Chapter 82 The Crushing Situation

Chapter 82 The Crushing Situation

The night had arrived, it was quiet like deep water, as if everyone already fell sleep, it looked somewhat tranquil.

Of course, if you didn’t count those messes in the city.

Many people stood at the main street. They looked at the distant battlefield, looking at the falling Giant. Their hearts were filled with anxiety.


The color timer continued to blink faster, The pressure on Jiang Qi’s body also became larger.

He managed to prop himself up to half kneel on the ground with much effort. He looked at the incomparably complacently monster and was fulled of wrath, but he didn’t has any way to beat it.


The monster roared in complacency, then it took a big step toward Jiang Qi.

Seeing the monster approaching, Jiang Qi clearly understood the danger, but when he was about to stand up, he felt like his body was as if breaking and he actually lacked the strength to stand up.

Damn it!! Why at a time like this……

Jiang Qi clenched his fist and felt the powerlessness in his heart. If it was not for the bomb from before that injured him and caused him to unable to use his strength, his attack power would not be so lacking.

“Support Zero!!”

Seeing the monster was drawing closer to Jiang Qi, Han Yi hurriedly yelled.


The remaining fighters on the sky turned around, facing the monster and were about to shoot, suddenly a voice rang up.

“Don’t save him!”

“??? This voice ??”

Han Yi frowned and put his hand on the radio at his ear, he shouted ‘not good!’ in his mind.

And in the command room at the Far East, the staffs also stood and looked confusedly at the uninvited guest intruding in the command room.

That person didn’t care of their gaze at all, and instead talked to himself : “Let these guys bite at each other.”

“Director Huang, this place seems to be the Night Raider’s Command room, aren’t you enter the wrong place?”
(tl: wow, another scum huh?)

Not understanding that person’s words, Ding Yunfeng coldly spoke.

“Is this how you speak to your superior?”

That director Huang narrowed his eyes, looking at Ding Yunfeng and said in disdain : “If after you save this guy, then he turn against us, what are you going to do? Can you bear this responsibility?”


Ding Yunfeng’s face sank but couldn’t say anything. He indeed couldn’t guarantee that after they saved Jiang Qi, he would not go berserk.

“I will!”

Suddenly, a panting voice came from the communication device.

“Captain Han Yi……”

Cheng Yu stood up, stared blankly at the dusty faced from the battlefield’s smoke on the light screen.

“Ignoring the life and death of the person who save you isn’t the disposition of Hans people.”
(tl : 韩 = Han, same as Han from Han Yi)

Han Yi’s voice was absolutely normal, but it struck into everyone’s hearts.

“Defying superior’s order? You’re dismissed! Soldier!”

Director Huang showed dangerous expression, looking at Han Yi on the light screen and spoke coldly.

“If accident really happens, I will handle it with you all.”

Han Yi spoke, then he cut off communication. No matter how they tried to call out, it was ignored.

And for the team members on the fighters, as if they shared the same mind, also cut off the communication, feigning ignorance


“SSR-5, prepare the attacking missile….”

“MAX Light lock on……”
(tl : 麦克斯 = Max)


The fighters on the sky leaped, and flashed past the monster. However the mobster didn’t care about these flies. In its eyes, these flies could be dealt with any moment. But there was such a big cake in front of it! If it was not hurried, he might run away.

“Dare to ignore me?”

A pilot seeing this scene pursed his mouth, then he quickly pressed the attack button.


A yellow light bomb hit the back of the monster, creating a huge spark. The monster still didn’t has any reaction when other fighters also bombard it.


The explosion sound rang out nonstop, yet the monster didn’t make a sound.

From the previous lesson, they naturally didn’t think that the monster would die like this, so they ascended their planes and observed the monster.


Suddenly, the monster raised its head, its red eyes glimmered, and red flame was brewing in its mouth.

Not good!

The monster still didn’t spilled out this flame, but they already felt the danger. They operated the plane with best effort, wishing to evade this attack.


The huge flame was shot out, flying toward the fighters. This time, no matter how they dodged, it was useless, because the attack’s range this time was too wide.


Then came a low sound. The pilots whom already closed their eyes opened their eyes, and saw a giant’s figure blocking in front of them.


They muttered the name, looking at the figure in front of them, then they quickly operated the planed to retreating.


Jiang Qi crossed both his arms at his chest. A flickering light shield was in front of him, blocking the entire flame.


Both arms shook, the light shield suddenly exploded, along with the flame.

Gasping for his breath, Jiang Qi looked at the monster below. Both his arms slowly drew, the energy could see with naked eye began to gather.

His time was almost up, he must quickly finished this.

Seeing Jiang Qi’s action, the flame was also gathered in its mouth, and it became bigger and bigger.
The people on the ground also fixed their eyes on the battle. This showdown would decide their fate.

The personnel in the command room, including Director Huang, also fixed their on the light screen without blinking.

Feeling the energy began to reach the critical point, Jiang Qi moved both arms into an L-shape, and shot out the orange light beam.


The monster’s flame also finished brewing and was shot out, colliding with Jiang Qi’s Wide Zero Shot.


Two energy collided, offset each other in midair, creating a deafening sound.

Wide Zero Shot and the monster’s flame canceled each other out. There was no winner.


The monster irritatedly roar. It was clear that it was not satisfied with this result.

It lifted its head looking at the smoke on the sky, the monster once again charged up the flame,


Suddenly, a figure rushed out from the smoke, the right leg covered in flame dived down, kicking at the monster’s chest, causing it to fly over a hundred meters.

Ultra Zero Kick

This attack caught the monster by surprise. But Jiang Qi didn’t feel proud at all, instead he became even more alarm.

Because, the monster grabbed hold of his right leg, then slowly tighten it between its claw.


The sound of bone crack was even heard by the mass at the far distant.
(tl : same treatment as Seven in Leo?)




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