Chapter 68 The Devil Descends (9)

Chapter 68 The Devil Descends (9)

“Didn’t Captain Han say that Itahashi Mitsuo has died for 3 year already? Why do we still come here?”

After stepped inside, Jiang Xue couldn’t resist and asked.

“Maybe there may be some clue here.”

Jiang Liu faintly smiled and said : “We don’t know much about Kyrieloid, the only lead we have is Itahashi Mitsuo.”

“But if he just use a little of head, he was unlikely to leave a clue here!”

Jiang Xue still didn’t understand.

“There are two possibilities. One is the contrary thinking.” Jiang Liu erected his fingers but then shook his head and said : “Buy that is unlikely in this case.”
(Tl: 逆向思维 = contrary thinking = same meaning as the most dangerous place is the safest one)

“Another one is that they don’t really care…..” Jiang Liu pushing his own wheelchair to the tea table stroked the kettle, then he smiled and said : “Because they are too confident in their power, therefore they don’t bother.”

Jiang Liu smiled at Jiang Xue : “This is inferred from their claim to be god, so it should has a bit of point!”

“Also, after we come here, I can infer more.”

Jiang Liu looked around and slowly said : “Even without people here for 3 years, but this place is still looked clean.”


Hearing Jiang Liu’s words, Jiang Cue also thought, no matter how developed the technology was now, it was not to the point of the room cleaning itself.

Therefore, within these few years, there should be someone who cleaned this place, and it went without saying who was that.

Jiang Xue walked in front of mirror and wiped it with her finger. It actuall had no dust at all. She then said : “There is no trace of cleaning but this place is so clean.”

“The answer is already obvious.”

Jiang Liu lowered his head then said : “Don’t forget our main objective.”

“Looking for clues?”

Jiang Xue was a little dumbfounded and said : “There is still something here?”
“Only a fool would do that.”

Jiang Liu stretched himself and said : “Even if there is something important here, there should also be someone watching right?”

“Don’t you think so? Itahashi Mitsuo?”

Having said that, Jiang Liu’s eyes became cold, he lifted his head and looked at the figure midair.

Following Jiang Liu’s sight, Jiang Xue also discovered the figure floating midair, she became frightened and immediately arrived before Jiang Liu protecting him at the front.
“Humph! You crafty old fox!”

Now that he was found, Itahashi Mitsuo slowly landed on the floor and looked at Jiang Liu : “How did you discovered me?”

“Idiot…..” Jiang Liu shook his head and scornfully said : “There is a reflection on the tea table, you tell me then how I discover you?”


Itahashi Mitsuo arrogantly laughed. He didn’t feel unexpected at all because he didn’t really intend to hide.

Then he lifted his right hand and waved it, and Jiang Liu who was sitting on the wheelchair unexpectedly float up and was pinned on the wall.


Although his legs already lost feeling, but the sense of pain from other parts of his body was intensified by the invisible pressure crushing on him, but Jiang Liu only groaned once and did not show any expression.

“Let him go!”

Seeing that, Jiang Xue immediately charged forward and kicked at Itahashi Mitsuo’s arm, making him to step back.

Under the surprised look of Itahashi Mitsuo, Jiang Xue again gave him a roundhouse kick, pushing him back.

“How can this be!?”

Covering his arm, Itahashi Mitso widened his eyes. He was actually hit, this is unforgivable!

If that was Jiang Qi, Itahashi Mitsuo wouldn’t feel surprised, but this was just a weak woman!


Seeing Jiang Xue rushed up again, Itahashi Mitsuo waved his hands, making Jiang Xue to also be pinned on the wall.

“Petty human!”

Narrowing his eyes, he looked at two human on the wall and slowly said : “Dying is an unavoidable step in human’s life, I believe that there is no one who pursue death right?”

“What are you saying?”

Jiang Xue tried to struggle but couldn’t broke free, she looked at Itahashi and asked.

“Submit to us, the great god of Kyrieloid, you will not only survive, but may also gain eternal life.”

Itahashi Mitsuo’s tone became deep, making his words possessed more attraction.

“But why do you want me to submit first?”

Jiang Liu closed his eyes, took a deep breath and asked.

“Because you are the first one to acknowledge that guy, therefore it must begin with you!”

His words made everyone stunned, including the Night Raider’s members who were also listening through listening device.

Earlier, before Jiang Liu left, Han Yi gave him a listening device to not only protected them but also gained information about Kyrieloid.

But now they became confused.

That guy? Which guy?

The Night Raider’s members did not see the live broadcast so they didn’t know who that guy was.

“You are afraid?”

Hearing that, Jiang Liu lifted the corner of his mouth and looked down at Itahashi Mitsuo.


Af if he was provoked, Itahashi Mitsuo’s voice became big : “The holy flame will burn all the filth to ash, including that guy. No one can escape our god’s judgment!”

Jiang Liu looked at Itahashi Mitsuo’s expression with the ‘enlightened’ look : “I understand now. You actually are not certain in your victory against that guy, so you intend to pull humanity over then take care of that guy.”

Hearing Jiang Liu’s words, Han Yi immediately ordered his men to attack, it didn’t matter if Jiang Liu’s words were right or not, it’s possible that Itahashi might get desperate.


After became silent for a while, Itahashi Mitsuo smiled and said : “What do you know? Everybody has difficulty running away from death!”


Feeling bad premonition, Jiang Liu frowned.

“The next target of the holy flame of god is the whole city!”

Along with the voice of Itahashi Mitsuo, Cheng Yu operating computer in the Night Raider’s base in the distance yelled : “Not good, there is fluctuation underneath Gaoyang City! It become more and more strong!”


Ding Yunfeng clenched his fists and ordered : “Sortie! Rescue as many people as you can!”


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