Chapter 80 The Invitation from the Museum (9)

Chapter 80 The Invitation from the Museum (9)


The monster roared, its mouth spurted out a huge column of flame, destroying the buildings along the way.

“Get ready! Attack!”

Han Yi had just arrived, he roared without waiting to get close to the monster.


The aircrafts’ speed slowed down. Many of the team members did not even have time to regulate their condition before entered the battle.

Nearly 20 fighters danced in the sky, making the fleeing residents on the ground incomparable confidence.

“Come on!!”

“Come on!”

They halted one after another and cheered on, especially the students, their voice were the loudest.


The monster did not have time to pay attention to these insects, he had other opponent.

“Everyone uses V formation, concentrates the attack at one point!”
(tl: 燕形阵 = swallow formation = V formation)

Seeing the rampant monster, Han Yo frowned and issued an order, the he pressed down the attack button.


The blue light beam was shot out from the front of the fighter, hitting the monster’s back. At the same time, other fighters also started bombing attack toward the monster.


The monster’s back exploded with countless sparks. The sensation from its back made the monster halted.


The monster roared then shifted its body along with the intense light beam, a fighter which was too late to dodge was hit. The pilot didn’t even have time to scream before disappearing in the air.

“Everyone pays attention to the monster’s attack as much as possible.”

Han Yi shouted at the radio then launched several light beams toward the monster again, then said : “Proceeding with the suppressive attack!”

Then the remaining 20 fighters separated into two groups, separately used the suppressive attack.

The monster closed its eyes. It was immediately swallowed in the flame of the attacks.

“It’s a success!!”

Seeing their light beams were effective, several team members cheered.

“Don’t lower your guard!”

Han Yi frowned. He looked at the monster in the smoke and felt uneasy in his heart.

“Roger, Cap……”

These team members realized that they got carried away by their success and were about to apologize to Han Yi. But they did not finish the word before they ceased talking, because they were unable to.


From the smoke, a light beam shot out and immediately swallowed four fighters.


Han Yi’s eyes already went red. Seeing his comrade died in front of him made his heart felt as if it was ripped, but he knew that he should be impulsive!

He did not bore just one life and death of his comrade!

The smoke gradually died down, revealing the figure of the monster. Not to mention injury, there was not even a scratch.

Han Yi understood now. It wasn’t that the monster couldn’t dodge, it didn’t felt the need to, because his attacks didn’t have any effect at all.

“Everyone pay attention!”

Han Yi gritted his teeth, he glanced at the crowd that stopped fleeing below, then said : “Leave a small team to evacuate the people.”

“Captain, you should go!”

Other members immediately said.


Han Yi immediately interrupted them, then said : “As the commanding officer, I cannot leave the battlefield! You guys quickly organize a team to evacuate people!”

“But you need more people…..”

A member wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Han Yi and heard him say : “It is not the time to debate right now. In this kind of situation, many or few people is the same!”

“We must do our best to ensure the safety of people. Hurry up, we will distract it!”
Saying that, Han Yi found out that no one had the idea of leaving, so he couldn’t help but said in stern voice : “This is an order!”

After that, two fighters separated from the battlefield and slowly descended to the ground.


Upon seeing this, Han Yi wanted to say something, but suddenly his heart jumped, he subconsciously abruptly pulled the lever up. At the same time, he loudly yelled to the radio : “Danger! Quickly leave!”

But it was still a step too late. Several fighters at Han Yi’s side did not even have time to react to Han Yi’s roar and were swallowed by the light beam from the monster.


The monster didn’t stop the light beam this time, on the contrary, it continued to shoot the light beam, then swept toward other members.

“Quickly dodge!”

Han Yi loudly yelled. Other members also did not stay idle, seeing that the light beam was sweeping toward them, they hastily dodged.

But there were still some fighters which were too late and were swallowed by the light beam. In just a short moment, there were only 7 fighters remaining.

At this, the Night Raiders fell into passive at once. If this went on, it would be a matter of time before they got wiped out.

“Come on!!!”

“Don’t give up!!!”

The people below immediately shouted. They saw these soldiers died a martyr, without even leaving body behind.

“Quickly run!!”

Suddenly, a child around ten years old struggled from his mother’s embrace and shouted toward the sky : “Don’t worry about us!! Quickly run!!”
(tl : wow, this child is good, he should be the MC instead)

Other people looked blankly at the child, their hearts were surged of warm blood, they surprisingly yelled all together : “You guys quickly go!!”
(tl : Ok, everyone is the MC)

“Don’t worry about us!!”

The two Night Raider who just flew down seeing this, their hearts were moved.


“Eiei, aren’t you two from Night Raider?”

An auntie grabbed one of them and agitatedly said : “You quickly tell them to quickly leave! We can’t let them die like this!”

“Auntie, please be calm.”

That member patted auntie’s shoulder and said : “Our duty was to protect you, everyone please evacuates immediately! Otherwise our sacrifice will mean nothing.”

“But you guys……”

Seeing their hesitation, these two members said : “Everyone please evacuates immediately! Otherwise there will be more death!”

Hearing them, these residents finally orderly evacuated from this place.

“Jiang Qi……please be alright……”

Jiang Xue who was pushing Jiang Liu’s wheelchair turned to look at the battlefield. She couldn’t conceal the anxiety in her eyes.

Inside the distance ruins, a youth was sweating more and more.

“Jiang Qi……please be alright……”

A soft sound rang inside his mind, the youth frowned.


Gradually, a dim light enveloped the youth.


Han Yi seeing the overwhelming situation felt the pain in his heart.

It can’t go on like this!

Han Yi gritted his teeth, turned the control lever, charging toward the monster, then he pressed the shooting button.


It was not the sound like what he’d imagined. Han Yi widened his eyes, the light beam did not come out…..what is happening?

“Examine the problem!!”

In the command room, Cheng Yu jumped up……


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