Chapter 65 The Devil Descends (6)

Chapter 65 The Devil Descends (6)

The internet blew up regarding of this half threat half demand to surrender, it made people feel fear and also excited at the same time.

“Oh my god, what is happening? Explosion? The whole building destroyed…….”

“This thing doesn’t even dare to confront with Zero.”

“Don’t be too confident in that guy, perhaps he won’t dare to come out seeing this scene.”

“Screw above! Zero is always the strongest!”

“Don’t play around, you guys are too relax, we still don’t know much about this guy, if you are too trusting in this guy, maybe you will finally be eaten one day!”

“That’s right! You guys are too rash, that guy probably just cultivate you like plant, can’t wait to see you got plucked! Hahahaha!”

“Everyone must waiting to accept the god’s punishment, there is no exception!”

“That’s right! Everyone must make these selfish jerks realize that god’s command cannot be defied.”
(Tl:吃里扒外 = inside dig outside, it’s idiom. I try me best to phrase it. The closest one is traitor but that’s also not quite right.)

While there were swear battle going on in internet, Jiang Qi was lifting a big stone trying to rescue the people underneath.

“It’ll be okay……”

It was unknown how many people had he rescued already, Jiang Qi’s forehead was fulled of sweat. There was still dust on the air and it soon covered onto Jiang Qi’s face.

As the time passed by, the panic started to calm down. Many people were influenced by Jiang Qi’s acts also started to helping out.

Jiang Qi seeing this, his eyes had a trace of smile.

As long as humanity doesn’t give up on hope and united together, I certainly won’t lose to any enemy!

Thinking to this, Jiang Qi resume rescuing people again, but he did not know of the commotion happened not far from here.

“Hey! Is that voice really tell mean it?”

A hooligan looked at the old man in his sixties at the side and asked : “That we can really not die.”

“You believe this?”

The old man looked angrily at the hooligan and asked : “Can’t you tell this is just sowing discord?”

“Really?” The hooligan looked in disdain at old man then he slowly said : “it doesn’t seem like they deceive us.”

“You may changed into something else, you won’t be human anymore.”

The old man trembling pointed finger at him and looked at hooligan in disbelieve and angrily said.

“So what? You are already half-step into the coffin so it’s doesn’t matter for you, but I still don’t live enough! As long as I won’t die! Humanity can’t do that! Are you forbidding me from choosing another side?”

These words made every people there looked over and started scolding him.

But the hooligan did not care about them, he swaggered toward the old man and said : “Old man! You need to watch how you speak to me! I am going to be the servant of god!”

Spoke to this, the hooligan pushed the old man to the ground then swaggered to those people who scolded him and arrogantly shouted : “Just wait until I become god’s servant, I will really take care of you well!”

Then he swaggered away, followed by many people. If there was no accident, would those people become “god’s servants”?

The old man on the ground coughed violently, trembling pointed finger at that hooligan’s back but he couldn’t say anything.

The people there looked at each other, then some immediately left following the hooligan, some walked away with indifference expression, no one paid attention to the old man on the ground.

Looking at these people, the old man’s eyes were filled with hopelessness, humanity was lost!


Night Raider squad arrived here a few minutes later, this was not a small matter, It can be said that it was a serious threat to the safety of human life.

“We meet again!”

The first person Han Yi saw was Jiang Qi holding first aid kit, so extend his hand to Jiang Qi, but Jiang Qi only glanced at Han Yi then walked pass him.

Rather than playing with this guy, it better to continue saving people.

Han Yi looked at the back of Jiang Qi and awkwardly scratched his nose, then he ordered other people to do rescue operation.

“Our network was also invaded.”

Han Yi lifted the rock while also spoke : “But we still don’t know how this guy manage to manipulate our network system.”


Jiang Qi turned to glance at Han Yi then continue to do his labor.
(Tl: Jiang Qi become tsudere!?)

“Also, we still can’t figure out how that guy place bombs here……”

“It’s not bombs!”

Jiang Qi interrupted Han Yi before he finished : “There is no trace of bomb here.”

“…….what do you think?”(tl: he finish what he was interrupted)

Han Yi looked around and his face sank, there is indeed no trace of bomb here.

“By applying the pressure from distances, coupling with Kyrieloid’s own characteristics, it might be possible to do it.”

Hearing that, Han Yi nodded before spoke : “But we already checked everywhere, we not only used energy detector but also far-infrared wave probing, but we still couldn’t find Kyrieloid.”

“Change your way of thinking.”

Jiang Qi snapped his fingers and said : “If you can’t find it on the ground, then try looking under it.”


Hearing that, Han Yi pondered, and Jiang Qi’s words were also heard by the members in Night Raider’s base far away.

“Cheng Yu!”

Ding Yunfeng hit table and signaled Cheng Yu.

“I will immediately contact Geological Survey Bureau.”

Cheng Yu quickly nodded and immediately called the Geological Survey Bureau.

“Han Yi, that boy is quite good, why don’t you try to recruit him?”

Ding Yunfeng said to the radio, that boy’s way of thinking was good and imaginative, and was in line with the Night Raider’s recruitment policy, so Ding Yunfeng had this thought sprung up.

“Got it, after the things here is done, I will talk to him.”

Hun Yi muttered, then he sighed to Jiang Qi : “The enemy this time seems to be much more imaginative compared to us.”

Hearing that, Jiang Qi paused then said : “Do you know what I think?”


Han Yi touched his nose, didn’t know what Jiang Qi wanted to say.

“Isn’t this Kyrieloid just the ordinary race that got the power by luck? It kept saying that it’s god, but actually, they also don’t believe that……”

Seeing Jiang Qi’s gloomy expression, Han Yi uncertainty asked : “How do you know so much?”

“I infer from the words of those self-proclaim god before.”

Actually, Jiang Qi just knew this from Tiga’s series, therefore he knew the means of Kyrieloid.

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