Chapter 62 The Devil Descends (3)

Chapter 62 The Devil Descends (3)

The live broadcast room fell in silent, everyone looked at each other, their eyes were filled with panic.

How could this kind of thing happen? People died along the way?

“Is this your doing?”

After became silent for a while, Jiang Liu suddenly looked at Itahashi Mitsuo.

“What’s your proof?”

Itahashi Mitsuo frowned, and said to Jiang Liu in a stern voice : “If you don’t have any proof, I will sue you later.”

“Relax, I know this very well.”

Jiang Liu smiled, then he said : “I just want to ask you one thing, my daughters ware standing at the door the entire time, how did you non-employee came in?”

Jiang Liu’s question made everyone’s hearts jumped, they looked at Itahashi Mitsuo and unable to say anything.

Jiang Xue and Jiang qi blankly looked at the situation here, since they weren’t in the room before, they didn’t know what’s actually happen here.


Itahashi Mitsuo looked at Jiang Liu for a while, then he smiled.

“You old fox!”

“You flatters me……”

Looking at these two stared at each other without giving in, other people couldn’t stand it anymore, a few people walked toward Itahashi Mitsuo.


Toward these ordinary humans, Itahashi Mitsuo did not want to look at them, he coldly snorted.


At the same time, a huge flame appeared at Itahashi Mitsuo.

These people did not have time to react and were swallowed by flame, they couldn’t even scream.

The live broadcast room instantly became chaotic.

“Haha! Foolish humans, I will warn you here, the Earth is not yours!”

Itahashi Mitsuo was gradually covered in flame and disappeared, then he appeared in the midair looking down at the people below.

Kyrieloid‘s forces are about to arrive, when that time comes, all the evil in the world will be purified in flame.”

“Cut the crap!”

At Itahashi Mitsuo’s domineering declaration, Jiang Liu suddenly said.

“You are not convinced of my Kyrieloid’s power?”

Itahashi Mitsuo disappeared and only left behind a voice.

“Rest assure, I will show you soon.”


The people in the live broadcast room were silent for a while, then they started to clear the room, and Jiang Liu and others also left the room.

Show? Show what?

Recalling the previous words of Kyrie Man, everyone became nervous, they absolutely believed that the Kyrie Man did not only have these tricks, who know what they’ll do after this!
(tl: Kyrie Man mean the human form of Kyrieloid)

“This is the fault of this bastard detective! If not for him, how could this happen?”
“To think this kind of people exists in China! This is disgrace of China!! Get out of China!!”
“Hehe, what a disgusting famous detective!”

While the internet army was attacking Jiang Liu, Jiang Qi was getting the unexpected guest coming.

“Damn it!”

Jiang Qi pounded at the table, looking at the disappearing Itahashi Mitsuo, he had the feeling of powerlessness.

Who told you to stay home?

“What should I do?”

Closing the TV, Jiang Qi leaned at the chair and kneaded his temple, slowly said.

Suddenly, Jiang Qi’s fingers stopped, he closed his eyes and chilly said : “Knocking the door is the most basic manner, didn’t you know?”

Jiang Qi opened his eyes and turned to look at the man in western-style clothes : “Itahashi Mitsuo!”

“How rude of me!”

The person in front of Jiang Qi was actually Itahashi Mitsuo who just confronted with Jiang Liu.

Itahashi Mitsuo casually sat on the sofa and poured himself a cup of water, he drank a mouthful and then said : “I only come to talk with you.”


Jiang Qi tilted his head, this guy came to talk was only because he was Zero’s human body.

“Before that, introduce yourself is also the most basic manner.”

Looking at expressionless Jiang Qi, the Kyrie Man smiled and said : “As expected of Zero, very funny.”

“Then I will introduce myself again.”

Itahashi Mitsuo said and arranged his collar.

“I am Kyrie Man, responsible for transmit message.”

“Why do you look for me?”

Jiang Qi stepped forward and asked.

“To seek cooperation!”

Itahashi Mitsuo also stood up from the sofa, then walked to the front of Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi looked at Kyrie Man in disdain and asked : “Why should I cooperate with you?”
“I recall China has the saying……”

Kyrie Man pretended to can’t remember, knocking his head, then “lightbulb shone up” said : “Boil the hound once it caught the hare. Kill the strategist once broke though the enemy city.”

“What’s your point!!”

Jiang Qi’s expression changed, asked in a solemn voice.

“I have seen the nature of humanity with my own eyes!”

Itahashi Mitsuo shook his head then walked around Jiang Qi.

“When humanity needs you, you are their great hero, but when you are not needed……”
He spoke close to Jiang Qi’s ear : “You’ll be even less than a pig!”

“A pig might get butchered for meat, but you……hehe…..are just a threat.”

“Perhaps, they will even kill you themselves, the ‘great hero’ who once save them!”

Itahashi Mitsuo’s voice became more and more low, but each words reverberated in Jiang Qi’s mind.

Jiang Qi closed his eyes, he wanted to refute this, but he couldn’t open his mouth. This worried and scared him.

“Moreover, humanity already blacklists you, do you really think that they will trust you?”

Itahashi Mitsuo coldly said : “Don’t have your hope on these maggots, because they will only give you despair!”

“You want to protect human? Or protect Earth? Human is just garbage of the Earth!”
“Join us!”

Itahashi Mitsuo extended his hand toward Jiang Qi.

“The holy flame will burn all the filth. We need you! Join us! Help us create the true paradise!”

“If you join us, when our god descend, you will be bestowed the unimaginable power!”

Looking at Kyrie Man’s hand, Jiang Qi hesitated. He wanted to reject but he actually couldn’t refute him.

He was also afraid. He was not afraid to die in the hand of the enemy! He was more afraid of being schemed by his own side!

Jiang Qi was also human, so he understood clearly of the dark side of human.

Unknown when, the Shield of Baraji hidden under his sleeve shone unstably, as if it was going to die out.

After being silent for a while, Jiang Qi looked at Kyrie Man’s hand and slowly said.


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