Chapter 74 The Invitation from the Museum (3)

Chapter 74 The Invitation from the Museum (3)

Along with the Summer gradually passing, the weather started to become cold, the pedestrian on the street also started wearing long sleeve.

After Jiang Qi got Jiang Liu into the car, he himself sat on the driver seat and started the car, leaving off to Dong Mu City.

“What kind of commission is it this time?”

While driving, Jiang Qi casually asked.

“It’s Dong Mu City’s World Museum.”

Jiang Xue was wearing a blue leather jacket, her hair was tied with headband into the ponytail. Her whole person radiated with simpleness and naturalness.

Hearing Jiang Qi’s question, she tucked the hair at her ear and answered.

“World Museum!!”

Jiang Qi yelled, his eyes were filled with pleasant surprise.

“What are you yelling for?”

Jiang Liu who closed his eyes to have light sleep frown and said.

That was really World Museum! How could Jiang Qi not surprised? It was said that this place had the remains of the civilizations from all over the world. Many things in this museum couldn’t be found in other countries.

The more important thing was that this museum charge was very high compared to other places, so only the rich could visit this place. And the money the museum got was donated to the mountain area and the disaster area.

“What is the case this time?”

Seeing the traffic light at the intersection turned red, Jiang Qi turned his head back and asked, his face was filled with curiosity.

The case this museum commissioned must not be ordinary!

“It’s a thief.”
Jiang Xue seemed to know what Jiang Qi was thinking, nodded and said : “The criminal of this case is a thief.”

“…….a thief?”
Jiang Qi tilted his head and looked strangely at two of them. How come the museum was targeted by a thief? And what even weirder was they need a detective to catch a thief?

“This thief is known as Kaito kidd.”

Jiang Xue looked at Jiang Qi, when their gaze met, they immediately averted their eyes, she said : “Each time before he stole, he will send an advance notice letter. This act of his gain him Heavenly King-grade fans.”
(Tl: Heavenly King mean male super-superstar in China, they are at the top of the entertainment industry, in case some don’t know.)

“kidd? 基德(Kid)? Kaito Kid?”
(Tl: in raw, kidd is typed in English, 基德 = Kid in Chinese)

Jiang Qi crooked his head, then widened his eyes looking at Jiang Xue. This king of familiar trick made him think of something.

“It is indeed (基德)Kid, but we prefer calling him kidd.”

Jiang Xue asked with a smile, looking at Jiang Qi : “Nervous? What’s with your expression?”


But Jiang Qi’s brain right now was in a state of dull-witted, there was only the word “Kid, Kid” echoed in his mind.

When you talked about Kaito Kid, the first one to come to mind was Kuroba Kaito in 《Certain Boy with Death Everywhere》
(Tl:黑羽快斗 = Kuroba Kaito)
(Tl: I believe everyone knows that boy)

Was this how people nowadays having fun? He had never heard of any thief before!

Nevertheless, Jiang Qi understood that this might be the result of the world’s alteration. It caused something to became less and also something to became more.

“Hehe……That’s pretty good……”

Jiang Q hollowly laughed and scratched his head.

“Drive quickly, even if you are not fined, you’d still going to get beaten up from pulling other back.”

Jiang Liu looked at the numerous vehicles blocked behind, he then signaled Jiang Qi to look at the traffic light that already turned green.


Jiang Qi hastily turned back. Although he looked casual on the outside, his mind already had a big wave.

Kaito Kid! This world actually had Kaito Kid! Could there be Conan as well! That was the boy who continuously tried to catch kidd.

Thinking to this, Jiang Qi looked at resting Jiang Liu who was closing his eyes through the rear-view mirror and became dumbfounded.

Wait a minute, he seemed to think of something.

What a familiar setting! If he was really wanted to look for reality edition of Conan, wasn’t he here?

Same as Conan, he was adopted, he had a hidden secret, he also had a shameless uncle.(Tl: I first thought he’s talking about Jiang Liu. But well, Jiang Qi indeed fit, except that he’s dumb. His death count though……)

If he thought it like this, similar to the Boy of Death, wasn’t there monsters wherever he went?

Being dumbfounded by his own thought, he hastily shook his head. This is really a terrible idea, quickly forget it!

This act of his fell onto Jiang Xue’s eyes behind, looking like Jiang Qi was neurotically shook his head.

Smiling, Jiang Xue did not take this matter to heart.

“That kidd’s target is…….”

Jiang Qi hesitated a bit then asked.

“A wooden box, an extremely important wooden box.”

Jiang Liu raised his body and looked at Jiang Qi through rear-view mirror with a serious look.


Jiang Qi was silent. He didn’t understand why kidd did not steal jewel or painting. What did he steal a wooden box for? But from Jiang Liu’s eyes, it should be very important!

“When the torrent of time divides the world, I will take away the forgotten civilization through Marshall’s door.”

Jiang Liu took a deep breath and said : “This is the content of kidd’s advance notice.”

“? What’s mean?”

Jiang Qi didn’t understand at all.

“You will know soon enough.”

Jiang Xue smiled.


After that, it became silent inside the car. Jiang Qi was driving, Jiang Xue was looking at the scenery outside, while Jiang Liu seemed to fall asleep.

Dong Mu City was not far from Gaoyang City, it was only the distances of a few dozens kilometers. Dong Mu City was also not big, only a third of Gaoyang City in size.

Jiang Qi drove fast, even before 10 o’clock, a few people already arrived at the front door of the museum.

The World Museum was not large nor luxurious, but each and every brick were surrounded with the imposing atmosphere, engraving the years of history on it. Even if it was destroyed from the time, but it was still passed down as epic historical monument.

Supporting Jiang Liu to sit on a wheelchair, Jiang Qi pushed the wheelchair to enter the museum, but with just a few steps, he found something strange.

Next to the museum, it was unknown when a church appeared. Minaret towers, pointed arched door, large windows and windowpanes with the patterns telling biblical stories, slender pillars. There is also a huge clock at the top of the tower. Was this church here last time?

Jiang Qi turned his head to asked Jiang Xue at the side : “When was this church built here?”

“This church was built since 1859, it is the first church in China.”

Jiang Xue revealed a strange smile and said : “This church was called Marshall Cathedral!”



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