Chapter 73 The Invitation from the Museum (2)

Chapter 73 The Invitation from the Museum (2)

“Older than the tomb?”

Jiang Liu repeated, looking at Li Yulong, his eyes couldn’t conceal the shock in them.

This was no joke, it could at least prove that the history of civilization of China, and even mankind, could go back to 10,000 years.

This was definitely a major discovery.


Li Yulong nodded : “Afterward we tried various kind of analyzing the wooden box, but there was no reaction. We suspected that there might be something hiding inside the box.”

Jiang Xue at the side holding two cups of water handed the cups to them. Li Yulong hurriedly thank her and drank a mouthful, then he continued : “We once thought of dismantling the box, but we worried about damaging the thing inside, therefore…….”

“Therefore, you guys are in the deadlock with that wooden box?”

Jiang Liu responded the paused Li Yulong.


Li Yulong nodded, then said : “We temporality left the wooden box at Dong Mu City’s World Museum, after we settle the affair about the tomb then we will resume solving this problem.”

Drinking the whole cup of water, Li Yulong had a strange expression : “But we received a notice, a notice from the thief.”


Jiang Liu slowly straightened his body, his face showed an interested expression and asked : “Kaito Kidd?”
(tl: 怪盗 guai4 dao4 = also read as Kaito in Japanese)
(tl: Kaito Kid, the raw has two ‘d’. so it become kidd.)

If you talked about a thief, Kidd was an absolute artful fellow. Each time this guy wanted to steal something, this guy will send out a notice before making a move.

Besides, it was a success in a bizarre way each time.

The police was always itching to bite at this fellow, because each time he fixed his eyes on something, it was all the precious gem like “The Eye of the Aurora””The Desert’s Star” and so on. Therefore, every time they received his letter, the police will work hard, but the main point is that they couldn’t catch him! After he succeeds, within three days, the stolen treasures will be returned.

This was simply smacking the face of the police! What was even weirder was that this move caused him to has countless fans. Each time he worked, there would be countless people coming to watch.
What made the police to even spurted blood was that these people even cheer on Kidd. It made police to feel as if Kidd was on the side of justice.

The invitation letter was also imitated by many young students and distributed to banks and jewelry stores.

It was impossible to separate true and false at that time, so the plice could only treat all of them as real, and that almost worn them to death.

“That’s right, it’s Kidd.”

Li Yulong took out a white letter from an envelope and said : “This is Kidd’s letter.”

Stroking his chin, Jiang Liu took the letter.

“When the torrent of time divides the world, I will take away the forgotten civilization through Marshall’s door.


“What’s that mean?”

Jiang Liu narrowed his eyes, and his face was filled with eagerness.

“We can only affirm that the forgotten civilization point to the wooden box.”

Li Yulong signed and said : “Those police were unreliable, thus I remembered you.”

“You think that I can catch kidd?”
(Tl: come on, even Conan still cannot catch Kid yet, no offense.)

Lifting his brow, Jiang Liu looked at Li Yulong and teased.

“How could you know without trying?”

Seeing Jiang Liu’s expression, Li Yulong smiled, because he felt he look for the right person this time.

“This commission, the fee…….”

Without waiting for Jiang Liu to finish, Li Yulong immediately said : “The commission fee is not the problem, as long as you can protect the wooden box, I will pay 5 million.”

“I don’t mean that.”

Jiang Liu shook his head, then explained to confused Li Yulong : “If I cannot catch Kidd, then I won’t take any money, but if I catch him, I want 20% raised.”


Don’t you want money?

Li Yulong did not think that Jiang Liu could catch the thief, so it equaled to not taking money in his opinion.

“Rest assured, I have my ways.”

Jiang Liu patted Li Yulong’s shoulder then walked to the side room : “I will go collect data, you can talk with my daughter.”

“Forget it, I still have things to do, I will go first.”

Li Yulong waved his hand, stood up and left. At the door, he handed Jiang Xue the address, hoping they to quickly rush there.

After sending Li Yulong out, Jiang Xue returned inside. She then saw Jiang Liu was looking at the letter and pondering. She pursed her lip and asked : “When do you prepare to go?”

“After a little while, give little qi a call, asked her to come back.”

Jiang Liu answered without lifting his head, then he continued pondering.

“Little qi has taken exam for 2 days, I’m afraid that she can’t leave university right now.”
Jiang Xue shook her head then said : “I will send little Jiang a message, asking him to assist us.”


Jiang Liu kneaded his temple and said after silent for a while : “I have no choice then. But is that brat’s body really recovered? I don’t want to be accused as mistreating staff.”
“He is very vigorous, he even join Tae Kwon Do club!”

Jiang Xue recalled the time Jiang Qi had very big dark circle under his eyes and couldn’t help but smiled, but knowing that Jiang Liu was still there, she covered her mouth and suppressed her red face.

“I will call him then.”

Jiang Liu who concentrated on the letter did not notice Jiang Xue’s expression, he took out a mobile phone and search for Jiang Qi’s number.


At campus, many male students were playing basketball, and the female students sat around looking at them playing. Feeling the gazes of these sisters, these male students got pumped up and played even harder.

But that didn’t concern Jiang Qi, he was lying under the tree enjoy the rarely seen leisure time.

Jiang Qi closed his eyes and bit the straw glass.


Suddenly his mobile phone rang, electrify him.

“Hello? What is the place?”

“Smelly brat, head back immediately, we have a job.”

Well, he knew who it is once he heard that tone.

Jiang Qi rolled his eyes then said : “Wait a bit, I will immediately head back.”

“Quicker! Your salary will be deducted if you’re late!”

Hearing Jiang Liu’s threatening tone, Jiang Qi stood up and muttered : “Evil capitalism!”



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