Chapter 72 The Invitation from the Museum (1)

Chapter 72 The Invitation from the Museum (1)

The time flew by, and it was a month since then, Jiang Qi and others became free in the meantime.

Jiang Qi started to run back and forth between the university and office, he also started learning Tae Kwon Do to increase his strength, but he still didn’t notice any effect yet.

One thing to note was Han Yi from Night Raider unexpectedly invited him to join Night Raider.

Don’t joke with me!

Aside from himself being Ultraman Zero, he did not has any strong point. Became Night Raider? What’s for? To kill people?

Forget it!

Thus Jiang Qi used studying as an excuse to reject this invitation. Han Yi was also not surprised but still gave Jiang Qi his contact details so that they could communicate to each other.

Going to university this time, Jiang Qi’s state of mind and mentality were totally different.

Was this the reverse attack mentality, previously he was just an ordinary student, and now he became a savior!
(Tl:逆袭的心态作祟 I can’t think of the word, if anyone know please tell me.)

Although no one knew that, aside from this identity, he was also a small hero, as the turbulence in the campus still did not die down.

To commemorate him, the university gave him a title ‘China’s heroic figure’ and exempted him from all tuition fees.

But Jiang Qi only enjoyed this for a few days, before he curbed himself. He knew that he should not obsess in this kind of thing.

And after a few days, a bad news came. Jiang qi unexpectedly also studied in this university too! And she was also one of the ‘4 great belles’.


When did this happen? When did this university have belles? And also four of them! And one of them was also in the same department as him! With also the same major!

Don’t tell me this is the result of the world’s correction.


Regarding this, Jiang Qi couldn’t say anything. He could only turn grief and indignation into strength, tried his best to temper himself, and one day he might find the answer.

It was worth mentioning that Jiang Liu now was seeing him more and more unpleasing to his eyes.

This brat had joined for 3 months, did not do much work, and he already had to pay 70,000 medical bills for this brat.

Although Jiang Liu was not lacking money, but he felt like Jiang Qi was deliberated doing this.

3 times in 3 months, breaking the records. Even doctors suggest them to get a medical card so that they could get 50% discounts.

Jiang Liu still remembered his own painful expression at that time. His intuition told him that Jiang Qi was more suit of working in the hospital.

After that time, Jiang Qi and he couldn’t look at each other for more than 3 seconds, because the laugh would come out.

This hateful brat!

Jiang Liu wanted to curse. Not only that, this brat actually fooling around with his daughter.

Even though Jiang Xue was always refined and gave Jiang Qi cold shoulder most of the time. But as father understood daughter the most, how could he not notice the strangeness of his own daughter?

Although she did not look at Jiang Qi when he’s in the office, but after he left, she became absent-minded.

Feeling the bad sign, Jiang Liu decided to nip in the bud. To prevent Jiang Qi from coming to office often, he gave Jiang Qi more private time and also raised the monthly salary to 7,000.

For a part-work,part-study student, this was already a very good treatment, not to mention that Jiang Liu also paid much money for him before.

Perhaps after there was no stimulus in puberty, things would become dull after a while.
As Jiang Liu with Ph.D. in Psychology comforted himself, he looked at Jiang Xue’s tidy room and smiled.

While he was yawning, a middle-aged man of around 30 years old opened the door of the firm.

“Is Mr. Jiang inside?”

The middle-aged man came in and asked.


Jiang Liu frowned and stepped forward, examined the person before him.

Neat black hair, wearing a black suit and black leather shoes, the whole person radiated vitality.


Jiang Liu looked for a while and asked.

“That is me.”

This man called Dr.Li nodded then said : “I haven’t seen you for so many years and you still look young!”

“I already become an uncle!”

Jiang Liu smiled and hurriedly lead Li Yulong to sit on the sofa, then he asked : “Aren’t you working on the archaeological study? How come you have time visiting me?”

“Don’t mention it!”

Li Yulong waved his hand and spoke in ashamed.

“What’s happen?”

Seeing that Dr.Li’s expression was somewhat strange, Jiang Liu questioned.

Regarding the words ‘Dr.Li’, many people would only cast a glance then walked away uninterested. But if you mentioned the name ‘Li Yulong’, all son and daughter of China would throw out their chest.
(Tl:挺起胸膛 = throw out one’s chest, probably mean proud in this context.)

Li Yulong, at the ages of 19, he got a doctorate. At the ages of 22, he successfully unearthed the tomb of Qin Shihuang Emperor. At the ages of 24, with the colleague, he recovered parts of the Qin Shihuang Emperor’s burning ancient books. He found the History Research Institution at the ages of 25. At 28 years of age, he went to unearth the fossil of the people pf Wen River, that was the 170,000 years old of ancient Pithecanthropus fossil.

He was the man with so much glory, and yet this kind of man unexpectedly came to Jiang Liu with that worried expression, making him curious.

“This time, we went to excavate the ancient imperial tomb at the nearby Changping City.”

Dr.Li paused a bit, then said : “After the period of study, we infer that this ancient imperial tomb has 10,000 years of history!”

“What? Ten thousand?”

Even Jiang Liu widened his eyes. What did it mean for ten thousand years old tomb?

Through the deduction, the history of China itself was only 5,000 up to 8,000 years. But this ancient tomb was actually 10,000 years old!

This was undoubtedly enough to push China’s history back 2,000 years, it was enough to shock the world!

As for the authenticity of this information, Jiang Liu never doubted Li Yulong’s ability.

“That’s amazing!”

But Jiang Liu still didn’t understand why Li Yulong had that expression.

“After the excavation, we explored this tomb in large scale, and the result we found after open the emperor’s coffin was strange.”

Li Yulong took a deep breath, then said : “There was no burial objects inside the coffin of Emperor, only a wooden box. Based on the standards of the tomb, this tomb was not inferior to the tomb of Qin Shihuang Emperor, how can it has only one wooden box?”

“After that, we focused on analyzing the wooden box, and we found even more astonishing result.”

Li Yulong paused a little, then slowly said : “That wooden box……was even much older than the tomb! And there was actually no trace of decay after it has gone through at least ten thousands of years.”


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