Chapter 6 Finding a Job

Chapter 6 Finding a Job


Jiang Qi rolled down from his bed while clutching his face.

So hurt, if he know about this he would not going to pinch so hard, Jiang Qi covered his face while standing up.

But, what was that dream?

Jiang Qi pondered himself, he just remembered that there seems to be a girl called Liuli, said some thing to him, then he ruthlessly pinch himself, and woke up because of the pain.

Tapping on his head, thinking that there seem to be something missing.

“The once fallen hell.”

Death and Rebirth of the human.

Lost in the dark,

Though the soul is long gone,

The giant of light,

Shall always guarding them”

Suddenly, the writing carved in the stone pillar appeared in his mind.

What the hell ??

Jiang Qi grabbed his hair annoyingly. He went to the bathroom.


Touching his face, he found that the bruise on his face was lessened a lot. It’s very hard to see it now.

How did my recovery speed become so fast?

Jiang Qi was very curious, although healing fast is good, his mind became a little discomfort because of the unknown.

Shaking his head, throwing the discomfort out of his mind, after taking a shower he went back to his bedroom and wearing a white long sleeve and casual pants.

He had to find a job otherwise if he did not has enough money to pay rent, he’s going to drink the northwest wind (idiom).

Gaoyang city could be regarded as a first class city, always had a pivotal position in the country, the criss-cross traffic intersection set up the city’s blood and skeleton, and promote this ancient city to stride forward to the modernization of the cities.

It was said that 3 old industrial buildings here were military factories, and many of China’s advanced weapons came from here.

Wearing a cap, Jiang Qi appeared in the middle of the city, looking at these standing buildings, he secretly said, when I’m successful I’m going to build a larger building!

At Gaoyang University, no one stood outside the school to recruited students; there was a particular room with hundreds of square meters, those unemployed were registered here, and then finding the right job will be based on the condition.

Jiang Qi luck was good; it’s empty today. He had to wait for a long time before.

“Jiang Qi, why are you here ?”

Middle age uncle on the counter fixed his glasses and asked strangely: “Don’t you already have a job?

“Don’t mention it.”

Jiang Qi came to the counter with sad face answered: “Because I’m late, I get fired.”.

“Then you’re on your own.”

The uncle unhappily said, then took out a stack of list to Jiang Qi, letting him chose on his own.

“You don’t know the real situation.”

Jiang Qi waved his hand, picking up the information and stood up.

“Oh, did you hear?”

The uncle in the counter mysteriously asked.

“About what?”

Jiang Qi eyes didn’t change while skimming through the list.

“You don’t know ?”

The Uncle stared at Jiang Qi watching like he was a rare animal.

“What should I know ?”

Glancing up at the Uncle a bit, then Jiang continued to turn over the list.

The uncle regretfully shaked his head and said: ” There is a sci-fi movie, in Nanxing city…”

“Not interested.”

Jiang Qi waved his hand, in his opinion, it was probably just some new strange invention.


The uncle stared as if the Jiang Qi was the extinct creature.

“You don’t even care about this; your life is so monotone”

“I’m only concerned with my rent.”

Looking up to the uncle, he said: “if I can not pay the rent, I will have to move out next month.”


The uncle silently looked at Jiang Qi.

“How about this one ?”

Jiang Qi suddenly looked at a very suitable work for him.

“Detective —– Housing and Food, wage negotiable.”

“This….. you sure ?”

Uncle looked with a strange expression.

“What wrong with this ?”

Jiang Qi looked at the uncle’s expression, feeling bad.

“Those who take this job don’t stay for one day and resigned.”

Jiang Qi heard the uncle; his mind felt curious about this detective job.

“I’m going to take this.”

“Are you sure ?”

The uncle had determined that such a creature like Jiang Qi had became extinct and that became so cleared with him taking this job.

“Of course.”

said Jiang Qi while nodding his head.


The uncle took a form, signed it and let Jiang Qi sign it then said: “Take this form to the detective now.”

Jiang Qi took the form and leaving while saying goodbye to the uncle.

Looking at the back of Jiang Qi, uncle was dumbfounded, he couldn’t believe there were people that was so calm in this world.


At this time, at the United States HSD Columbia District. Most of the high-profile person in the United States were gathered here, at the same time, there were nearly hundreds of university graduates.

“My god, why are there so many high-profile people here ?”

A man whispered while sitting in the large conference room.

“I’m dressed too casually.”

The man looked at his own clothes, sneakers, shorts, and t-shirts, feeling ashamed.

But a girl near him secretly stepped on his feet.

“Sandy, what are you doing ?”

The man looked at the girl.

“Keep your voice down, the Defense Minister is coming.”

Sandy whispered and gestured with her eyes.

The man looked back and noticed the Defense Minister.

“God, what the hell is going on today ?”

The man whispered in his mind.

“That’s the elites ?”

The old man, who had appeared with the Defense Minister, looked at the graduates below and whispered.

“Well, they are our future pillars.”

The man next to him answered.

Nodded, the old man walked two-step and just stand still, all the people stood up and saluted.

“Please sit down.”

The old man smiled and nodded after seeing all the people have sat down he talks, “Do all of you know what is happening in China ?”

and then he continues: “Ten hours ago, there was an equally massive object attacked our Ministry of Defense’s military base, no one survived.”

“We don’t know what are they looking for, but all of our military information about China are destroyed.”

The people in the conference room baffled, and this seemed to be the opening of the door to a new world.

“The president had issue an orders to send a battalion of troops to the South China Sea, for this kind of thing, countries should abandon their prejudice, because … this is related to the future of mankind.” (tl: President’s speech of ID4 come to mind)

All the people listened attentively and nodded continuously

“But we have no clue when they will appear again, this is all there is left on the scene.”

Snapping a finger, a display appeared behind the old man and shown very strange fluctuations, broadcasting a strange voice.

“This is a signal that has been intercepted, there seems to contain information. The Intelligence Bureau is in full analysis, but we have to speed up.”

“Everyone here has demonstrated extraordinary talent in computer field, we need everyone to decipher this signal as soon as possible, I wish you good luck.”

After that, the Secretary of defense and the old man walked down from the stage.



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