Chapter 81 Crisis

Chapter 81 Crisis

“What did you say???”

Ding Yunfeng also widened his eyes looking at Cheng Yu, revealing the wrathful look!

Are those maintenance guys eating shit? To have a problem at a time like this!!

“The performance testing is still underway, because the installed weapons used in this battle are the latest model.”

Cheng Yu said, the image of Han Yi’s test machine was placed on the main screen.
The fighter’s wings and tail still had radio transmitters blinking with the red light.

“Previously when Captain Han Yi reached maximum speed regardless of his body, some parts in the fighter might be destroyed, causing the chain reaction which lead to the weapon system’s failure.”

Cheng Yu spoke, his eyes were fulled of anxiety.

“Han Yi!! Can you hear me? Quickly return!!”

Ding Yunfeng looked at the fighter on the screen and roared.


The dialogue in the command room wasn’t registered in Han Yi’s ear one bit. Seeing the approaching monster, he quickly pulled the control lever trying to evade.

However, would the monster allow that?

It lifted its claw, with the flashing light, it slashed toward Han Yi.


Like cutting a tofu, the left wing of Han Yi’s aircraft was sliced neatly.



The flame spurted out from the engine, and the red light shone with the alarming sound.

“Quickly eject!!”

Ding Yunfeng shouted toward the radio.

Han Yi quickly pulled the emergency eject lever, trying to parachute out.

However the lever was struck, Han Yi had no way to eject out.
(tl : it seems author want you to die.)

“It’s not working!!”

Han Yi’s words reverberated inside the command room.

“Han Yi!!!”

Ding Yunfeng howled, looking at the falling aircraft, feeling powerlessness in his heart.


The remaining members also howled, but could only watch in powerlessness.


The smoke from the engine made Han Yi to cough nonstop.

It seems…….this is it for me……dying in the battlefield……

Thinking this, Han Yi unexpectedly smiled. He closed his eyes, waiting for the death to arrive.


Suddenly, Han Yi’s whole body was enveloped by the light, then flew out from the cockpit.


The aircraft finally hit the side of the building, then disappeared after exploding.

Han Yi waited for a while but still didn’t meet death. After hearing the sound of huge explosion, Han Yi couldn’t help but opened his eyes in puzzle.

This is……

Han Yi widened his eyes, looking dumbfounded at the giant of light before him.

“Captain Han Yi is saved!!”

In the command room, Cheng Yu excitedly yelled.

“What did you say?”

Ding Yunfeng who couldn’t bear to watch and was about to lose hope suddenly heard Cheng Yu’s words and couldn’t help but asked in amazement.

Cheng Yu didn’t speak but rather passed the image to the main light screen.

On the screen, a red and blue giant stood there holding a ball of light in his hand. Then the ball of light dispersed, revealing a human inside it.

Then, Cheng Yu enlarged the video. The people in the command room could see clearly who that person is.


With the fierce Zero Sluggers facing the sky, He firmly fixed his sharp eyes on the monster, then slowly put Han Yi down.

“This guy……”

Ding Yunfeng looked at Ultraman Zero’s figure and frowned, not clear of the purpose of this guy.

While thinking, Ding Yunfeng was interrupted by the strange noise.


At the same time Ultraman Zero put down Han Yi, the color timer on Zero’s chest suddenly blinked red.

“Eh? What’s happening?”

In the command room, Ding Yunfeng pointed at the color timer and asked in uncertainty.
He had studied about Ultraman Zero’s battle numerous time and already paid attention that the color timer on Zero’s chest always blinked when he fought.

From his estimation, it was very likely that his energy was draining, and his body somehow gave a warning, which meant it was not good.

But this time, it was already blinking, so Ding Yunfeng was confused.


Pain, the entire body was suffocated with pain.

Jiang Qi endured the pain and looked at the monster before him. Perhaps it was because of his body that the color timer already blinked.

Damn that Kaito Kid! Did he actually get him into deathtrap?

If it was not for Shield of Baraji acted on its own protecting him in the moment of peril, Jiang Qi was afraid that he would be playing chess with King Yama right now!


The sound continued to ring, as if to remind Jiang Qi that his time was not much.
Shaking his head, Jiang Qi’s Sluggers split up and charged toward the monster.


When the monster saw Jiang Qi’s appearance, it became more excited and roared a few times.


The Zero Sluggers flew from both side, rip through the air, and charge toward the monster.


The Zero Slugger hit the monster’s body, but its body was like an impregnable fortress, and only had some scratches.


The Zero Slugger automatically reassembled at Jiang Qi’s head, then he charged toward the monster.


Jiang Qi jumped up, reaching at the monster’s side, grabbing its shoulder, wanting to pull it down.

But unexpectedly, the monster used all its might and flung Jiang Qi back.

Jiang Qi rolled over and hastily stood up, while also sending out two light beams.


The light beams hit the monster, but there were only two dully sound, there was not even a spark.


The monster proudly roared, then walked toward Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi took a deep breath and also charged at the monster. At the same time, he lifted his fist and punched at the monster’s face.


The monster didn’t has any reaction, on the contrary, it was Jiang Qi who shaking his hand.

Jiang Qi didn’t has time to care about his hand. He immediately did a roundhouse kick at the monster’s neck.


Still no effect, Jiang Qi even felt that the monster in front of him was like the impregnable fortress.


Jiang Qi clenched his fist, and attacking consecutively nonstop at the monster’s body. The monster didn’t even step back.


The monster roared, its sharp claw hit Jiang Qi’s chest.



A huge spark sputtered out, Jiang Qi couldn’t help but hiss in pain. He felt like his body was about to be split in two.


Like a guided missile, the monster bumped onto Jiang Qi, making him to fly out.


With a huge earthquake, Jiang Qi fell to the ground.



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