Chapter 63 The Devil Descends (4)

Chapter 63 The Devil Descends (4)

Didn’t know why, but there were figures appeared in his mind, that shameless uncle Jiang Liu, that tsundere girl Jiang qi, and also the figure of Jiang Xue.

He lifted his head and looked at Itahashi Mitsuo. He smiled and asked.

“I……want to ask you something?”

“Oh? Feel free to ask anything!”

Seeing that his objective was accomplished, Itahashi Mitsuo couldn’t help but please with himself.

The prediction was right, the Earth’s protector? He was still naive!

When our mighty god descend and suck out your light, I really want to see your expression at that time!

Looking at the emotion in Itahashi Mitsuo’s eyes, Jiang Qi lifted his mouth : “You……are you a pig? Or are all Kyrie Man pigs like you?”

Eh? What!??

Itahashi Mitsuo became dumbfounded, the emotion in his eyes became surprised and angry!

He……he… dare?

“Do you guys really treat me as an idiot?”

Jiang Qi crossed his arms, looked at Itahashi Mitsuo and smiled in disdain.

“Even if I am really stupid, I won’t listen to your nonsense.”

“And human?”

Itahashi Mitsuo snorted coldly : “Do you really take these human seriously?”

Itahashi Mitsuo looked at Jiang Qi like he was an idiot : “What can these maggots do?”

“Remember this!”
The disdain expression on Jiang Qi’s face disappeared.

“    Human is not the strongest one in the universe, but also not the weakest.
Ugly and Beautiful, Light and Darkness coexist together, human is such a bunch of contradiction.
But because human is like this that make your so-called god to know what’s called fear……”


Itahashi Mitsuo looked at Jiang Qi, his expression was gloomy, he said : “I really want to know how human will make me feel fear!”

“Also, Don’t you think that you think too highly of the human?”

Hearing that, Jiang Qi smiled and said : “Human’s mind has the potential to be bigger than the universe!”

“HumpHump! So noble.” Hearing Jiang Qi’s words, Itahashi Mitsuo snorted in disdain and said : “Should I say that as expected of the descendant of light? Hypocrite as always!”

“But from a few fights previously, I did not see you protecting human!”

Itahashi shook his head, looking at puzzled Jiang Qi and smiled : “You only take care of yourself, and did not care about the life and death of human at all.”

“In the end, we are the same!”

Hearing that, Jiang Qi clenched his fists.

Indeed, before, he did not know how to fight, he did not know how to protect, but it’s not the case now!

Jiang Qi lifted the corner of his mouth and said toward Itahashi : “Thanks for pointing that out for me, I will pay attention next time……”

This guy!!

Looking at Jiang Qi, Itahashi Mitsuo’s eyes became grave, he originally wanted to whittle away Jiang Qi’s conviction, but he didn’t expect that it would strengthen Jiang Qi’s conviction instead.

“HumpHump! I hope you can keep being this optimistic in the future!”

Itahashi Mitsuo sneered : “Foolish human will never understand the power of the gods of Kyrieloid, they will be intoxicated when they experience the feeling of possessing power.”

“I will give you some time, if you finally can think clearly, I will always welcome you.”

Looking at Itahashi Mitsuo in front of him, Jiang Qi ridiculed : “Son, you have an eight-grade syndrome, go get treatment!”


Itahashi widened his eyes, the flame started to burn on his hand and his face had black stripes on, it seemed he was going to make a move.

Just when Jiang Qi was about to transform, Itahashi Mitsuo pulled back, as if nothing had happened.

“It seems that you are not convinced of Kyrieloid’s power.”

Itahashi Mitsuo looked at Jiang Qi and slowly said : “Rest assured, I will demonstrate it to you.”

Saying that, he went outside.

“Demonstrates? Shit!!”
Jiang Qi suddenly remembered the plot in Tiga, Don’t tell me……

“I won’t let you!”
Jiang Qi chased after him, revealing the Shield Of Baraji.

“There is not only one Kyrie Man here, if I die, this city will certainly……”

Hearing that, Jiang Qi’s heart trembled. Itahashi Mitsuo taking this opportunity to changed his body into a blue figure and immediately rushed out.

Jiang Qi hastily chased after, but he couldn’t see Itahashi anymore.

“Damn it!”
Jiang Qi hastily called Jiang Liu’s phone, after a few busy signals, Jiang Liu answered the phone.

“En? What’s happen?
After Jiang Liu picked up the phone, he went straight to the point asking.

“Kyrie Man just came here!”
Jiang Qi also did not waste time, immediately spoke.

“Are you alright?”
Hearing that, Jiang Xue at the side became worried, and she did not notice that Jiang Liu’s expression became a bit black.

“I’m fine!”

Jiang Qi did not think much, he quickly said : “Kyrie Man came here and said : ‘he will demonstrate the power of Kyrieloid’”

“What’s that mean?”
Jiang Xue and others did not understand, Jiang Liu also was dumbfounded a bit, then he said : “You thinks he is going to make a move?”

“En! I think that the so-called demonstrating the power of Kyrieloid should not be the small one! You guys should quickly leave the big building and get far away from there!”

Jiang Qi nodded and quickly gave a suggestion.

“We understand, you also be careful!”

Jiang Liu also nodded and spoke to the phone.

“Got it!”

Jiang Qi replied, then he turned down the phone. Because he let that Kyrie Man to escape previously, it was his obligation to take care of him.

But Jiang Qi did not know that the moment he stepped out, the previously closed TV suddenly turned on.


Put down the phone, Jiang Liu pondered for a bit then he asked Jiang Xue who was pushing his wheelchair from behind : “If you are Kyrie Man, where would you take action?”

“Of course at the most threatening place.”

Jiang Xue answered without even need to think.

“No, I only meant demonstrating power!”

Jiang Liu shook his head hearing that.

“Then it should be the place with many people, or perhaps the place with the most security to have the terrorized effect.”

Jiang Xue pondered a bit then answered.

“If that’s the case……”

Jiang Liu was about to continue asking Jiang Xue but was interrupted by Jiang qi who was staring blankly at something.

“Dad, Big sis, Look!”

Jiang Liu and Jiang Xue looked at the direction Jiang qi pointed at, then they became dumbfounded.

“This……This is……”


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