Chapter 67 The Devil Descends (8)

Chapter 67 The Devil Descends (8)

At night, many people who were distressed by the facts of the day could throw away all the distracting thoughts, calm down, and thought about how to solve them.

But from the recent event, this night destined to be the sleepless one.

Even though the curtain of night was already fallen, but people on the street did not decrease, because they were afraid, afraid that they won’t ever wake up again from their bed.

“Quick, quickly……for the sake of our grand plan……”

Itahashi looked down at the city and closed his eyes. He extended his hand to block moonlight. The feeling of as if capable of plucking moon and sun intoxicated him.

They claimed themselves to be god in the universe. Although many being in universe did not approve of them, but Kyrieloid was still proud of this.

They lived on their own planet. Originally, after Itahashi Mitsuo was born, he also thought that he would spend his entire life like this. But everything changed along with the arrival of that thing.

Those ones who called themselves Judge of the Universe actually came to attack them!

He could still remember, that absolutely crushing power, without no way to resist, the only thought was to flee!

Therefore, every Kyrieloid who could flee, ran away.

Itahashi Mitsuo was one of them. It was unknown how long he and his comrades floated around in the universe, until they arrived at the Earth.

When they first reached the Earth, they were dumbfounded, how similar this planet was to theirs? They continue to send out a message for other of their comrade to come to this planet.

Because the civilization of Kyrieloid was almost destroyed. In this strong prey, on the weak universe, the only way they could continue their civilization was to swallow another.

In order to ensure the success of their plan, they began to live alongside with human, analyzed their intellect and emotion.

Finally, they pleasantly found out that this planet did not have any supernatural power. It was as if the heaven gift this planet to them!

So they began their plan, but just only they started the first stage of the plan, everything changed. The monster appeared, as well as that mysterious Giant!

This truly impacted them, but the plan already started and couldn’t be stopped anymore, and he also did not think that their god would lose to that Giant!


Itahashi Mitsuo lifted the corner of his mouth, then murmured : “The maggots unexpectedly found this place……..I will go play with them for a bit”

Finish speaking, Itahashi Mitsuo vanished into the night.


Romantic and dignified disposition of the high entrance hall and grand door, the round arch window and the stone corner of the corner were fulled of grace and luxury feeling.

Fresh and unconventional, white stucco walls combined with light red roof tiles, continuous arches and cloisters, the living room with large windows made people feel at ease.

“Never thought that this Itahashi Mitsuo was so wealthy.”

Jiang Liu looked at the magnificent building in Western style, smiled and confirmed the address, then he nodded and said to Jiang Xue pushing wheelchair behind : This is the place.”

“This place should has the phonic computer installed, we can directly turn it on.”

Jiang Xue said then ran to the front of the door and stood there. Suddenly the door emitted out an infrared ray at Jiang Xue.

Jiang Xue took out a magnetic card and said : “Jiang Xue from Jiang Liu Firm!”

“Di, Welcome!”

The red light flickered and turned into green light, issued out a mechanical voice.

“Can we go in?”

Put down the magnetic card, Jiang Xue said : “We come here to investigate something.”


With the cracking sound, the door opened, and Jiang Xue immediately pushed Jiang Liu’s wheelchair in.

But they did not notice that there was a person sneakily followed them.

Seeing Jiang Xue and others already went in, that person hastily chase after, but did not expect that the door to closed so fast.


He hit the door, he must go in!

“Please show your credentials!”

Hearing the mechanical voice, Jiang Qi was amazed

Wow! Such a high-tech! But what about me? I want to go in!


Jiang Qi hit the door again, his eyes moved around looking for a way to get in.

“Please refrain from using violence.”

As if it know Jiang Qi’s thought, the door warned.


Jiang Qi wanted to go insane. That daredevil Jiang Liu, to actually wanted to enter the wolf den. Jiang Qi repeatedly stop him and Han Yi also didn’t approve, he wanted to send along the bodyguards but was declined by Jiang Liu’s “drawing too much attention”.

He finally actually only brought Jiang Xue, Jiang Qi could only signed inside. You yourself are just a half-crippled bringing along a frail woman, where’s the safety?

While placating Jiang qi, He also said to himself : “I only worry that Jiang Liu will get into accident, not because Jiang Xue also go there!”

He then followed them here, but still got stopped at the door.

“I don’t have credential!”

Holding back his fury, Jiang Qi’s 19 years of existence was erased. Where would he found this credential?

“No credential! [No opening!]” (tl: in [English])


Not only don’t you open, you even use English! Don’t you know that my English skill from my whole life is just poo-poo? Don’t tell me all doors nowadays are like this?
The enraged Jiang Qi gave the door a roundhouse kick.


That’s hurt!

Even though he was becoming stronger these days, but it was not to the point of kicking apart this specialized burglar-proof door.

But for saving his face, Jiang Qi endured the pain and said : “Open or not?”

“If you keep using violence, you will be reported to the police!”

Hearing that, Jiang Qi shook his wrist and said : “Then let’s see if the police will get me or I kick you to scrap first!”
(Tl:he argued with the door?)


As Jiang Qi’s words finished, the door turned silent, seeing that, Jiang Qi stepped back and assumed a kicking pose.

“Welcome, wish you have a good day.”
(Tl: the heck!?)

the door finally opened, Jiang Qi smiled, patted the door and said : “The wise act according to the situation.”

He then quickly ran inside.


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