Chapter 8 This is wrong!

Chapter 8 This is wrong!

He casually found a place to sit down, and in an instant, the room was in silence, no one making a noise.

Jiang Liu was holding the coffee, looked at the traffic outside the window, which for two-story small building, it could only see with just these. Jiang Xue clean things up and Jiang qi continued to lie on the table, in an instant two people eyes’ met, and then Jiang Qi took the first move but did not go too far..

Jiang Qi could only embarrassed touched him nose, why would he suddenly felt that his owned named Jiang Qi was his biggest mistake?

Jiang Qi a cough and walk to Jiang Xue side and asked: “We were just like this……..waiting?”

As for why he asked Jiang Xue ? Because in here only Jiang Xue seem reliable, Jiang qi also look smart, but because his name was the same with hers. Her impression of him was not good

“Of course.”

Jiang Xue froze for a moment and smiled when she See Jiang Qi came to her side. This smile, made Jiang Qi feels like taking a bath of the spring breeze, warmed his body.

“Hmmph !”

Seeing Jiang Qi’s face, Jiang qi snorted and turned away her face. Not seeing Jiang Qi, her eyes scanned for a bit not knowing what she is looking for and suddenly not knowing what she’s thinking of.

“We were all standing by here, only when we had a commission, then we work.”

Jiang Xue put her things down, and seriously explained to Jiang Qi.

“Do you mean I still get paid even if we doing nothing ?”

Hearing Jiang Xue word, Jiang Qi stared at her in surprised. It felt good to get paid even doing nothing, but……

“Then why were you looking for employer?”

Jiang Qi was confused, if that was the case, then there was absolutely no need to find someone!

“There are times when the commissions are too many., three people just can’t handle that.”

Hearing the question from Jiang Qi, Jiang Xue make a wry smile on her beautiful face. Apparently, that memory was awful.

“If you don’t have a commission for a month, Are you guys not in the red ?”

Jiang Qi still not understand and continue to ask.

“A single commission is enough for a year to us.”

Jiang Xue’s answer put Jiang Qi to suffocate, “and it’s not possible to not having a single commission for a few month, because we are the only detective firm in Gaoyang city.”

“So, is there a possibility of raising my salary?”

After hearing these words, Jiang Qi immediately rushed to the table in front of Jiang Xue and asked what he was most concerned about.

Jiang Xue suddenly laughed looking to Jiang Qi who suddenly throw himself up in front of her and his eyes flashing money sign. That smile made Jiang Qi blushed.

As a 21 years old man, and never had a girlfriend. Suddenly became close to a smiling girl made his face flushed.

“Of course, if you have a decisive role in the commissioned case…”

Suddenly Jiang Xue seems to find something interesting, Jiang Qi face unexpectedly like magic, turned red until his neck. Unexpectedly there was still a boy like this.

Jiang Xue looked behind Jiang Qi, and she lowered her voice and said: “Come on, father was looking at us.”

Hearing that, Jiang Qi was surprised and panicky wanted to stand up. Suddenly, Jiang qi patted his shoulder from behind and then “casually speaking”: “What are you two talking about ?. Your faces are so close!! ”

Instantly, Jiang Qi was petrified looking at Jiang qi. He opened his mouth but not knowing what to say.

At this moment, in Jiang Qi’s mind Jiang qi was like a small demon, wearing a pair of horns, with a fork in her hand, a long tail, triangle tail tip, with a playful little teeth, definitely a demon from hell.

Suddenly. There was a silhouette appearing above the head of Jiang Qi, with a dark and with the murderous gleam in the eyes.

“Pa !”


Jiang Qi clutching his head, shouting, looked at the president hand chop, not knowing what to say.

“Brats! what are you doing?”

Jiang Liu, without any explanation, grabbed Jiang Qi and drag him out.

“Not doing you job on the work hours, you even dare to flirt with my daughter in front of me ??”

“No…. president…. please listen to my explanation..”

Watching them went farther and farther away into the horizon. Jiang Xue reacted want to catch up to explain but was stopped by her own black heart sister.

“What are you doing? He has not provoked you.”

Jiang Xue patted her naughty sister.

“Che, I just gave him a lesson. Who makes him take advantage of you?”

Jiang qi snuggling in Jiang Xue’s embrace, Naughtily said: “Or does my sister really fancy him?”

“What is this nonsense ?”

Jiang Xue frowned and patting Jiang qi head.

“Why is that sister so nervous about him?”

Jiang qi raised her head and asked curiously

“Everyone here is colleagues, we should help each other, and he did not do anything wrong right?”

Jiang Xue tilted her head and said: “Don’t tease him in the future.”

“Yes sister..”

Jiang Qi muffled, but, her eyes are flashing light, it seems to prove that the future will not be so simple.


Rubbed his aching head, Jiang Qi finally understands the specific meaning of can not be late.

In the normal days, you could choose to not enter the office, but the phone must be 24 hours available, if there was a commission, he must arrived at the office immediately unless he was in the field or in hospital, otherwise he was not allowed to be late.

What a hard start!

Jiang Qi rubbing the pain of the head, but you got closed to people’s daughter at work, and got caught red hand by her father, what else can you say?

Walking back to his rent house, Jiang Qi wanted to pack his things and moved out. Suddenly he found a lot of people nearing a high-rise LED display, curiously Jiang Qi stop to see it.

A new Ultraman again? Is this a trailer?

Although the filming was very vague, Jiang Qi still can recognize it. A blue and red giant, and a black monster, This was clearly the Ultraman fighting a monster!

But Jiang Qi carefully looked but found something wrong, this … It’s like Zero and Golza! And this familiar process, it seems to be himself !

“What is this ?”

“My god, is this Sci-fi Movie ?”


What made Jiang Qi even more surprised here was when he heard the conversation of these people, What year is this?? unexpectedly there were still people who don’t know the Ultraman?

Jiang Qi looked at these guys like watching aliens.



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