Chapter 70 The Devil Descends (11)

Chapter 70 The Devil Descends (11)


A huge shock wave spread out from the center of the city, stirred up the strong wind.


Han Yi closed his eyes and waited for a while. He then found out that nothing happen to he and others, he could help but open his eyes.

“This is?”

When they opened their eyes, they were shocked. Seeing that red and blue figure, there was no need to mention how shock they were.

“We are saved by him?”

Although Han Yi was shocked, he was still a veteran Night Raider member, he quickly react and asked the radio.

The satellite should had a shot of what’s happen earlier. Looking at the half knelt Giant, Han Yi narrowed his eyes.

“We owe this Giant this time.”
Ding Yunfeng looked at the floating light screen and heaved a sign.

Then Cheng Yu repeated the scene of the Gaoyang City on the screen. If you looked from above, you’d see the flame started to erupt.

But before the flame from underground started to spread out, a light beam from appeared from the sky collided with the flame, then it pushed the flame back until the flame disappeared.

Then, the light turned into the figure of giant.


Although many people didn’t understand clearly what happened, but they were still very awed.


Rubbing his nose with his thumb, Jiang Qi stood up.

This much was nothing to Jiang Qi, and he also did not believe that Kyrieloid was only amounted to this.

“Ultraman Zero! So this is your choice?”

Suddenly, a voice rang out from nearby, Jiang Qu gazed over and saw a Kyrie Man standing on the rooftop of the nearby building.

“Helping humanity does not benefit you at all! You may even be killed in their hand!”

Itahashi Mitsuo pointed finger at Jiang Qi and roared : “In this world of law of jungle, only the strong have the right to speak!”

“Since you choose human, then I will let you see your foolishness, I will let you realize the power of Kyrieloid!”
Saying that, Itahashi Mitsuo’s body was enveloped in flame, the flame also appeared at the cracked on the ground.

“The eternal flame that has been slept underground, burn my enemy!”

Along with the roar of Itahashi Mitsuo, a big pillar of flame suddenly erupted up.

Jiang Qi moved back two steps and carefully looked at the silhouette in the flame.

Gradually, the flame died down, revealing the black figure of a giant.

Its body was black striped with silvery grey, its left chest had a red crystal engraved on it.

It had a wailing face just like the demon and its mouth occasionally sent out the rumbling sound.


“This is Kyrieloid?”

Jiang Liu who just came out from the apartment looked at the black giant and frowned : “Really ugly.”

“We should quickly go find little qi and others.”

Jiang Xue shook her head and pushed Jiang Liu’s wheelchair out.


Jiang Liu nodded, but he felt somewhat strange in his heart.

After carefully seeing that giant, It felt like he had seen it before?

Tilting his head, although Jiang Liu felt strange, but now was not the time, so he put the thought back and quickly looked for shelter.



Jiang Qi rubbed his nose again, then made a taunting hand gesture toward Kyrieloid.


Seeing Jiang Qi’s gesture, Kyrieloid lifted its claw.

Both of them did not act rashly, only circled around each other.

“Don’t just stand there! Quickly retreat!”

Han Yi deeply looked at the towering giant the yelled to the back.


A middle age man wearing glass trembled his legs and pointed at Zero. His eyes were filled with fear.

“No but.”

Han Yo immediately interrupted middle age man’s word then spoke to everybody : “Everyone follows me, it should not be dangerous! That giant……”

Han Yi said while looked deeply at Jiang Qi’s back : “……will protect us!”

“How can that be??”

“Don’t joke around!!”

This words of Han Yi immediately created a ruckus, their eyes were filled with disbelief, in the situation right now, humanity could only trust themselves. That Giant will protect them? That’s absurd!

Don’t mention these people, even Night Raider members also did not believe in this.

“Everyone, please believe me!”

Han Yi looked at the turmoil of everyone and yelled : “Try believe in Zero, he will definitely protect us!”


The crowd gradually became silent, they did not really have a choice. Perhaps it was because of the stimulated latent potential when facing death, many people stood up and made way.

As if sensing their movement, Jiang Qi gave them a thumb up then shift himself to covered their escape.

“He is covering us?”

Han Yi no longer cared about the stunned people, he only wanted to do his best evacuate everyone out.



Suddenly, Kyrieloid moved, its sharp claw seemed to as if cut through air.


Jiang Qi crossed his arms to block the strike, then he grabbed Kyrieloid’s wrist and fiercely did a shoulder throw.

Kyrieloid was after all an experienced fighter, it maneuvered in midair and safely landed on the ground.


After it landed, Kyrieloid turned back and kicked, pushing Jiang Qi back. Then it condensed flame in its hand and threw it to Jiang Qi.


The moment Kyrieloid gathered its energy, Jiang Qi already noticed it. He leaped up to its side and punched out.

The two giants then fell into the close-combat situation. Because this was the first time Jiang Qi fought with the opponent with the similar shape to himself, he was inexperienced, therefore he gradually fell into disadvantage.

Finding the opening, Kyrieloid condensed the flame in its hand and threw it out again, hitting Jiang Qi in the chest, making him to flew back.


Smashing into the multistory building, Jiang Qi managed to prop himself up, enduring the scorching pain on his chest.

It’s best not to use Ultra Zero Kick!

Looking at Kyrieloid, Jiang Qi formed a plan in his mind.


With a thought, Zero Sluggers on Jiang Qi’s head flew out, slashing toward Kyrieloid.


Kyrieloid caught sight of Zero Sluggers and shifted its attention.

taking advantage of this moment, Jiang Qi moved like a phantom, arrived at Kyrieloid’s side. He gathered the strong light in his right fist and pounded at Kyrieloid.

Then Jiang Qi jumped back, leaving a distance. He spread his right arm to the side,then formed an L shape, and shot a big white light beam out.


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