Chapter 76 The Invitation from the Museum (5)

Chapter 76 The Invitation from the Museum (5)

The sky was about to darken, many people already headed home, but there were also many people wandering outside.

Jiang Qi leaned against the outside wall of the museum, caressing his bracelet in daze.

He was at loss right now. He was pretty sure that the wooden box was unusual, it was also very likely that the monster might appear.

But he did not dare to make a move, not to mention the museum would not agree, he also felt that if the wooden box was to be destroyed, something very troublesome might happen.

Arrggg——-What should he do!

Jiang Qi irritatingly grabbed his hair, this was the first time he felt dealing with monster was troublesome.

“Little friend, what troubles you?”

Suddenly, a voice rang out from beside Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi hastily turned his head and saw a middle-aged man wearing the western suit. This man seemed to know Jiang Liu. Was he called…..Li Yulong?

“Ah? I am just thinking about the meaning of the thief’s advance notice…..”
Jiang Qi shifted his eyes, then spoke jokily.

“Isn’t that thing very obvious?”

Li Yulong smiled then spoke to Jiang Qi : “From what I see, ‘through the Marshall’s door’ in the advance notice only mean the Marshall Cathedral. It’s basically not worthwhile for you guys to think over.”

Hearing that, Jiang Qi kneaded his temple and said : “If it is so simple like this, the thief would be so easy to catch.”

“What do you think?”

Li Yulong was startled a bit, then said : “We can only grab on a straw of lead right now!”
“It is meaningless and a waste of power to focus on the church.”

Jiang Qi sorted out his word and said : “The ultimate goal of the thief is still the wooden box, it would be a waste of effort to looked at such a big church. Just protect the wooden box.”

“But no matter how you guard it, that thief always successfully steal things.”
Li Yulong was also annoyed by this dilemma, he then asked : “What do you think we should do?”

“Swap the wooden box, inform no one, let our own people do their best to guard the fake one.”

Jiang Qi looked at Li Yulong and said : “The prerequisite is that no one know about this.”
“If it’s like that…….”

Hearing Jiang Qi’s words, Li Yulong pondered in silent, then frowned : “The thief might really be fooled.”

“Return to the topic, didn’t we already decide to swap the wooden box?”
Jiang Qi looked at Li Yulong and smiled : “You don’t have to worried so much.”

“I know……”

Li Yulong smiled and replied.

“Furthermore, the more important thing is to catch the thief.”

Li Yulong frowned hearing Jiang Qi’s words, he looked strangely at Jiang Qi and asked : “Catch him? How?”

“From what we have analyzed, Kaito Kid always plans his move perfectly before he acts, but he is also a man, there will be flaws.”

Jiang Qi closed his eyes and pondered.

“Since you said that he is fully prepared, then how can there be flaws.”

Hearing Jiang Qi’s words, Li Yulong smiled. Isn’t that a contradiction itself?

“First, before Kaito Kid act, he will arrive nearby his target to prepare for his performance. That is the time he has the most flaws, and it is also the easiest time to catch him.

Jiang Qi frowning analyzed, and Li Yulong’s expression at the side also became solemn.
“There is also the time when he about to begin his performance.”

Jiang Qi paused a bit, then seeing Li Yulong’s doubtful look, he explained : “The time he thinks that he is fully prepared, he will relax his vigilance. That is the time when he has some flaws.”

“That’s right!”

Li Yulong closed his eyes, thought for a while, then said : “Thank you!”
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What are you thanking me for?

Jiang Qi was at loss but still nodded back, then he said : “You guys should get prepare, it would be six o’clock soon.”

“En, I will go first.”

Li Yulong glanced at the clock atop the Marshall Cathedral, he nodded and then left.
Quietly looking at Li Yulong leaving, Jiang Qi also looked at the clock on the Marshall Cathedral, it said 5:32 PM. He muttered : “‘When the torrent of time divides the world’ should mean six o’clock, but it can’t determine whether it is six in the morning or in the evening.”

“Also is ‘through the Marshall’s door’ really mean Marshall Cathedral? It doesn’t feel right!”

Although Jiang Qi was still suspicious, but he did not think anymore. He was assigned to look after the real wooden box, he did not need to think about other things else.

“I should go back and take a look……”

Jiang Qi had stayed here for a while so he hurriedly go back to check on the situation of the wooden box. If there was any accident happen on his responsibility, Uncle Jiang Liu would not let him off easily.

Jiang Qi quickly entered the basement, there were only Li Yulong and a few people here.

“Why are you here?”

Seeing Li Yulong, Jiang Qi became dumbfounded, he quickly walked toward him and asked.

“Oh, I just suddenly wanted to checked, after all Kid is really crafty.”
Li Yulong smiled and said.

“You can rest assured, I will closely guarding here.”

Jiang Qi patted his chest and smiled : “Besides, the wooden box was already moved to the safe, and the only key is with me.”
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Hearing that, Li Yulong suddenly smiled and patted Jiang Qi’s shoulder : “It’s in your hand then. Even if we cannot catch him, we can still embarrass that guy.”


Jiang Qi nodded, looking at Li Yulong leaving, then he looked at several staff behind and said : “We should sort thing out here first.”

This was the basement after all, even though there were many famous paintings here and was often sorted out here, it still looked mess here.

Jiang Qi and others started to tidy the place.


The time was 5:45

Jiang Xue wearing a peaked cap sat at the first floor, looked at the police arranging the ambush and frowned. She asked Jiang Liu who was drinking fruit juice at the side : “Will this really work?”

“Who knows?”

Jiang Liu drank a mouthful of fruit juice then said : “Will any measure become useless? In the end, we have too little time.”

Jiang Liu drank a fruit juice in one breath and said : “Our task right now is to calmly watch over.”


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