Chapter 59 Interlude

Chapter 59 Interlude

Jiang Qi gathered his energy and poured into light beam shooting at Gagi.

Wide Zero Shot——


Suddenly, a black light beam streak across the sky blocking Jiang Qi’s Wide Zero Shot.
This unforeseen event made everyone’s heart taut.

When Gagi appeared, everyone became panic, but with the series of attack from Jiang Qi, everyone started to be at ease. However, within a short time, an unexpected event has arisen suddenly cause everyone to be nervous.

On the sky, the moon dimmed, the starlight was scarce, the entire earth as if sank into sleep.

But for someone,this would be the sleepless night.


A black lightning descended from the sky, directly hit Gagi and enveloped it.


The black twinkled and corroded Gagi’s body, causing it to roar.

I can’t wait!

Jiang Qi sensed some sort of dangerous feeling emerged in the Gagi’s body.
With the Sluggers in both hands, Jiang Qi charged at Gagi.


Just before Jiang Qi was about to reached Gagi, the black light exploded, blowing Jiang Qi away.


The black light dispersed, revealing the figure of Gagi. Jiang Qi who was just stood up became dumbfounded looking at Gagi

The appearance of Gagi just went through a big change. Its horn was restored and became thicker. Its even became sharper and had a glimmer of black light in it from time to time. Its claws became longer and the thorn of its body became red in color.

Just from the look of it, Gagi’s power increased several times. And looked at Jiang Qi, he only had less than a minute of time remaining.

The situation developed into a bad one, Jiang Qi was uneasy in his heart.


He put his right hand horizontal to his chest and shot the green light beam from his forehead.

Emerium Slash——

The light beam hit Gadi, creating sparks on its body.


Being by this attack, Gagi became enraged and charged at Jiang Qi, its claw mixed with black light swiped at Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi hastily blocked with his arms, but it’s no use, he was swat to the ground.


Gagi roared in satisfaction, then pounced at Jiang Qi.

If it really landed on him, he was as good as food waiting to be eaten.

Jiang Qi was very clear about this point, he hastily rolled over, avoiding it.

Half knelt on the ground, Jiang Qi looked at the Gagi wobbling standing up, feeling very troublesome.

Seeing Jiang Qi unexpectedly stood up, Gagi felt like it was played. It ferociously stomped the ground. The black light started to gather on its horn.

Not good!

Jiang Qi extend both his hand, and a protective screen appeared in front of him.

Ultra Barrier——


Gagi roared, the black light condensed into light sphere on its horn, and shot toward Jiang Qi.


The light sphere crashed against Ultra Barrier and was destroyed at once. Jiang Qi even felt ridiculous, to think it took its time to gather energy and its attack power was just this?

However, this thought of Jiang Qi soon dropped, he raised his head and saw countless light spheres swarmed at him.



Damn it!

This Gagi’s power increased more than a few times! After Jiang Qi blocked numerous light sphere, his arms were slightly numb.


Gagi was really furious, this guys actually blocked off its series of attack, making it felt it was humiliated.

Therefore, its horn shone with light, with lightning surrounding it.


It successively shot 3 light spheres toward Jiang Qi.

The first light sphere pushed Jiang Qi back, the Ultra Barrier started to has a large crack. The second light sphere immediately destroyed Ultra Barrier.

Jiang Qi seeing the third light sphere flew toward him quickly dodge. He looked at Gagi and his heart became tensed.

I must not remain passive!

Jiang Qi was about to charged at Gagi, when there was suddenly a huge impact hit him from behind, making him to fell down.


The color timer increased its rate of flickering. Jiang Qi felt his body wanted to fall apart, previously when he dodged that light sphere, it actually reversed its path and hit Jiang Qi in the back, making him fell down.

Seeing Jiang Qi was hit by its attack, Gagi roared in satisfaction, then walked toward Jiang Qi in big stride.


When Jiang Qi saw Gagi charged at him, an idea popped up, the Sluggers on his head split up, flew toward Gagi’s…….horn.

To Jiang Qi, this horn was a big threat. If he wanted to defeat Gagi, he had to destroy this horn first.


Just as the Sluggers were about to hit Gagi’s horn, its horn suddenly sent out black light blocking Sluggers and repel them back.

Jiang Qi used this opportunity to sweep Gagi’s leg, making the arrogant Gagi fell to the ground.

Jiang Qi immediately rode on its body and punched it, making Gagi to scream out nonstop.

Gagi’s horn flashed with black light again. Jiang Qi was hit by this light and flew back.


The flying Jiang Qi fell to the ground, rolling out a huge dust.

Gagi arrived at Jiang Qi’s side and pounced on him.

Why does this guy hell bent on attacking me?

“Although I appreciate your enthusiasm……”

Jiang Qi pushed back Gagi’s head and said with great effort.

“But I am a man, so I can’t accept this love……”

From distances, Zero Sluggers returned and installed on color timer.

“Therefore, let me kill you——“

Instantly, the energy of Sluggers’ light blade transformed into light beam. The big light beam pushed Gagi into the sky.

Jiang Qi took a deep breath and focused hie energy. The light beam intensified and finally swallowed Gagi in the sky.



Followed after the roar of Gagi was the sound of an explosion.

Jiang Qi stood up looking at the huge explosion on the sky.


The color began to blinking extremely fast, Jiang Qi did no dare to hesitated anymore, immediately transformed into light and flew up.

“Humph! It seem I underestimate you?”

At an unknown place, a black clothes person sneered : “Rest assured, this is not even worth to be appetizers, this is just a warning to you, that a feast is incoming…..”

Then he lifted his head looking at the 4 big characters above : “Fengdu Ghost City”


After Jiang Qi transformed back, he felt extremely exhausted, with only strength to breath.


He was hurt all over his body, Jiang Qi couldn’t but grieved.

C’mon? He just got out from the hospital for 28 hours, and he was going back there again?

A voice came from distant : “I found the children!”


Follow by the sound of footsteps.

Jiang Qi stared to lose consciousness, in dizziness, he seemed to hear a young woman’s voice.

“How come you got injured again??”


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  1. Is this really a different translator? Sure this is faster, but could you at least run the translation through Grammarly to correct the obvious grammar mistakes? I counted 15 mistakes skimming through this.

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