Chapter 66 The Devil Descends (7)

Chapter 66 The Devil Descends (7)

“It’s connected.”

After a while, Cheng Yu finally connected with the Geological Survey Bureau.

“What about our means of defense?”

Ding Yunfeng asked.

Even if they knew the specific location of Kyrieloid’s attack, but they still couldn’t defend it, that was really a headache.

“Although it’s embarrassing to say but, we don’t have any mean of defense. The best we can do is to evacuate masses before the attack.

Cheng Yu shrugged his shoulders.

“Damn it!”

Ding Yunfeng lowered his head and closed his eyes. He was still tired from the base construction earlier. He alone supervised the entire operation. He thought that he could have a rest after this, but who would have thought this could happen.

“Commander, you can rest for a bit.”

Cheng Yu saw a trace tiredness in Ding Yunfeng’s eyes, stood up and said : “These investigations can take a while.”

“No need, I’m more at ease staying here.”

Ding Yunfeng smiled at Cheng Yu’s good intention, then looked at the floating light screen.

“Besides, I don’t think that Kyrieloid would only stop at this.”


The formerly big building turned into ruins, the previously verdant hills and clear water changed into living hell, the street once packed with traffic became cold and desolate, the loving mother and piety child were eternally separated.

Jiang Qi’s eyes were cold, this was a part of his responsibility, next he would deal with Kyrieloid’s attack, or else he won’t deserved to be his mother’s son!

“What’s Kyrieloid’s objective? Conquered Earth? Or something else?”

Han Yi wiped the big sweat on his forehead and asked Jiang Qi.

If someone said its objective was to conquer Earth, Jiang Qi wouldn’t believe it even if he’s killed. The universe was so vast, there couldn’t be no habitable place.

Thinking for a while, Jiang Qu unexpectedly couldn’t answer the question.

“I don’t know why they want to invade us, but I do know why we must resist them.”
Jiang Qi slowly organized his words and spoke unhurriedly.

“We need a hero. Several decades ago, a certain great country was invaded by other countries, causing their people to rise up and fight. Each and every one of them became heroes and finally drive the invader off.”

“And now we face with an even stronger invader. We need much more heroes to protect us, the greater the power, the greater the responsibility. We must let these invaders know that, this Earth, belong to mankind.”

Along with Jiang Qi’s words finishing, The Shield Of Baraji on Jiang Qi’s wrist emitted faint light, but it couldn’t be seen thanks to Jiang Qi’s sleeve.


Han Yi at the side, after hearing Jiang Qi’s words became silent for a while, then he spoke : “These chuunibyou words, if it was before, I really want to give you a punch.”
(Tl:中二 = 2nd year of middle school = eighth grade = related to chuunibyou probably.)

Han Yi let out a smile : “But now I actually feel a little bit boil up!”

And in the other side of radio, at headquarter, Ding Yunfeng looking at Gaoyang City’s flight schedule hearing Jiang Qi’s words also let out a smile : “This boy got it right.”

“How can this be!?? Commander!!”

Cheng Yu nearby seemed to see something unexpected, his eyes almost bulged out.

“What is it?”

Ding Yunfeng walked over and asked.

“I just used photonic computer to looked for the information of Itahashi Mitsuo, and found out that he was already dead for several years. His parents and friend even attend his funeral.”


Ding Yunfeng’s eyes narrowed. He then took a look and the information that Cheng Yu just acquired.

Sure enough, the information stated that Itahashi Mitsuo had been death for 5 years already, there were even pictures attached.

“Could it be that the Itahashi Mitsuo we have seen turn into Kyrieloid?”

Ding Yunfeng’s eyes trembled : “Could it be that Kyrieloid have been hiding along side us in this way?”
(Tl:original is Han Yi but that does not make sense, it should be Ding Yunfeng, probably author’s typo.)

“It’s still too soon to conclude that with our current information.”

Cheng Yu couldn’t help but shiver, the feeling of having something “planning your death” beside you was a bit hard to take, so he hastily interrupted.

“Set the blockage below Gaoyang City and do not allow anyone to go in or out!”

Ding Yunfeng closed his eyes and then said.

“But wouldn’t this exactly what Kyrieloid want?”

Cheng Yu didn’t understand, doing it like this would only cause panic.

“If you are Kyrieloid, what would you do in this situation?”

Ding Yunfeng did not directly answered but asked back instead.

“If the city is blocked, then of course I would add fire, making the entire…..”

Cheng Yu suddenly trembled, could it be that commander want to lure them out?

“If Kyrieloid can’t endure and show its head, We can surely force it out.”

“But what if out plan failed?”

Cheng Yu asked the moment Ding Yunfeng finished saying.

“This kind of thing, who would know if we don’t try it out? Could it be that we can only take a beating?”

Looking at the youthful face of Cheng Yu, Ding Yunfeng patted his shoulder and said.

He couldn’t help but signed in his heart. These children were still too young, and they still had to pass through a lot of tests!

On the other side, Jiang Liu and others finally arrived and were startle seeing Night Raider’s vehicles there.

They did not expect that Night Raider would come so fast.

Jiang Liu pushing his wheelchair looked around the ruins, he frowned and asked : “Is this what that guy called a demonstration.”

“En, it’s to fully prove its strength.”

Jiang Qi walked to behind Jiang Liu and helped him push wheelchair to the side of Han Yi.

“By the way, can you find out the place where Itahashi Mitsuo lived?”

Jiang Liu asked Han Yi out of the sudden.

“I can, but why?”

Han Yi had heard Ding Yunfeng’s conversation before but he still didn’t understand why Jiang Liu wanted this information.

“We may find something at the place Itahashi Mitsuo lived in that might be able to lead us to Kyrieloid.”

Jiang Liu said, making Jiang Qi at the side shivered a bit.



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