Chapter 64 The Devil Descends (5)

Chapter 64 The Devil Descends (5)

“This…….This is……”

Jiang Liu looked up and saw the city on the big screen and became stunned.

It was unknown when the commercials on the screen changed into the top view of the city, and slowly zooming in.

And when the shot was fixed, Jiang Liu’s eyes jumped. The screen showed the place that was very close to his home, with only distances of a few streets.

What’s going on?

It was not just Jiang Liu, many people around the world also saw this phenomenon, they stopped what’s they were doing and pointed at the screen.

Far East China, everyone in uniform were busy.

This was the new base of Night Raider, since the former one was temporarily closed.

In the Operational Command room, some team members were busy with their works at hand and drinking water at the side.

“Finally finished, this should be alright!”

A member stretched his body and looked around the very bright Operational Command room, then he turned to smile at the person beside him.

“En! From this day onward, this will be our home.”

Another member nodded, looking very pleased.

“Hey, Cheng Yu, can you connect the satellite for me? I want to talk with my family.”

A member looked at the person working on the computer and asked.

“Can’t do.”

Cheng Yu rejected right away : “Captain did not authorize this.”

“You don’t talk, I don’t talk, who would know?”

That member patted Cheng Yu’s shoulder, winked at him : “Could it be that we are forbidden from video call our family?”


Cheng Yu hesitated, and looked at the hoping eyes of every people around him, then he said : “Fine, but don’t tell captain that I do it!”

“Absolutely, I swear!”

That member patted his chest, easing Cheng Yu who then connected to satellite terminal.


The instant the connection was made, the entire base issued out grating noise, following that, a video showed up in every computers.

“What’s that? Did you download porn here?”

That noisy member looking at the screen subconsciously blurted out, making Cheng Yu to murderously look at him.

Realized that he just seek death, that member hastily changed the topic : “What’s really happen?”

Cheng Yu glared at that member but he did not has time to deal with him yet, so he started to operate computer.
In less than 10 seconds, Cheng Yu’s face drastically changed, shouting : “Not good, our base’s network system is intruded!”

“?How can that be?”

The whole base became noisy, then someone said : “Don’t we have strong security system and intruder detection system? How can our system got intruded?”

“I don’t know……”

Cheng Yu pulled out the light screen from computer and used his fingers to slide it, starting to computed.

At the same time, the electronic system of the whole base also had a change.

“What’s happen?”

Ding Yunfeng was in the cabin inspecting the new aircraft, but the computer display suddenly showed the top view of the city.

“I don’t know, it is as if our system is intruded.”

“By who?”

Upon hearing that, Ding Yunfeng’s pupils contracted and he hastily asked.

There were many important secrets stored in the base’s database, if it was stolen, the consequence would be disastrous.

“The grade of photonic chip here is too low, I can’t do anything at all.”
(tl:光脑 = lit. light brain, since the technological setting in this novel is advanced. Thus I assume it’s photonic or optical computer, if you think otherwise, please tell me.)

The early design of this aircraft did not anticipate this situation, thus the grade of photonic chip installed here was not high.

Seeing that person didn’t has any measure, Ding Yunfeng turned his body preparing to leave the cabin.

But he only took two steps when the top-eyes view of the city began to change.


A strong light flashed, making everyone watching stunned, didn’t know what’s going on.

Then the biggest building suddenly exploded, followed by the flame starting to burned, it then became even more big, more intense and finally swallowed the other buildings.

This scene of bizarre explosion was simultaneously broadcasted everywhere on TV, internet, and even on large screen.

And it was not only in China. France, Japan, and Russia were also broadcasting this scene.

“Behold!” A voice suddenly rang up in the sky, making people around the world to became uneasy.

“This, is the power of the God of Kyrieloid. Only if you submit, then you can evolve.”

Speaking to here, that voice became excited : “You can evolve into the highest life-form in the universe!”

Then the voice became intoxicated : “At that time you won’t suffer, get sick, or even die, because you are the servant of god!”

“I am awaiting for your answer,

Then the voice disappeared, and the internet resumed its normal operation after that.


Ding Yunfeng was silent for a while, then he left the cabin.

“What’s that shit?”

Jiang Liu looking at the sky muttered.

“This should be the persuasion.”

Jiang Xue pushing the wheelchair said.

“That won’t do, I will call that smelly brat.”

Jiang Liu calmed his mood then called Jiang Qi’s phone.

“What’s happen?”

As the phone connected, Jiang Liu immediately asked.

“Asia Pacific Sky Shopping Mall…..zizi…….exploded……zizi……there are a lot of people……zizi…….the situation is very critical.”

It was unknown why there was a disturbing signal from Jiang Qi’s side, making his voice very obscure, but could still understand general idea.

“You stay there, we will immediately go there.”

Jiang Liu put down his phone and gloomily said : “Is this what that guys said……demonstration?”

“Is this for terrorizing effect?”

Jiang Liu spoke and looked at a distance, there were fighting happening, as if some people were bewitched?

“I feel that terrorizing people is just secondary purpose, if the gap between us and enemy is too big, then there should be no need to frightened us.”

Jiang Xue pushing Jiang Liu’s wheelchair said in low voice.

“You mean……”

Jiang Liu lifted his brows, looked like smiling yet not smiling at Jiang Xue and asked.
“Rather than terrorization, I would say it’s more of a provocation.”

Jiang Xue took a deep breath and said.

“Provoke? Provoke who?”

Jiang qi was dumbfounded a bit, then her eyes flashed with a bit of understanding.
“I just don’t know if Kyrieloid has the ability……to cope with Zero.”

Jiang qi lifted her head high and said in disdain.
“The situation on the battlefield is always changing, since Kyrieloid has provoked Zero, there should be some way to respond.”

Jiang Liu spoke and stopped the taxi, then he said to his daughters behind : “It is still too soon to comment anything, we should better go to smelly brat first, hope he doesn’t do anything stupid.”
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