Chapter 57 The Mysterious Missing Children Case (8)

Chapter 57 The Mysterious Missing Children Case (8)

The witch looked up and saw the wildly energy gushed forth, she subconsciously stepped back.


On the midair, Jiang Qi’s whole body was enveloped in light, and in this way, he quickly surpassed Giranbo’s power.

“Gi! Ran! Bo!”

The light on Jiang Qi shook, and he struggled free from Giranbo’s binding.

“Not good!!”

Giranbo could not fathom why her binding lose its effect, and also, she could sense the sign of this dimension collapsing.

She did not care about the child at her hand anymore and quickly ran away.

And then the light in this dimension intensified to the limit…….


Outside the pumpkin house, Jiang Xue was anxiously waiting here, and within a short time, she already knocked over ten children unconsciousness.

“Why does he still not come out?”

She already guess that there might be monster inside, so she was worried about Jiang Qi if he was met with some accident.”


Suddenly she heard a sound from outside and frowned.

She had heard this sound so many time, each time this sound came up, a blanked child would appeared here like puppet.

“Although I feel sorry, but this is the only way.”

Just as when she was about to take action, she suddenly became stunned.

“Little qi?”

Looking at the young lady before her eyes, Jiang Xue involuntarily shouted.

The young lady in front of Jiang Xue was indeed Jiang qi, but not the usual Jiang qi, because her expression was blank.

Although Jiang Xue didn’t want to hit her sister, but if she did not stop her sister and let her entered the pumpkin house, Jiang Xue didn’t want that even more. Therfore she could only knocked Jiang qi out.

“What’s going on?”
Holding Jiang qi in her arm, Jiang Xue whispered.

“It should be the doing of the lollipop.”

Suddenly, a familiar voice rang up. Jiang Xue turned to look in surprised and saw Jiang Liu.

Jiang Liu sat on wheelchair and was pushed by Chen Lin, and following beside them were many policeman.

“How did you guys……”

Jiang Xue was dumbfounded. She looked at everyone and looked at Jiang qi and then her eyes flashed with a bit of understanding.

“Not long after you two left, Jiang qi started acting differently, therefore…..we followed her to here.”

Chen Ling pushed Jiang Liu toward her, smiling explained.

“Where is that smelly brat?”

Looking around, Jiang Liu asked Jiang Xue.

“Er, he went inside to take a look.”

Jiang Cue bit her lips and slowly said.


Jian Liu coldly snorted, he pushed his wheelchair forward, but he was blocked by several people.

What a joke, if we let you in that condition to go in, then what us policemen amount to?
However, Jiang Xue stopped everyone : “Even if everyone go in right now wouldn’t be much different, let’s wait for Jiang Qi here!”

Jiang Liu nodded then looked at the children on the ground and smile : “Could it be that brat figure out a way?”

Then he shook his head : “It is probably the same as him, a stupid way.”

“Although it is stupid, it may also be the most effective of stupid way.”

Jiang Xue also smiled and spoke.

Jiang Liu looked at smiling Jiang Cue in surprised, this is the first time she contradicted him. He did not say and thought much, only thought that his daughter had grown.

“We will take the children back.”

A policeman said, getting approval from all policemen.

Each and everyone took the children and went back.

“I will call for more police.”

Chen Lin smiled and took out her phone, but she became stunned, because her phone showed no signal.

“This place is like a different dimension.”

Jiang Xue at the side suddenly said : “The magnetic field is chaotic, the north and south upsides down, this is just like the Bermuda Triangle.”

“Can Jiang Qi come out?”

Chen Lin put back her phone and looked at the pumpkin house. Her eyes was filled with worry.

At this moment, the pumpkin house suddenly became abnormal.


Jiang Xue turned to looked and frowned. The small and big light rays penetrated out from inside the pumpkin house.


A crack appeared on the pumpkin house, and numerous cracks appeared one after another like dominoes.

This unforeseen event made everyone felt uneasy, they retreated back without need for anyone ordering this.


With a loud sound, the pumpkin house exploded. The fragments of explosion turned in to numerous spots of light. Each of them then fell to the ground and turned into a child, however their expression were dulled like puppets.

Immediately after the explosion, two light spheres came out, one white and one brown, the former chasing the latter.

Soon afterwards, the white light sphere shot out a light beam hitting the brown light sphere, making the brown light sphere to shrunk in place.


Suddenly, the white light sphere crashed into the brown light sphere and both of them fell to the ground creating a huge storm of dust.

“This is…….”

Although Jiang Cue and others already retreated far away, they could still see the situation.

One of them seemed to be the culprit.

“These two fellows……”

Only Jiang Liu slowly spoke, his eyes shone looking at the battlefield.


The dust died down and the light disappeared, making the battlefield to became clear to see.

A blue and red giant was stepping on a brown monster.

The monster had the strange horn on its head, its face was rhomboid and it was continuously twitching right now.


Jiang Qi moved his foot and kicked Giranbo away.


Giranbo sent out strange sound, its face was flashing, as if to be in pain.

Jiang Qi clenched his fist covered in white light, and in an instant, he appeared at Giranbo’s side and punched it.

This strike broke Giranbo’s horn. Immediately Jiang Qi sweep his leg causing Giranbo to fall down.

The he lifted it up and thrown it down.


Girabo shakily stood up, put both its arm horizontal to the chest. It then disappeared and reappeared behind Jiang Qi.

But without waiting for Giranbo to stabilized, Jiang Qi did a back kick, pushing Giranbo back.

Giranbo was rolling back several times, creating distances. It panting looked at Jiang Qi and lumped its hand together, then over ten doppelgänger appeared.

The doppelgängers appeared surrounding Jiang Qi in circle, then they revolved.

But Jiang Qi did not bother to looked, right now his body was filled with tremendous power.

I wanted to use it……this overflowing power——

Jiang Qi crossed his arm in front of color time, and his whole body shone with bright light, creating the impact blowing Giranbo away. The doppelgängers then disappeared.



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