all over, its tail was also cut off.

It couldn’t run! It could only endure!

From being brutally abuse, the monster also realized that it was going to die by enemy’s hand, so it might as well perish together with the enemy.

The monster condensed a fireball in its mouth then shot at Nexus.

But Nexus didn’t even look, he extended his hand and swatted the fireball to the side.
(tl : so strong!)

“That’s right, show me more of your move……”

Nexus stood in place, feeling laughable, this monster had too little move!

Seeing that its attack didn’t has any effect, the monster charged even more light in its mouth, then shot it at Nexus.


The light beam was absolutely imposing, Nexus became slightly startled, this light beam……

When the light beam was about to reach him, Nexus hurriedly extended his hand to block, at the same time, his body was shrouded by the blue light.


The light beam continued to strike at Nexus. Nexus used one hand to block, while there was the golden light gathered on his other hand.

Isn’t this that boy’s Wide Zero Shot? It actually stole it……Unforgivable!

Nexus stopped his playing attitude. Although his teacher once said that, once you had a playful and scornful attitude in the battle, you already lost.

Nexus fiercely punched at the light beam, then kept on pushing the light beam until his punch reached the monster’s mouth, and then finally pierced through its body.


3 seconds later, the monster exploded, then Nexus gradually lowered his hand.

His body flickered, then turned into his silvery form. The Meta Sphere dissipated, then Nexus appeared before humanity again.

“Oh!! My Lord! Monster?”

“Is it defeated?”

(tl : raw is Long Live)

The people at first jumped in frightened by the sudden appearance of Nexus, but in the twinkling of the eye, they found out that the monster was dead, so they immediately realized that the monster was defeated by the giant.

So they couldn’t help but cheered on. However there was some cautious people who were worried. They didn’t know if this giant was hostile to humanity, humanity couldn’t trust him.(Not to mention the new one, even for the previous one, they also didn’t trust.)

Nexus looked around, then he crouched down. His index finger gently touched the ground, a golden light spread out from there.

“Be careful!!”

Many people screamed and ran out in fear, but they just ran a few step then stopped and cried out in surprise.

A woman put her palm together, looking at the scene in front of her.

“I must be dreaming!”

A middle-aged man rubbed his eyes in disbelief, then looked again……

The other people also hold their mobile phone to recode, this was just like the scene in the movie.

At the place the golden light enveloped, it was like space and time flowing backward, the ruins buildings were pieced together. The damaged city was restored in just 10 seconds.

“…..what is going on?”

Ding Yunfeng was also in a daze, this was already beyond the scope of their understanding.

“The data is temporarily stored.”

Cheng Yu kneaded his head. He also didn’t understand. He originally thought that they understood the giant, but from today’s experience, he found out that the giants only revealed the tip of the iceberg.

“Everyone return.”

Ding Yunfeng spoke to the radio, then left the command room, leaving behind everybody who was browsing through the screen.

And Nexus looked around, after he nodded, he slowly disappeared from sight.



Jiang Xue was gasping for air, she had been searching around the museum but still couldn’t find a single shadow. Because here was the closest to the battlefield, and also people here ran the fastest.

Could it be that Jiang Qi really already left?

Jiang Xue’s mind was filled with this though, but she immediately shook her head and pushed that thought away. If Jiang Qi already left, then he would already contact them through the mobile phone.

Stopped thinking this, Jiang Xue extended her scope of searching.

Suddenly, Jiang Xue saw that not far in front of her, there was a youth carrying another person on his back, walking toward her.
(tl : no princess carry?)

Carefully looking, the person on that man’s back was Jiang Qi. After Jiang Xue was stunned, she hastily walked forward.

“Little Jiang!! Who are you?”

Jiang Xue patted Jiang Qi’s cheek, and found out that he didn’t have any reaction at all, so she anxiously shouted.

“Be at ease, he is fine.”

That person smiled seeing Jiang Xue’s reaction, then said in a soft voice.


Jiang Xue discovered that aside from his pale expression and tattered clothes, there was no injury on him at all. Moreover, she also unexpectedly discovered that his skin became even better, not much different from her own.

“I am very thankful for you saving little Jiang.”

Jiang Xue deeply breath in, then she bowed toward that person.

“No need, this is what I should do!”

That person smiled a little, giving a feeling of warmth like the sun, then walked carrying Jiang Qi, said: “Also you don’t need to bow in China.”

“You are from outside the country?”

Jiang Xue followed that person and curiously asked.

“I am Chinese, however I had been at overseas for a long time.”

That person smiled a bit and said : “I didn’t expect to come across the monster after return to the country this time.”

“Do you have a place to stay?”

Jiang Xue walked before that person and stopped him, said : “To return the favor of saving little Jiang, you can stay with us.”
(tl : there we go, MC’s crush already seek another man.)

That person looked into Jiang Xue’s eyes, smiled a bit then said : “Thank you! My name is Bai Chengyu. Please treat me kindly.”

“Jiang Xue! Welcome!”


At Gaoyang university, the campus was astonishing large. Even if there were tens of thousands in the campus, it’d still feel open and spacious.

Jiang qi was wearing yellow qipao and yellow pants. She was walking alone in the woods. She originally wanted to go home, but father, big sister and also that coward went to the commission, leaving her alone.

Thinking this, Jiang qi felt very grievous. She leaned on the big tree and sat down, absentmindedly looking at the sky.

Suddenly, Jiang qi frowned. In the sky, there was a red object falling down. Jiang qi hurriedly flee to a side.


The mysterious object landed at the place Jiang qi was just previously at, creating a deep pit and emitting out the green smoke.

What is this thing?

Jiang qi frowned and walked to the front of the deep pit, carefully peeled open the soil, revealing the mysterious object inside.

“This is……”
Jiang qi hesitated a bit, then picked that thing up, it was a wooden box. Its color was as if changed from the period of time, there were mysterious symbols at the side.

On the box had a crimson dragon inscription, however it already became fragment, and what’s more important was that the dragon was slowly disappeared!

For a moment, Jiang qi’s heart was like being scratched by a cat. Her eyes shifted, secretly put the wooden box in the pocket, intending to bring it back to home to slowly study it.
(tl : yep, curiosity kill the cat, or the heart being scratched by the cat)



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