Chapter 61 The Devil Descends (2)

Chapter 61 The Devil Descends (2)

The people in front of TV subconsciously increase the sound volume, listening to this farce.

They did not know what actually happen, most believed that there was someone who disagreed with Jiang Liu’s standpoint and came up to refute him, this was just nothing more a mishap.

Many people who didn’t agree with Jiang Liu was happy. Who allow you to thoughtlessly speak! Do you want to get smacked?

“You disagree with my standpoint?”

Jiang Liu frowned and looked at this person, he was uncertain. Logically speaking, the TV station should not be this stupid to set this up.

“I only oppose your opinion.”

The man entered the camera and said : “My name is Itahashi Mitsuo.“

Jiang Qi almost fell of the sofa.

Itahashi Mitsuo?!!(tl:板桥光雄 stunned me for a day.)

Anyone who had watched Ultraman should had the impression of this name. (Tl:I don’t?)
It couldn’t be……


“You believe that humanity should not has an ally?”

Jiang Liu straightened up from the chair and solemnly asked.

“You can have ally, but you need to look at circumstance.”

Itahashi Mitsuo secretly smiled and said : “How can you proof that Ultraman Zero can be humanity’s ally?”

“You think he is not qualified?”

Jiang Liu narrowed his eyes and asked.

“Of course his strength is sufficient.”

Itahashi Mitsuo smiled : “But isn’t ally with him your one-side idea?”

His words immediately made many agreed.

“That’s right! Does the other side agree to corporate with us?”

“Who knows when that guys will charged at us.”

“Not cooperating, that guys is an eyesore.”

“I must say, that detective must getting money under the table.”(tl:bribe)

Many people in front of TV also agreed with Itahashi Mitsuo.

“Moreover, you neglect something.”

Itahashi Mitsuo lifted his mouth : “When Ultraman Zero fought with monster, he did not care about life and death of human!”

Looking at unchanged expression of Jiang Liu, Itahashi Mitsuo continued : “Perhaps he only saw humanity as an ant, he might not wanted to understand humanity at all.”

Indeed, in front of Ultraman Zero with 50 meters of height, humanity was just like insect, he might even stepped on them in disgust!

“Is that all?”
Contrary yo one’s expectation, Jiang Liu did not show any negative expression, and only calmly asked.

“That’s all for me.”
Itahashi Mitsuo wanted to look at how Jiang Liu would deal with this, so he finished.

“Everyone should understand Mr.Itahashi Mitsuo’s opinion and don’t trust Ultraman Zero’s attitude toward humanity, right?”

Jiang Liu looked at the camera and said, making Jiang Qi in front of TV leaned forward and perked his ears.

He was thinking what Jiang Liu was going to say, if it was Jiang Qi, he could only accept death.

Hearing Jiang Liu’s word, Itahashi Mitsuo became somewhat uneasy.

“This me has a bad occupational disease……”
Jiang Liu said and put his hand in his pocket : “That is I always carry a mini recorder with me.”

Then he took out a small black mini recorder from his pocket and showed it to everyone.

“So what?”

Suppressing his uneasiness, Itahashi Mitsuo asked.

“By coincidence, after Ultraman Zero defeated the monster, I managed to record something interesting.”

Jiang Liu spoke toward them while turning on the mini recorder.


The huge sound cam from the mini recorder, it clearly was the sound of the fight.

This should be the sound of Ultraman Zero fighting from the battle last time.

Suddenly a loud sound of explosion came out, making everyone’s hearts jump.

After some time passed from the last time monster appeared, although they did not see the fight themselves, but they knew who’s the winner.

“The children’s dreams are belong to children after all, it is what make them, it is the foundation of their growth.”

Suddenly, a simple and honest voice rang from the mini recorder.

This is……

Everyone became dumbfounded.

Jiang Qi patted his forehead. He couldn’t help but admire this bro to be able to record his speech.

“People can do it because they can believe in it, as long as they are willing to believe, their dream can come true…….”

Along with the end of the voice, Jiang Liu switched off mini recorder and said : “This was the words Ultraman Zero spoke toward us after the battle.”


Everyone at the site stood up and couldn’t imagine that, the female host also widened her mouth.

Zero can talk??? And even with this kind of speech!

This was clearly the brand new information! Except for Jiang Liu and Itahashi Mitsuo, everyone was very excited.
And the audiences were also in mess, today had totally changed their common sense.

“Although I am not sure about Ultraman Zero’s exact attitude and standpoint toward humanity, but from this recording, you should understand at the very least he has no evil intention toward humanity.”

Jiang Liu then smiled at Itahashi Mitsuo : “Don’t you think so?”

Looking at smiling Jiang Liu, Jiang Qi for the first time felt that Jiang Liu was so lovable, he even wanted to hug him and gave a kiss.

Itahashi Mitsuo sneered in disdain : “Can you prove that this is really Ultraman Zero’s voice recording?”

At this time, the atmosphere in live broadcast room began to change, everyone looked at Itahashi Mitsuo.

“En? Which department are you from?”

The producer stared at Itahashi Mitsuo for a while, then uncertainty asked.

“We recently don’t have new recruit.”

The staff next to him said, he was also surprised. Since when did non-employee can come in?

“Security! Security! Drag this guy out!”

The producer suddenly shouted loudly, but after a while, there was no response.


The producer was very irritated, how come everything had gone wrong today?


Suddenly the door opened, a young woman came in panting and said : “Not good……there are many people collapsing along the way.”


Without waiting for anyone to respond, another woman with identical look also came in and said : “Their hearts already stopped.”

Since they were still in the middle of live broadcast, every dialogue here was shown, making everyone’s face lose color.

”What’s happen?”
“Don’t tell me the monster is coming!!”

Jiang Qi was also slightly startled hearing the voice of two women, he naturally knew that these voices belong to Jiang Xue and Jiang qi.

These two……


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