Chapter 75 The Invitation from the Museum (4)

Chapter 75 The Invitation from the Museum (4)

“Could it be that Marshall’s door means this Marshall Cathedral?”

Jiang Qi widened his eyes. He looked at Jiang Xue in disbelieve.

If Kaito Kid’s advance notice was so easy to crack, Conan would already catch him a long time ago.

“Who knows.”

Jiang Xue shrugged her shoulders while walking alongside Jiang Qi and said : “Based on the police’s capability, it is very likely that they are going to seal this place!”

“How could the thief possibly let them capture him that easily? It would only be a waste of police force.”

Jiang Qi looked at the cathedral and frowned.

“Smelly brat, if it was you, you’d also do the same!”

Suddenly Jiang Liu who had not spoken so far rebuked him : “These policemen can’t ignore any possibility, otherwise they will always lose if they leave any opening unchecked.”

Being dumbfounded by Jiang Liu’s words, Jiang Qi lowered his head. He was also the same, he couldn’t leave out ignore any possibility. Because he carried the life and death the humanity on his back. Every step he made could possibly change this world into hell.


While Jiang Qi was thinking, a sound rang out, snapping Jiang Qi out from his own thought.

He raised his head and saw a man with Mao suit leading several men in western suits walking over.

“Very well said, we cannot ignore any suspicious point, otherwise, kidd might get through our loophole.

The man with Mao suit extended his hand toward Jiang Liu and said : “I am the curator of the museum, my name is Zhou Dahai.”

“Curator Zhou, this one is Jiang Liu.”

Jiang Liu courteously shook hand with Zhou Dahai, then he said : “These two, one is my daughter and another one is my assistant.”


Zhou Dahai courteously nodded at the two who also nodded back. Then Zhou Dahai made an inviting gesture to invite Jiang Liu and others to come inside.

The sky did not have any cloud nor wind, with the burning sun above, every tree seemed to stand on the ground dispiritedly and languidly.

Inside the museum, many people were engaged in an intense discussion. They analyzed the actions of kidd from his first crime until the last one, hoping to find some loophole in his action. But it’s a pity that they couldn’t found any.

Jiang Qi sat in the most corner, yawned and rubbed his eyes. From what he saw, these people basically didn’t analyze anything, ultimately, it was Jiang Xue who suggested to replace the wooden box with the imitation.

However, this discussion didn’t raise any wave. Many people thought that kidd didn’t actually aim the wooden box, because it was just recently transported here, so it was unlikely for kidd to know this. And also, there were many things from famous historical civilizations in this museum which Kaito Kid was more likely to steal.

Finally, by the effort of Jiang Liu and Li Yulong’s persuasion, they agreed to replace the wooden box with the fake.


Leaving the meeting room, Jiang Qi directly went to the second floor, because he was told that the wooden box was there.

Along the way, Jiang Qi was stunned by these civilizations, Simuwu ding, Four-goat Square Zun, Four Beast Bronze Mirror and so on.
(Tl: )

There was also the Liaoyang’s Han-Wei mural tomb, Beipiao’s Fen Sufu tomb, Chaoyang’s Sui-Tang tomb and so on and so on…….

Not only that, the museum also had the Oracle Bone Script on the surrounding wall.

It felt like walking into the historical remain.

Jiang Qi slowly appreciated the historical relics while walking inside.

Finally, Jiang Qi found the wooden box. He hastily headed toward it.

The wooden covered by the transparent glass quietly stood there. Jiang Qi slightly bent down to looked at the wooden box.

The brown wooden box, the dust on it was already cleaned, it didn’t look like a historical relic at all, rather it seemed like it was just put there recently. There was a line of a black dragon on it, and there was also the cuneiform character symbols at its side.

Jiang Qi frown and looked at these symbols. Didn’t know why but he felt like he knew what these symbols mean, but he couldn’t think of anything.

Moving closer for a bit, Jiang Qi wanted to look carefully at these symbols when his left wrist suddenly heated up. Without waiting for him to react, the dragon inscription on the wooden box seemed to become alive, its eyes emitted the red light.


It was as if there was a clap of thunder roaring in his head, making Jiang Qi to sat on the ground.

What’s that?

Jiang Qi sat for a good while, then finally stood up looking cautiously at the wooden box.
Could it be that this wooden box was related to the monster?

Jiang Qi moved his hand, wanting to destroy the box, but he was hesitated, because his intuition told him that this box should not be destroyed, otherwise something very troublesome will come out.

While Jiang Qi was hesitating, Jiang Xue walked over and patted his shoulder then asked : “What’s the matter?”

“Eh? Oh…….nothing……”

Jiang Qi almost jumped up from being scared by Jiang Xue who came out of nowhere, but he immediately adjusted his mood and said : “I just wondering about the meaning of these characters.”

“Oh, these characters….”

Jiang Xue smiled and walked before the wooden box. She lowered down looking at the wooden box and said : “These characters are lost long ago. The wooden box excavated from the ten thousand years imperial tomb also has its own history of ten thousand of years.”

“Ten thousand years……”

Jiang Qi’s mouth twitched. Although he was shocked inside, but he did not shoe it outside. In Tiga’s world, there was already a civilization 30 million years ago, so ten thousand seemed nothing much.

“Imperial tomb, so that’s why it’s inscribed the dragon on it. Eh, although it looked somewhat western.”

Jiang Qi signed, then looked gloomily at the dragon on the wooden box.

Long twin wings, sharp claws, as if riding in the sky, looking down on all life, extraordinary imposing manner.

“Dragon? Where?”

Jiang Xue was confused, she looked at Jiang Qi and asked in surprise.
“?You did not see the dragon on the wooden box?”

Jiang Qi became dumbfounded, he looked at the wooden box and asked with a solemn expression.


Jiang Xue seeing that Jiang Qi’s expression was not right, carefully looked at the wooden box, then she looked worriedly at Jiang Qi and said : “Are your strain yourself too much that your eyes got blurred? Where is the dragon?”

“Oh…..may be I mistaken it…….there is no dragon!”

Jiang Qi hastily changed the topic, he scratched his head and said in embarrassed expression.

“You have to pay attention to have a rest afterward.”

Jiang Xue said to Jiang Qi in strict voice : “Don’t make your body to get injuries anymore.”

“I know.”

Jiang Qi waved his hand at Jiang Xue then walked downstairs.

“I will go look how’s the situation below.”

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