Chapter 78 The Invitation from the Museum (7)

Chapter 78 The Invitation from the Museum (7)

Jiang Qi quickly ran. Today for him, it was destined to be the humiliating day. He actually let the key being stolen under his nose!

Damn you Kid! Don’t let me catch you, otherwise I will let you know what’s called the most ten cruelest torture of Qing dynasty!

While Jiang Qi was thinking, he suddenly halted. He suddenly saw a man running out from the door, and he also held something.

With his extraordinary vision, Jiang Qi clearly saw what that person was holding, it was a wooden box……

“The wooden box???”

Without hesitating, Jiang Qi chased.

How could this guy’s hand was so fast? There were 4 people watching over! It was still stolen!


Jiang Qi chased after that man and shouted, but that man instead ran even faster.
Seeing that person actually increased the distances between them, Jiang Qi bit his lip.

“Damn you Kid!”

Both of them began chasing, but it seemed that person couldn’t maintain this fast speed and slowed down.


Jiang Qi seeing this knew that the chance had come, he put the force at his feet, sprang up and kicked at that person’s back, making him to flew over 10 meters.


Jiang Qi fell to the ground, breathed heavily and looked at the person in front of him. He thought inside : “As expected of Kid, he can really run!”

But this didn’t mean that Jiang Qi will let him go. He slowly walked to that man, the corner of his mouth evoked an arc.

Jiang Qi pulled that person’s collar and looked into his eyes, and said word by word : “Very fierce huh! To actually manage to steal the key from me! Kaito Kid!”

“CoughCough——I don’t know……huhu……what you’re talking about……CoughCough……”

That person breathed heavily and spoke intermittently.

“Still playing dumb?”

Jiang Qi narrowed his eyes, then he picked the fallen wooden box at the side and said : “This is the irrefutable evidence of your stealing.”

“CoughCough……I……am not……CoughCough……”

That person’s reaction became intense, but he coughed even more.

“Kaito Kid, you can deny, you can choose to remain silent, but each and every one of your word will be used as evidence!”

Seeing that the thief still thought about struggle, Jiang Qi said in strong voice.

That person took a deep breath, after his cough slowed down, he said : “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I am not any thief. This wooden box is given to me by a white clothes person.”

“You think I’ll believe?”

Jiang Qi narrowed his eyes and looked at the person before him, then said : “If you are not a thief, why did you run?”

“Why did you chase after me?”

“Would I chase if you didn’t run?”

“Would I run if you didn’t chase me?”


Jiang Qi became silent, then looked at this man and sneered : “You’re playing with me?”

“That person said that this wooden box was installed a bomb inside, I must obey his instructions, otherwise it’ll explode.”

The man hesitated a bit and said : “That person also order me to run out, and to not be caught, otherwise the bomb will explode.


Jiang Qi stared in this man’s eyes, he didn’t seem to lie, then he examined the wooden box in his hand and became stunned.

There was no dragon inscription on it, there were also no mysterious symbols at its sides. This was clearly a fake!

Jiang Qi’s expression changed, he strained his ears to listen and heard a sound from inside.


”Not good!!!”

Jiang Qi’s pupils violently contracted……



Suddenly, a huge sound of an explosion rang out in the city, causing many city residents to look over.

“What’s happen?”

“Military Exercise?”

”It looks like artillery fire to me!”

Aside from the opinions of the town residents, in the museum, Jiang Liu looked outside and asked : “Is that an explosion?”


Jiang Xue frowned, looked outside and said in strict tone : “And it is near, we should take a look……”

Jiang Xue’s words just dropped when a ‘pa’ sound occurred, and the whole museum became dark.

“Ladies.and.gentlemen,It‘!”(tl : in English)

A voice came from all direction, gaudy and elegant words reverberated throughout the museum.


Jiang Xue tightened her heart then stopped her steps and walked around cautiously.


Suddenly, the lighting in the museum recovered. Jiang Liu lifted his head, and looked face to face with the white figure stood aloft.

A white cape, a white round hat, wearing a single lens reflecting light, making one to unable see his appearance.

“I will take the remain of the ancient away!”

Taking out the wooden box from who’s know where, Kid smiled at the people below.

“That is the real one!”

Jiang Liu glanced at the untouched “fake”, then looked at Kid and slowly said.

“Open fire!”

The few left behind policemen loudly yelled then took put their guns and shoot randomly at Kid.


Facing the swarm of bullets, the thief did not look worried a bit.


A clear, melodious snapping sound, without any unnecessary movement, just like pressing a switch rang out.


Like the white spirit moving in the dark, numerous pigeons came out and blocked in front of Kid, the slowly flew up, as if they wanted to escort him out.

No criminal can escape in front of me!

Jiang Liu grabbed a gun from the policeman beside him, then lifted his hand and shot.



Suddenly, a groan came out from the white ocean, as if the person inside received injury.

But, it didn’t stop him, the thief using the pigeons as a shield, used the rope the fly out, then spread out the triangle hang glider to fly away.

”Damn it! If only we have more people!”

A policeman irritatedly hit the desk, but there was no medicine for regret in this world.

Suddenly, a large crowd of policemen came in, they were still at loss.

”What’s happen?”

“The thief?”

Jiang Xue looked at them, an unhappy look float on her face, then she said in a deep voice : The thief already left!”

“Ah? Really?”

They stood dumbfounded, from beginning to the end, they did not know what had happened.

“The wooden box?”

Li Yulong walked over and calmly asked.

“The real one was stolen!”

Jiang Liu rubbed his temple. He also didn’t know what to say in his mind.

“Aren’t there someone watching? how……”

Li Yulong looked at Jiang Liu and frowned, he said : I only gave a key to you. Who did you give the key to?”

“My assistant, the key was stolen by Kid.”

Jiang Liu softly signed.

“That boy……”

Li Yulong lowered his head and pondered.



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