Chapter 54 The Mysterious Missing Children Case (5)

Chapter 54 The Mysterious Missing Children Case (5)

“I need to go to the toilet……”

Two people was returning, suddenly one of them said while put his hand on the stomach.

The policeman widened his eyes, looking at his colleague, he scratched his head and felt something was not right.

But because of his trust in his comrade, he did not think more, believe that he might just eat some bad food.

However, as he was about to reach the supervisory control room’s door, he was stopped by another police officer.

“Which department are you from?”

The policeman who stopped him had a firm expression and serious voice.

“Reporting! I come to report about the situation.”

He immediately saluted, then answered.

“Report the situation.”

The police officer narrowed his eyes and looked at the lollipop in his hand and said : “You are really brazen.”

“Err……this is……”

He looked and understood that his superior misunderstood him. He wanted to explain but was interrupted by his superior.

“Who give you the permission to purchase lollipop while on duty.”

“This is……..”

He shook his head, trying to speak, but was interrupted again.

“Do you forget our duty? We have the responsibility to protect people, did you do that?”

Looking at the superior righteously spoke, he wanted to cry. (tl:Jiang Qi no.2)

“No, you misunderstand me……this actually…..”

“Give me the lollipop.”

The police officer did not has the thought of listening at all, instead he extended his hand.


He wanted to explained one last time but seeing his superior knitted his brows, he hastily handed lollipop over.

“Continue patrolling!”

Taking the lollipop, the police officer roared at him, after that…..well, there was no after.

Looking at that policeman’s back, the police officer coldly snorted and enter the supervisory control room.

Jiang Liu and others was discussing in the supervisory control room when the door was opened.

“Du Yuan!”

Seeing the person came in, Chen Lin smiled and said to everyone : “This is my colleague, Du Yuan. He is very capable man.”

Du Yuan also nodded to everyone and self-introduced: “Du Yuan, please advice me.”

There was a bit of arrogance in his eyes, making Jiang Liu to feel a little uncomfortable.

He normally disliked this kind of person the most, who was very arrogant but their own ability couldn’t keep up. As for what Chen Lin had said, it was just her opinion.

Turning his head to looked at Jiang Qi who was frowning and thinking, he lifted his mouth, our Jiang Qi was still better.

“Miss Jiang qi, this lollipop is for you.” (tl: wow)

Duan Yu walked pass Chen Lin and arrived to Jiang qi, and gave lollipop to her.


Jiang qi was flabbergasted. She awkwardly looked at her emotionless father, then looked at Chen Lin, and then took the lollipop.

“You are like this lollipop, sweet and lively.”

Seeing Jiang qi took the lollipops, Du Yuan’s smiling expression became stronger, and he praised Jiang qi.


Seeing his daughter was flirted, Jiang Liu heavily cough, this guy should glad that he was now on a wheelchair, or else he would make him crippled for the rest of his life.

“What important now is not to talk with my sister, but to solve the case right?”

Didn’t need to cough like her father, Jiang Xue directly stopped Du Yuan.

“Yes, Miss Jiang Xue.”

Fixing his eyes on Jiang Xue’s fair face, Du Yuan smiled and nodded, then he returned to behind Chen Lin.

“Big sis, how does he know my name?”

When Du Yuan was already far, Jiang qi leaned to Jiang Xue’s side and asked.

“You don’t know him?”

Jiang Xue hearing that, her expression changed, she thought that they know each other.

“I has never saw him before.”

Jiang qi told Jiang Xue in low voice.


Hearing Jiang qi, Jiang Xue narrowed her eyes and looked at Du Yuan. As if he could sense her gaze, Du Yuan looked back, smiled and nodded at them.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Xue also nodded back, making Du Yuan stunned.

Looking at Jiang Xue’s beautiful face, there was a hint of lust in Du Yuan’s eyes.

Seem like it became more and more interesting.

Regarding the men’s little tricks, Jiang Liu kept looking, Jiang Liu however continuously kept looking at the lollipop.

Didn’t know why, he felt that this lollipop was very crucial, something seemed to emerge in his mind.

“You look at what…..”

Jiang qi turned her head and saw this coward staring at her lollipop, so she chided at him in low voice.”


Jiang Qi puzzlingly looked at Jiang qi.

What’s up with this miss?

Seeing Jiang Qi’s puzzled appearance, Jiang qi became angry. She put the lollipop into her mouth and licked it exaggeratedly, then held her head high toward Jiang Qi.


Are you a child?

Jiang Qi rolled his eyes and did not looked at Jiang qi again, instead he became silent.

The control room fell into a heavy silent for a long time.

“Alright, we should take some rest.”

Seeing the dull atmosphere, Chen Lin clapped her hand and spoke.

Hearing that, everyone nodded, then took their stuff preparing to leave.


Suddenly, the door was smashed opened, and a police officer covered in blood came in and fell down, making everyone to became alerted.

Only Jiang Qi stepped forward, lifted that person up and leaned him to sat against the wall.

“Are you alright?”

Jiang Qi patted that person’s face, uneasily asked.

“I……I knows who……kidnap the children……”

That person’s words made everyone stood up, err, except Jiang Liu. (tl : obviously)


Du Yuan pushed Jiang Qi away, he squatted down and asked.

“An old witch who sells lollipop at night……”

That person panted heavily and said : “That old witch…..we met her……she…….keep giving the lollipops……to the children…….we felt something wrong…….chased the witch……there was a lollipop……as evidence…… partner…….bring it back…….as evidence.”

Upon hearing this, Du Yuan’s expression changed, seeing the emotionless Jiang qi holding lollipop, his expression became dark.

“The witch’s base is the pumpkin house floating on the river……”

The policeman still didn’t finished but was interrupted by Du Yuan : “You talk about the witch giving out lollipops, then why didn’t you confiscated all the lollipops at that time, or arrested the witch?”

“We……we did not know at that time, also we couldn’t arrest people according to one’s wished.”

Hearing Du Yuan’s words, the policeman tried to explain.

“You should rather faulty kill all than let one slip.”

“Du Yuan!!”
Du Yuan’s word made many people to feel discontented, Chen Lin immediately shouted at Du Yuan.

Realized that he said something wrong, Du Yuan immediately added : “

“Also, if there is a pumpkin house floating on the river, shouldn’t we already investigate it?”

“It’s there……It’s really there……”
Seeing his founding was declined, the police officer anxiously said to everyone.

“Then tell me, where is it?”
Du Yuan narrowed his eyes and asked.

“I……I don’t know, that place come out of nowhere……”
The police officer wanted to answer, but found out that he couldn’t answer.

“HumphHumph…..still don’t admit telling a lie?”
Du Yuan shook his head, his expression became cold, then he turned to asked everyone: “Who would believes this?”



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