Chapter 55 The Mysterious Missing Children Case (6)

Chapter 55 The Mysterious Missing Children Case (6)

In the supervisory control room, many people were silent and looked at each other. It was very clear that they did not believe this.

“I am telling the truth……” the policeman, Zhang Shaofeng, was full of hopelessness. He never expected that when he risking his life to returned, he would ended up in such a sorry state.

“Who would believe you are telling the truth?”

Du Yuan sneered and looked down on Zhang Shaofeng.

“I believe you!”

Suddenly a voice rang out, causing everyone to focus on the owner of the voice.

“You believe him?”

Du Yuan frowned and looked at the youth, asked : “Why?”

“No reason……I believe him!”
Jiang Qi stood up, calmly looked at Du Yuan.

He naturally couldn’t say that he remembered what’s going on, it should be the plot of the different dimensional being, Giranbo.

It appeared as old lady to gave out the sweets to children. The children who ate the sweets would be hypnotized to sleepwalk to enter the witch’s large pumpkin house by themselves. She would then absorbed their dream from ears.

Speaking of sweets, Jiang Qi’s vision landed on the girl sitting on the chair nearby, licking the lollipop.

“Put down the lollipop!”
Looking at the girl, Jiang Qi frowned and said.

“Little qi!”
Jiang Xue looked over, seeing her little sister still ate the lollipop, she snatched it away.

Jiang qi pouted, she just only ate a little bit. If the logic based on what that person said, then this candy should be abnormal and should had the effect similar to hypnotize the people who was baited to eat the candy. Therefore, Jiang qi was at risk.

Clearly, Jiang qi won the bet.

Jiang Liu silently looked at his daughter, sigh a big breath, knowing her better, he naturally understood her thought.

Only Jiang Qi didn’t know, he found himself in a wolf’s lair of a cunning family of three.

“Hump! Childish!”
Seeing Jiang Qi unreasonably refuted him, Du Yuan snorted.

“Can you tell me the approximate location?”

Jiang Qi did not pay attention to Du Yuan, but squatted down and asked Zhang Shaofeng.


Zhang Shaofeng nodded, he rushed to Jiang Qi and whispered to his ear.

After hearing it, Jiang Qi supported Zhang Shaofeng to sit down, then he immediately walked out.

“Coward, where are you going?”

Knowing that Jiang Qi was going to do something, the girl hastily asked.

“Since everyone didn’t believe him, then I will just go by myself.”

He opened the door and said without turning back : “This is my individual action, if there is any accidents, I will assume the responsibility.”

“Mister Jiang Liu, is this your people?”

Du Yuan gloomily said to Jiang Liu.

“When is my people have to obtain your permission?” Jiang Liu didn’t look at Du Yuan, but said to Jiang Xue : “Go take a look.”

Jiang Xue nodded and immediately walked out.


Seeing Jiang Xue also opened the door and walked out, Du Yuan’s face became absurd and looked at Jiang Liu.

But Jiang Liu already put Du Yuan to the back of his head. As for Chen Lin who was drinking water also didn’t care about Du Yuan, after all he was indeed too much.


The dark alleys revealed the burst of coldness, but Jiang Qi did not feel it.

Looking at the girl in front of him, pulling his hand, Jiang Qi’s heart was dancing, and his face was red hot.

“Is it here?”
Jiang Xue’s word woke him up. The latter stammered speaking.

Jiang Xue did not hear clearly so she turned and looked at his face : “Why do your face become so red?”

“Not……It’s nothing.”

Jiang Qi took a deep breath and said : “That man only told me to this neighborhood.”
“Then how do we find it?”

Jiang Xue let go of Jiang Qi’s hand, and looked around : “This neighborhood doesn’t seem to be able to hide people.”

“Perhaps that child can tell us.”

Suddenly, Jiang Qi gaze at the alley and spoke.



“You are monster……”

A group of fierce people pushed a child into the corner of the alley. The child’s face was covered with black spots and had a horn on his head.

“No, I’m not……”

The child shook his head, his eyes filled with tear.

“What nonsense?? Quickly burn this monster to death…..”

A fat man stood up and said.

“Burn him…..burn him……”


When Giranbo arrived at the scene, she found out that her child was already die, he was burned alive to death. Human even cut her child’s head to served as offering item.

On that day, she killed, the first time she killed, her heart began to freeze, and when she saw humans, she killed.

Until one day, she met a black clothes person. That black clothes person gave her a crystal and said, when the crystal’s energy was filled, it could revive her child.

And the only way to gather the energy was to absorb the light of child’s hope.
From then on, she walked on the road of no return.


Holding the shining crystal in her hands, Giranbo stroke it with utmost care.

Soon, Very soon, when I gather enough, I will bring you far away from this place……


Suddenly, Giranbo put down the crystal, she sensed that there were someone broke into her space.

Swinging her robe, Giranbo left.


Looking at the gloomy surrounding, Jiang Xue slight pursed her mouth, she never expected that there would be an another dimension in here.

And Jiang Qi hit the child to unconsciousness without hesitation.
“What are you doing?”

Jiang Xue seeing Jiang Qi’s action, quickly supported the child.

“This is the most effective and also the most direct method.”

Jiang Qi looked at the pumpkin house in the front and said to Jiang Xue : “I will go take a look inside. You stay here take care of this child and stop other children.”

“You are going alone?”

Jiang Xue frowned looking at Jiang Qi. She was unconvinced and said : “Can you do it?”

“Try making a phone call.”

Jiang Qi made a phone call gesture, then quickly ran toward the house.

“Phone call?”

Jiang Xue rolled her eyes, there is no signal here, how can I make a call?

But she believed in Jiang Qi and also was worried about other children appearing here, so Jiang Xue did not followed him.

She only gaze at the running Jiang Qi worryingly.


Before entered the pumpkin house, Jiang Qi confirmed that Jiang Xue did not follow him.

He put his left arm horizontally to the chest, then Ultra Zero Eye appear and moved to Jiang Qi’s eyes.


The light flashed, and the giant with sluggers on the head and sharp eyes appeared in small-size.

Jiang Qi did not want to repeat Daigo’s situation, therefore he immediately transformed.

Regarding of this kind of monster who stole children’s dream, Jiang Qi did not has anything to say.


Suddenly in the pumpkin house, a door suddenly opened, and there was a white light inside.

Finally appeared?

Jiang Qi rubbed his thumb at the tip of his nose, like a phantom, he charged into the door.

Then the door closed.


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