Chapter 79 The Invitation from the Museum (8)

Chapter 79 The Invitation from the Museum (8)

Over six o’clock, the sun already fell down, the sky gradually turned dark, the people started to packed up their stall.


A figure streaked across the sky unnoticed.


Kid piloted the triangle hang glider to land on top of the building, frowned and groaned in depress.

“What a marksmanship!”

Kid put his hand on his arm where blood was flowing out. Fortunately the bullet only scratched him, otherwise he would be done for.
(Tl: Here’s go my theory of this Kid being monster)

Then, Kid took out the wooden box. His single lens shone with the dazzling light.

“Is this really the thing from ten thousand years ago? How come it doesn’t look like that?”

Kid put one hand on his chin and examined for a while, but still couldn’t found anything, he smacked his mouth and said : “Could it be I am deceived by that Li something guy? It looks just like it was bought from the stall market.”

But since he already stole it, he could play with it for 2 days, then he would return it to the museum.

Suddenly, the blood on Kid’s body landed on the wooden box, then blood instantly dried up, and the wooden box emitted red light.


“This is……”

Kid was frightened by the light, but he did not throw the box away, instead he examined it.

“Aa——It burns!”

Suddenly, the light on the wooden box intensified. Kid felt as if he was burned by the flame and subconsciously let the box fall to the ground.


The intense red light appeared. The wooden box floated up in the air, then it flew upward.


What the hell is happening?

Kid stared blankly at what’s happening. This thing was already beyond his understanding.

Above the city, the wooden box stopped floated up. Then the dragon inscription on the wooden box also sent out the light. It continuously gathered energy. The tyrannical energy caused the air to shook, then it gradually condensed into the image of the dragon’s head.


After the dragon’s head was congealed into reality, it let out a roar, then it flew down to the ground.


The flying speed of the monster was very fast. Almost in an instant, it reached the ground.


The explosion occurred from the monster as the center. The airstream rolled up in all direction.


It closed both its eyes, its calm breathing noise making people’s scalp tingled. It had glistening red and solid skin, huge feet covered in flame, and sharp claws as if it can rip the air.

“Ah?!!! What is that???”

Many sleeping people was woken up by the exploding sound and left the room one after another. When they saw the monster, they were so frightened they almost sat to the ground.

“It’s a monster!!! A monster from the news!!?”

Many people pointed at the monster and yelled.


This word finally caused a stir, many people hastily stood up and ran around in all direction. It didn’t matter where they ran to, as long as it was away from the monster, they would go there!

Many people ran around senselessly, they even resented their mother to give them only two legs.


Gradually, the monster opened its eyes, the scarlet light flashed. It brought it mouth up and roared. The strong sound wave spread out, ripping the entire city, dividing into two.
Similarly, the strong sound wave also knocked Kaito Kid flying into the wall. Before he fell into coma, he finally realized what sort of thing he just let out.
(Tl: Now then, who is more pathetic, MC who got easily fooled and Kid who let the monster out.)


“This is…..”

Jiang Liu in the museum squeezed out his voice, he opened his eyes wide looking at the monster.

“monster again……”

Jiang Xue bit her lip, then she pushed Jiang Liu’s wheelchair preparing to quickly leave, but she suddenly found out that Jiang Qi was nowhere to be seen.

“Father, Little Jiang, he……”

“……No need to worry about him.”

Jiang Liu became dumbfounded, then looked at Jiang Xue for a while and bit his lip and said.


Jiang Xue still wanted to say something but was interrupted by Jiang Liu.

“Belief in him, he can take care of himself!”


Jiang Xue became silent, then nodded. She then pushed Jiang Liu’s wheelchair and left this place.

Jiang Qi……You have to be alive……

Jiang Xue shouted out in her mind, perhaps she did not notice her nervous feeling in her heart.


In the burning ruin, at a corner, a huge block of stone was pressing down on a youth.

The youth’s face was fulled of dust, his eyes were tightly closed. His forehead was fulled of sweat and his mouth had a little bit of bloodstain on it.

“Jiang Qi…..You have to be alive……”

An elegant and graceful voice rang in his mind, making him to frowned, at the arm where the strange bracelet was on, his finger moved.


“The planes already reached their the top speed, estimated arrival at the site in ten minutes.”

Han Yi pushed the control lever and spoke to the radio at the side.

“Please be quick……”

In the Command Room, Ding Yunfeng looked at the monster frenziedly wrecking havoc in the city and muttered : “From this monster’s rate of destroying, I’m afraid that ten minutes is too long.”

“I will try my best!”

Hearing Ding Yunfeng’s words, Han Yi frowned, said resolutely : Every member, fly at the top speed!”

Finished speaking, Han Yi switched the booster to reach top speed. The strong pressure made the whole pilot cabin shook and made the “CreakCreak” sound.

Under the strong pressure, even the veteran who went through many battlefields like Han Yi popped out the blue veins.

But this was the price. The aircraft’s speed went up, if it went on like this, it would not take even 5 minutes.

Other members seeing Han Yi’s action also increased their speed in succession and caught up to Han Yi.


And Cheng Yu who analyzed the pressure of the aircraft couldn’t help but breath in a mouthful of cold air, it was common knowledge that the pilot must not exceed 9mg when flying, otherwise it would take a load on the body. But Han Yi and others already exceeded this number.

“These people are toying with their life!”

Cheng Yu, of course, knew that Han Yi was not in danger. It was unknown how many times the aircrafts were checked, so it was absolutely safe! So their most danger was that their bodies couldn’t endure the load.


Ding Yunfeng at the front let out a sign. This was the soldier, when their home was threatened to be destroyed, they would do anything to drive away that threat! This was the soldier, they did not have the right to choose, only the fate to be chosen.

They wanted to reach the site quickly because their bodies did not bear with just their own life!

Thinking this, Han Yi gritted his teeth and continued to endure the pressure.

Gradually, he seemed to be able to see the monster, its height was 50 to 60 meters. He targeted it and opened fire….


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