Chapter 7 What A Coincidence

Chapter 7 What A Coincidence

Jiang Qi looked at the paper in his hand and looked at the front of the two-story small building; the door was written “Jiang Liu Detective.”

This is it

He remove the cap on his head to leave a good impression.

Jiang Qi walked to the office and found no one when he opened the door.

The room was very spacious, about 140 square meters, surrounded by a few pots of flowers that he can’t identified, a few pictures that weren’t hanged on the wall, a coffee table in the middle surrounded by a few sofa, the coffee on the table was still steaming.

Frowning while looking upstairs, Jiang Qi seemed to enter a strange state, as if he was able to see through the walls.

There were three people upstairs, one male and two females.

Somehow, that thought appeared in Jiang Qi mind.

This thought was shocking even to Jiang Qi himself.

“How do I know that ?”

Jiang Qi went upstairs to confirm his thought.

Sorry, although this is rude

The second floor was divided into four room, one of the largest room was walled with glass, so it is easy to see the inside.

It’s very simple inside, it’s a big round table, next to a pot of flowers, and a water dispenser.

The point was that there were really three people in this room, one male and two female.

The man was wearing a suit, looked about 40 years old, had messy short hair, with growing beard on his handsome face, but his slobbering speaking destroyed the image.

And the two girls, looked like a twin, listened with wry smiles. One of the girls had eyes like the moonlight shining on the sea, beautiful and profound inclusive of everything, this girl gave a impression like a fresh fragrance slowly spreading in the room, and in the heart.

While the other girl was lying on the table boringly, her faint eyebrows were carefully decorated. The long eyelashes flickered like two small brushes. Her pair of eyes ware so beautiful that made people taking a glimpse of it felt like a light was shone onto their hearts. She also looked like a quick-witted person.

Jiang Qi, amazed with these two girls, stood stunned in front of the door, but he immediately woke up.


The man hit the table and scared the girl who was lying on the table and said, “This headline, we have to grab it … It must not be snatched by other media.”

Jiang Qi instantly petrified in front of the door, Media ?? What wrong with the press?

“President, the first reported of this news was submitted already four hours ago.”

The girl who was scared before stood up and said: “And we are detectives! Why do you care about those annoying headlines ?”

“Isn’t this your previous occupational disease strike again?”

The girl said while standing up, staring at the man who had been embarrassed and asked with a deadpan voice


The man gulping his saliva and embarrassed to pick up the cup.

“Well, someone is here.”

Suddenly the woman pulled the girl after seeing Jiang Qi.

“Eh ?”

The girls froze for a moment looking to Jiang Qi, while the man seeing the paper in Jiang Qi’s hand. He stands up, enthusiastically speaking to Jiang Qi.

“Are you going to apply for a job?”

The man said, ” No need for interview, you passed.”

“Well, I’m just lost.”

Jiang Qi immediately hid the paper behind, with a smile on his face

What a joke, with how the president looked so unreliable, within three days, he will die in Jiang Qi’s hand, so for the safety of his life, and also for Jiang Qi’s future, it’s better to not taking this job.

“Young man, have you ever heard of ‘persist in something until the end?’”

The man asked while pushing Jiang Qi into the room

“I’ve only heard ‘act within one’s capability…’”

Jiang Qi weakly said while being pushed in by the man.

“Dad, if he doesn’t want to, don’t force it!” The quiet woman pulled the middle-aged man and said.


They are even a family?

Jiang Qi laughed hearing this.

“Kid, why are you laughing ?”

Seems to be stimulated with Jiang Qi smile, he also abandoned the so-called Presidential demeanor.

“It’s nothing.”

Jiang Qi tried not to overdid it while his face couldn’t help but still grinned, now he suddenly found this president to be very interesting.

“Boy, agree to disagree that you have to agree in the agreement today.” (tl : 今天你同意也得同意,不同意也得同意, pls I try =_=)

Seeing the expression of Jiang Qi, the man caught Jiang Qi’s shoulder and said evilly.

“How’s my salary…”

Jiang Qi said ‘hesitantly’.

The man waved his hand and said.

“The salary is negotiable, 3000 a month.”

Jiang Qi nodded a few times, agreeing and sit down.

In fact, with the food and shelters provided. He didn’t to spend much money, so 3000 was enough.

“Oh, you agree ?”

the quiet girl strangely looked at Jiang, not understands why he refused taking the job earlier but agreeing now…

“Of course.”

Jiang Qi nodded, looked at the somewhat unreliable president.

The man let Jiang Qi go, and then sat on the chair and said: “Since you’re my staff, I can’t be late.”

“From today, I am your boss, I called Jiang Liu. “

Looked at his new boss, Jiang Qi silently told his name “Jiang Qi.”


Then the room fell into silence, three people were strangely stared at him, especially for the girl who had not been talking, she grind her teeth and emitted her aura and looked at him. Jiang Qi felt the murderous aura and had a goosebump.

It was strange until Jiang Liu spoke.

“I’m letting you tell your name ! why are you telling my daughter’s name to me ?”

Jiang Qi instantly knew the blunder, explained: “This is my name, Jiang from Jiang Ziya , Qi from a man with high integrity.”

Hearing Jiang Qi, the woman know their misunderstanding, she looked at another one still gnashing her teeth. She smiled, shook her head and took the initiative “My name is Jiang Xue.”


Jiang Qi hearing this nodded to Jiang Xue, and then looked at the other girls: “Then you are..?”

“I am also called Jiang qi.”

The girl revealed two lovely little fangs, and said to Jiang Qi, “Nice to meet you.”

At that moment, Jiang Qi smell a bloody rain, I think my life will not be peaceful after this job.

“Your name is also the same? it’s really a coincidence, haha.”

At this, Jiang Qi could only reached out and shook the girl hand for a moment, and then awkwardly scratched his head.

Isn’t that right? Why should I be guilty? This name is not my fault!

Looked at the smile of Jiang qi, Jiang Qi could only let it be, who would call that a girl? (谁叫人家是女孩子?)



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