Chapter 56 The Mysterious Missing Children Case (7)

Chapter 56 The Mysterious Missing Children Case (7)

The breeze blew gently, and the warm sunlight covered the earth.

The sky was so blue, with not even a trace of anything floating, as if all the variegated colors had been filtered out, the light shone magnificently.

If you don’t count those children who were look dull like dolls, everything would be perfect.

Jiang Qi who turned into Zero clenched his fists. Looking at these dull expression of these children, his eyes were burning with rage.

“A Zhe, 12 years and 3 months old before missing.”
“A Liang, 15 years and 3 months old before missing.”
“Nana, 10 and a half years old before missing.”


Jiang Qi had seen these children’s face from the data before.

“Damn it!!!”

Jiang Qi was already confirmed in his mind who was the one responsible for this.


Suddenly, a strand laugh appeared behind Jiang Qi, he subconsciously fired a light bullet but it was blocked in the air.

“It is really you!! Gi! Ran! Bo!”

Jiang Qi looked at the witch floating in the air, pronounced her name word by word.

“I never thought that there would be someone capable of breaking in here.”

Giranbo didn’t understand Jiang Qi’s fury, but instead sighed and said, making Jiang Qi’s fury to burned even more.

“Cut the small talk!!”

Jiang Qi impatiently shouted, the Zero Sluggers on his head separated and flew toward Giranbo. At the same time, Jiang Qi leaped up and kicked at Giranbo with his right leg burning in flame.


The strange voice emerged again, and Giranbo unexpectedly disappeared from midair, making Jiang Qi’s attacks to miss.


With the burning leg and returning Sluggers, Jiang Qi’s light eyes flashed indefinitely looking around.

God know where this witch will suddenly popped up?


The weird laughed rang up again. Jiang Qi did not think much, he immediately sweep his right leg behind.

The flame streaked across the air, leaving the trace of fire red color along its path, this strike……hit only empty air.

Damn it!!

Feeling the energy in his body started to decline, Jiang Qi’s heart was tense, because this Ultraman Zero was a bit different from other Ultraman.

His time of activity was determined by his own percentage of energy.

If he continued to waste his energy like this, his energy would be rapidly used up.

The flame on his right leg died down, Jiang Qi cautiously looked around.

“Don’t attack anymore?”

The witch appeared behind Jiang Qi again. As if to understand his intention, she laughed and said : “I am the owner of this space, therefore, I am the one in control here.”

His gaze focused, Jiang Qi swiftly rushed, clenching his left fist and punched at the witch’s face.


This time his attack ‘hit’ the target, only to pass through it.

“Like I said earlier, in this space, I am the ruler.”

Still smiling, the witch extended both arms.

“Let me show you my power.”


Seeing the witch’s movement, Jiang Qi was on guard, however the witch clutched both her hands, and Jiang Qi unexpectedly floated up.


His four limbs felt like it was shackled by something, and even with Jiang Qi’s strength, he actually couldn’t struggle free.


Slowly floated up, the witch looked at Jiang Qi and smile pleasingly.

“What’s matter? Couldn’t take it anymore?”

The witch looked at Jiang Qi and mocked him, then she punched his stomach.


Jiang Qi did not has any reaction, this level of strength was only around ordinary adult.


And Jiang Qi was different, the witch felt as if her hand broke, she quickly pulled her hand back and floated down.

“Hump! What’s matter? Couldn’t take it anymore?”

Jiang Qi looked down at the witch and suddenly mocked her, making the witch’s figure to tremble.

Same as in the show, the same dialogue, but with different position.

He witch lifted her head, firmly looking at Jiang Qi : “You’ll regret this!”

Then, without waiting for Jiang Qi to respond, the witch extended her right hand to grab a child.

That hypnotized child had a blank expression, still in his pajamas.

“Now then…..what is this?”

The witch floated up and held the child in front of Jiang Qi’s eyes, swaying him and pleasingly asked.

“Bastard!! Let him go!”

Seeing the child, Jiang Qi’s heart shook, immediately struggled.

“Let go?”
The witch was stunned, expectedly nodded and said : “I am holding him, I will let him go!”

The witch suddenly released her hand, the child was like the kite that its string was cut, fell down.

Jiang Qi struggled even more fiercely, but he couldn’t struggled free at all.

Suddenly, the witch unexpectedly caught the falling child.

“I am playing with you! You fool!!” (tl: wow, even enemy know!)

The witch laughed, her body was shaking.

“A thing, who would throw it away before it was used?”

The witch put the child to the ground, stroked his head and said to Jiang Qi.

“You….what do you wan to do?”

Jiang Qi felt bad premonition in his heart.

“Me? Hahaha……”

The witch hearing Jiang Qi’s question, immediately laughed.

“I certainly want to throw these children into the dream graveyard!”

The witch used her rough like bark palm of her to lift up the child’s head.

“A child, his childhood should be like a puppet, only fulfilled the instructions of adults!”

Speaking to this, the witch moved her face to the child’s ear, slowly opened her mouth.

“Let him go!!!”
Jiang Qi struggled, but his action did not took the attention of the witch.

Gradually, the stream of rainbow light poured out from the child’s ear and entered into the witch’s mouth.

And the child’s expression became twisted, trying to struggle in the witch’s embrace.

But the witch did no upset with all of this at all, she kept absorbing the light. And as the stream of rainbow light started to reduced, the child’s expression also started to became dull and the struggle expression also decreased, until he had the dull expression…….same as those children.


Jiang Qi’s heart was filled with the feeling of wrath, and powerlessness.

If only……he was stronger, this kind of things wouldn’t happen.

For the first time, Jiang Qi truly desired to became stronger.

As if know of Jiang Qi’s desire, a stream of power started to flowed inside his body.


The witch laughed heartily and arrogantly, tossing the child away like a garbage to the ground.

The witch looked up, seeing Jiang Qi clenching his fists, became satisfied, then she grabbed another child from behind.

She lifted his head up, then talked to Jiang Qi : “I will let you see with your own eyes how these children will be robbed of their dream and turn into puppets.”

Saying that, the witch once again draw close to this child’s ear.


Suddenly, the witch seemed to sense something wrong, she lifted her head to looked and became dumbfounded.




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