Chapter 77 The Invitation from the Museum (6)

Chapter 77 The Invitation from the Museum (6)

In the process of tidying, Jiang Qi unexpectedly found a painting.

The background on the painting was the burning hellfire. A man in the sorry state was extending his hand toward the sky. And in the sky, there was a huge door in the process of opening. There were the incomparably cryptic symbols engraving on the door. You could see the speck of light from the crack of the door.

“What is this?”

Jiang Qi pointed at the painting and asked the person beside him. He had never seen this painting before!

“Oh, this one!”

A staff at the side came and saw the painting, he immediately understood : “This painting is based on the not famous mythology.”

“What kind of mythology?”

Jiang Qi fixed his eyes on the staff and asked. He felt that he must listen to this.


The staff became stunned from Jiang Qi’s gaze, but he still answered : “This person is the wise man among human. At his old age, he witnessed the ugliness of humanity. He committed suicide and went to hell on his own accord, but even that cannot vanquish the pain in his heart.”

The staff paused a bit then continued : “After he didn’t know what to do anymore, the Door To the Truth opened for him, and since then the humanity understood the law of all being in the world.”


Jiang Qi narrowed his eyes and became silent, then he asked : “Do you remember the name of that man?”
“Marshall · Hope, but people called him Father of Truth. But this legend is not famous.”
The staff smiled and explained.



Jiang Qi bit his lip and looked at the hand in the painting, then he asked the staff at the side : “Do you remember what is the time when the Door To the Truth was opened to Marshall?”

“……November 25th, There is still some particular place commemorate this!”

The staff pondered for a while then answered.


Isn’t today November 25th?

Jiang finally thoroughly understood the meaning of the advance notice, that is on November 25th at 6 o’clock, I will take the wooden box away.

What Marshall Cathedral? What other places? The place was here! The advance notice only stated the time and nothing else.

Those ignorant policemen did not care about the museum and totally surrounded the Marshall Cathedral that not drop of water could get in! It was no wonder that Kaito Kid still wasn’t caught!

Jiang Qi rubbed his forehead then put down the painting, and said to the staff beside him : “I will go out for a bit, you guys carefully stay watch here.”

Saying that, Jiang Qi left.

He didn’t expect that Kaito Kid was so crafty, he made everyone to focus on the Marshall Cathedral. If not because Jiang Liu who insisted on swapping the wooden box, they wouldn’t know how they lose.

While Jiang Qi was thinking, he walked faster and faster. Suddenly a man came out from the passageway and bumped into him, that man did not even looked and walked past him.


Jiang Qi looked strangely at that man, but he did not think much, in his mind, telling Jiang Liu and others about the information was more important.
(Tl: =_=! That is pretty obvious)


Jiang Liu and others looked at the policemen finished arranging and left.

“Why are these policemen so fixate on that cathedral?”

Jiang Xue frowned looking at the leaving policemen.

“It is because the words ‘Marshall’ on the advance notice misleading them!”

Jiang Liu sitting on the wheelchair closed his eyes and said : “There is only the cathedral in their brains right now.”

“These people aren’t listening at all!”

Jiang Xue was very unconfirmed, said : “How can they become policemen?”

“……the specter see more clearly.”

Jiang Liu shook his head. After he casually turned his head to the side, he saw Jiang Qi and became dumbfounded. Why was he here?

Jiang Qi quickly ran before them and said : “I understand the meaning of the advance notice.”


Jiang Liu calmly looked at Jiang Qi in front of him and asked : “Aren’t you guarding the wooden box? Why are you here?”

“I understand the meaning of the advance notice.”

Jiang Qi stunned a bit, then repeated.

“You understand it?”

Jiang Xue walked to the side of Jiang Liu and looked at Jiang Qi. Her eyes couldn’t hide the surprise in them.

“En, the first few words in the advance notice mean the date when Marshall opened the Door of Truth, not the Marshall Cathedral. Kaito Kid must use this to draw our attention.”

Jiang Qi spoke for a while, but seeing Jiang Liu and Jiang Xue was calmly looking at him, he couldn’t help but become stunned, he blankly asked : “You aren’t surprised?”


Jiang Liu looked and Jiang Qi and sneered : “We already know this.”
(Tl: Pftt!)

“Hah? You guys know?”

Jiang Qi immediately froze on the spot. Jiang Xue at the side couldn’t but smiled seeing this.

“We are right now meeting all the changes by remaining unchanged. We just need to protect the wooden box, you are one of the most important parts.”


Hearing Jiang Liu’s words, Jiang Qi lowered his head and replied in a soft voice. He wanted to cry but had no tear.

What did he come here for?

“Right, what’s about the key?”

Jiang Liu suddenly asked.

“It’s here.”

Jiang Qi stroke his body, wanting to take the key out, but his face suddenly became stiff. Because……the key was……missing…..

The abnormality of Jiang Qi did not escape Jiang Liu’s eyes : “What’s wrong with the key?”


Jiang Qi’s face became incomparably ugly, his lip trembled. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His mind suddenly recalled a scene at the basement, there was a man……bumping into him……
(Tl : that is painful to watch…

“Damn it!”

He immediately went after the thief who stole the key.


Jiang Liu signed looking at Jiang Qi’s leaving figure, then said : “It seems that Kid is not really simple, he actually fool this brat like this.”

After a period of time knowing Jiang Qi, Jiang Liu roughly understood Jiang Qi, he was sly, yet Kaito Kid managed to fool him like this.
(Tl : Don’t overestimate MC)

“The key is lost?”

Jiang Xue frowned and said : “We should go to the basement to take a look.”

“There’s no need.”

Jiang Liu looked at the time on the clock 5 : 50, then said : “Within a few minutes, changing into other people is impossible for ordinary people, but if it’s Kid, then these time are enough.”

“If the key is lost, then the wooden box would already gone. Kid should still appear, and in a grand way of appearing. Because he wanted the world to know that he steal the wooden box.”

“…….you mean we directly catch Kid?”

Hearing Jiang Liu’s words, Jiang Xue became silent. How could they catch Kid in the current situation? The policemen were all at the church. Relied on the improvised trap here?


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