Chapter 60 The Devil Descends (1)

Chapter 60 The Devil Descends (1)

The blue sky spread like layer of silk, and in a moment, multicolored halo appeared around the Sun.

Jiang Qi lied boringly on the sofa. It already had been around a month after the witch incident, the commotion started to calm down.

Our great chief Jiang went on the newspaper again, together with some shot of Jiang Qi. Although it was only half of his face when he was taken to hospital.

Jiang Wi could still remember the doctor’s weird expression right now, the doctor pulled his sleeve and asked : Did you offended someone? How could they are so heavy-hand?”

Jiang Qi ridicule in his mind, the ones he offended were not human, so of course they were heavy-hand.

But that was not important, because Jiang Qi finally understood how rich Jiang Liu was.

Just for the witch case was commissioned for 20,000! And according to Jiang qi, this was considered small compared to the usual amount. The usual amount was 50,000 and the highest was a million. Therefore it was already enough for their office as long as they were commissioned 2-3 times a year.

Now Jiang Qi knew why although Jiang Liu was so awesome but not many commissioned him. It’s because the fees was really high.

Thus discontented Jiang Qi went to confront Jiang Liu demanding to raise his salary, but was forced to give up with only a sentence.

“Your hospital fees combined total to 40,000, if you want a raise, pay that money back first.”

Where could he find this 40,000? So he could only wore the dark cloud above his head.

He prop his hand on the table and yawned again. He looked at his wrist watch. It had been 2 months since he went to college last time, he almost forgot the teacher’s appearance.

He originally wanted to go to college today, but Jiang Liu went out to get interviewed and Jiang Xue Jiang qi also followed along. Left with only Jiang Qi to watched over the office.

Estimated the time, Jiang Qi opened TV. The live broadcast was about to start.

He constantly changed the channel,and finally found the live broadcast of Jiang Liu.
The live broadcast just began. The female host and Jiang Liu sat there.

“Greeting to audiences, we have invited the famous detective——Mr. Jiang Liu to be with us this time.”

The host smiled and spoke professionally toward camera, then she spoke to Jiang Liu : “Hello, Mr.Jiang Liu.”

“Hello miss host!”

Jiang Liu right now did not has the usual decadent attitude, his entire being was full of energy, and dressed in black suit.

“I has heard that you are the person who solve the missing children case this time, congratulation.”

The host smiled and started a topic of conversation.

”En, this is my first time solving the monster’s case, but……”

Jiang Liu pondered a bit and said : “It can not be said that I solved this case, it’s because of the series of coincidence combined together that this case was solved.”

“You are modest,sir.”

The female host smile a bit then said : “There are many policeman talked about how you solved this case.l


In front of TV, Jiang Qi looked at these two people throwing modesty word at each other and had stomachache.

Aren’t I the MVP here? I am also the one who suffered most and had to lied in hospital for several days, and owing stupid big debt.

Then he looked at instant noodle on the table, that was his lunch.

Jiang Qi suddenly wanted to cry, this was the utter disgrace for Ultramen!


At the interview stage, after they made a small chitchat for a while, they finally entered the main topic.

“I heard that you were very close with the monster this time?”

The host looked at Jiang Qi.

“En, It was really dangerous this time.”

Jiang Liu nodded, this time they were only a few hundred meters from the battlefield. To human it was a short distance, not to mention the Giant 50 meters in height.

“And this time you also encountered 2 monsters at once?”

When the host asked this, she also felt inconceivable, and also even more wondered how Jiang Liu survived from that.

“En, fortunately The Giant, Ultraman Zero showed up and defeated them.”

Jiang Liu also was , but the others did not know that, when the monster showed up, he did not has the thought of escaping.

“Oh? From what Mr. Jiang Liu said, you seemed to think highly The Giant?”

The host was slightly dumbfounded, the she smiled and asked.


Contrary to one’s expectation, Jiang Liu nodded : I also think that humanity should befriend him, because for humanity already enter the period of hardship. For the current humanity to facing these monster on their own is not enough.

“Won’t that Giant be a threat to humanity?”

The host straightened her posture then asked. If this was not handled properly, this TV station might has to say goodbye to audiences.

“Maybe, maybe not.”
Jiang Liu vaguely said, making people in front of TV filled with question.

The producer below hastily signaled the host to change the topic. They just received information that their rating was going high, but they were not happy, instead their back were filled with cold sweats.

This was just like the time bomb!

“What do you mean?”

Because the host was thinking about Jiang Liu’s words, so she didn’t notice the producer’s signal.

Jiang Liu faintly smiled : “From my observation, Ultraman Zero is not hostile to humanity. When he appeared, he quickly defeat monster, then he left.”

“Can I interpret that Ultraman Zero’s objective is to defeat monster?”

The host’s eyes shone, following Jiang Liu’s words.

“As they said, the enemy of enemy is friend. If we are able to befriend Ultraman Zero, then there will be qualitative change in protecting Earth.”

Jiang Liu’s words made everyone watching the broadcast pondered.

“Our ratings has raised 10%.”

A staff below the stage said in low voice.

“Oh my god——“

The producer wanted to cry, he hastily signaled the host to change the topic.

The host finally notice the signal, but Jiang Liu took the initiative saying : “This is just my personal opinion, this is all.”

This move made everyone signed a breath of relief, they did not have to lose job.


Suddenly a deep and resounding voice rang, making everyone’s expression changed.

Turning their head, they saw a man walking onto the stage.

“You are……”
Jiang Liu narrowed his eyes and uncertainty asked.
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