Chapter 84 Another Light?

Chapter 84 Another Light?

The crowd pushed and squeezed. Everyone wished to leave this place. The ground started to have the traces of blood on it.

The fighters on the sky also descended, because they were ordered to evacuate the mass, because they were told that the Police Service Bureau already launched the hydrogen bomb toward here.

Hearing the news, Night Raider members hurriedly descended, they wanted to used every mean possible to evacuate people.


Jiang Xue blankly looked at the monster and said.


Jiang Liu pursed his lips and his eyes flickered. Judging from the battles that Zero had won in the past, it is very likely that the Zero was in the grim possibilities.

Suddenly a shouted cane from the side : “Ai——Over there——Quickly leave——“
Jiang Liu turned his head and saw a young person in a blue uniform, that person’s forehead also had a bloodstain on it.

That person wanted to come over, but with the big stream of people pushing him, he could only shout : “Quickly run——“

Night Raider member?

Jiang Liu breathed in, then said to Jiang Xue behind : “Go!”

“Father, what’s about the monster?”

Jiang Xue bit her lip and hesitated, because the monster still wasn’t dead. When it took action again, who knows how many people would be sacrificed.

“Do you have any way to bring it down?”

The normally calm Jiang Xue asked such a stupid question at this juncture, Jiang Liu signed in his heart : still too young.


Jiang Xue was dumbfounded by that question, then she lowered her head : “I’m sorry…..”

“This is not the time to apologize.”

Jiang Liu gazes at the city in the distance and spoke to Jiang Xue behind : “We’ll go from another path.”


Jiang Xue nodded and was about to push Jiang Liu to leave, but she suddenly recalled something.

“Father! Little Jiang is still in there!”
“That brat……”

Jiang Liu became dumbfounded, he also was not sure if Jiang Qi already fled or still in the city.

When Jiang Liu still hesitated, Jiang Xue suddenly made an astonishing decision.

“I will look for him!”

“What did you say?”

Jiang Liu became dumbfounded again, then he spoke in a loud voice : “That is the duty of the Night Raider! What can a single girl do?”

“It was me who suggest little Jiang to come here, I have to take care of him!”

Jiang Xue spoke, then forced them into the stream of people. Jiang Liu who were pushed and squeezed by the stream of people managed to say : “I will arrange that, you follow me!”

But Jiang Xue didn’t listen, she handed over Jiang Liu to the Night Raider member.

“Please take my father to the safe place!”

As Jiang Xue said that, she headed back to the city.

“Little Xue!”

Jiang Liu looked at Jiang Xue’s back. This was the first time she didn’t listen to him, she had been an obedient girl from child to now in his eyes.

The Night Raider member was distracted a moment, and when he cane to mind, Jiang Xue had already disappeared, and he could not help but made a wry smile.

“Not good! The monster moves!”

Sudden, his teammate’s voice came from the radio, making everyone’s face changed and looked at the monster.


The monster who had been stood still made a weird sound, then, it moved.

The air on its body exploded. With a “Boom——“ sound, many buildings collapsed.

Then the monster cautiously looked around, charging the flame in its mouth, preparing to shoot it out anytime.

Just when the people were confused, a white light came from the sky.

Pass through the Solar System, the Milky Way, travel through the depths of the universe. It was as if the people was feeling something.

At a time, the people stopped, and looked blankly at the pillar of light. If Zero gave the feeling of confidence, then this light gave the feeling of forgiveness.
(tl : 锋芒毕露 = showing its edge, not too sure myself, I interpret as confidence)


After a while, a light died down, revealing a huge figure, jolting the people on the ground.

Jiang Liu also looked at that figure in disbelief and murmured : “How can this be?”

“Oh my god!”

Cheng Yu immediacy stood up, widened his mouth and stammered : “Thisthisthis……..”

“Calm down.”

Ding Yunfeng frowned and looked at the situation on the light screen.

The light faded, revealing the silvery giant. His chest had a red ‘V’ symbol on, there were orange knifes on both his wrists.

If Jiang Qi regained consciousness, he would excitedly shouted : “Nexus!!

Not to mention the people’s shock, the monster also felt threatened, therefore it arrived before Nexus, and shot the flame that had been charging toward him.

The huge flame swiftly approached before Nexus. Nexus stretched his hand and a light shield appeared before him.


A huge powerful flame immediately died down.


The monster became dumbfounded, it opened its mouth again to charge up the fireball, but it didn’t expect that Nexus would suddenly appear before it.

A punch to the mouth, making the flame to die down. Then a backhand strike to the neck, followed by the punch from other hand covered in golden light to the eye.



This punch turned the monster’s head into half flatten, and the green blood came out. The monster only had the time to cry out a few roared when it was thrown away by Nexus.


The monster already became timid, its instinct told it to flee. It looked at Nexus and retreated step by step.

But would Nexus allow that?

He crossed both his arms, gathering the energy at his right arm. Then raised his arms toward the sky, then the light beam was shot out from Nexus’s right fist.

The light shot to the sky, then it enveloped both Nexus and the monster, then they both disappeared.


“??? The Giant ? Monster???”

At this moment, not just this city, the whole China, even the entire world, were boiling over right now.

The news of monster appearance couldn’t be concealed anymore, they already paid attention to this and were watching the whole situation.

The powerlessness of China’s Night Raider, the Zero’s defeat, the new Giant……just one of these already subverted their world’s outlook.

“Why do they disappear??”

When everyone was confused by the disappearance, a person stood up and explain : “It is possibly a space technology by utilized his own energy to create a small dimension…..”

“……is this kind of thing possible?”

Many people were lost in thought, did these giants have such strength?

At the same time, Nexus’s body turned red, giving out a fierce and strong momentum.

Nexus moved his arms, looking at the monster stepping back bit by bit like a dog.

“You will know what hell is——“



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