Chapter 52 The Mysterious Missing Children Case (3)

Chapter 52 The Mysterious Missing Children Case (3)

The dark night, as if the boundless of black ink was heavily painted to the sky, even the glimmer of the stars couldn’t be seen.

The street was like a calm river, laying in the thick shadow of the tree, only those rustling noise of the leaves due to the rain and wind, seemingly to recall the lively and bustling of the day.

In a lodge which was their supervisory control room, Jiang Liu and others were still there to look at the recording of two days.

“Wait a minute, replay this part again.”

Jiang Liu holding his chin in his hand, leaned forward and said to policeman.

Jiang Qi couldn’t help but sent the supercilious look over, how many time already? Still don’t see enough?

Jiang Liu did not know about Jiang Qi’s thought, his entire focus was right now on the video recording.

He didn’t know why, but there was something in this part!

“This part, enlarge it as much as possible.”

Jiang Liu seemed to suddenly find something, his eyes shone, and he pointed at a part of video.

Although the policeman was somewhat impatient, but he still done what Jiang Liu said, enlarge a part of video.

“This is……”
After that part of video was enlarged, everyone in the room discovered something wrong. The mirror in that part of the video had a reflection of person in it!!!

One must know, the several hour in this part of video was automatically recording, in other word, there was no one in this place, so how do you explain the figure in this mirror?

Also, that person’s image stayed there for around 10 seconds.

“Change to the video of other days!”

Jiang Liu decisively said, waking several stunned souls up. These people were also beginning to feel the strangeness of this matter, so they immediately changed the video to the past few days.

In a moment, the atmosphere in the room became tense, because, they could find the reflection of this person in every video of the other days.

Is this a ghost??

This thought appeared in everyone’s minds but was immediately dropped. There was no such thing as ghost. This must be the criminal messing with them.

“Could this ghost be created by monster?”

Jiang Qi who was looking at the figure in the mirror, felt like he had seen it somewhere, asked.


Jiang Liu did not speak, only closely stare at the figure in the screen.

“How can you be so timid?”

A policeman hearing Jiang Qi’s word, creased his brows and rebuked him : “You just pushes anything scaring to monster.”

“Exactly……” A security guard also nodded and chimed in : “Isn’t that clearly human body in the screen? Or could it be that human can turn into the monster?”


Contrary to everyone’s expectation, Jiang Qi did not refute, he slowly said : “Human indeed can’t transform into the monster, but……”

Jiang Qi sharply said : “Who set the rule that monster can’t transform into human?”


That security guard was dumbfounded but also understood, indeed, there was no rule that monster can not transform into human!

But they still didn’t want to acknowledge this, because encountering with monster was absolutely not good thing at all.

“Nonsense, isn’t the monster very big?”

Hearing these people’s refusing tone, Jiang Qi shook his finger and asked back : “Can you swear to the heaven that every monster has to be big?”


That person shut his mouth, he did not dare to swear that.

Seeing that Jiang Qi had an upper hand, Jiang Liu interrupted their argument then said : “Our most important task right now is to figure out to how to catch this thing.”

Do pay attention that Jiang Liu used word “thing” for criminal, in other word, Jiang Liu also did not believe that this criminal was human.

As the room sank into period of silent again, there were suddenly knocks on the door, a security guard went to open it.

“You really are here!”

Suddenly, Jiang Liu was slightly startle hearing a familiar sound, he turned his wheelchair over and saw a woman, and became dumbfounded.

Jiang Qi also looked at the door and saw a over 20 years old woman. She wore simple and clean clothes and her hair was tied with a leather band. She looked very calm and capable.

And what was even more interesting was that, when she appeared, all security guards stood up and saluted her.

“Inspector Chen!”

This woman was actually an inspector? Also, Jiang Qi between Jiang Liu and this woman, It seemed there was something fishy between these two.

“What’s up with your legs?”

This woman did not care about these men, but directly moved toward Jiang Liu and her expression became very alarmed and angry.

“It’s nothing, just an accident.”

Jiang Liu indifferently said, averting this topic.

This woman seeing that Jiang Liu did not want to talk about it also didn’t force him. She straightened up her feeling and said to Jiang Liu : “We were also involve in the investigation of this case, therefore…..”

“Therefore you wanted to work together?”

Jiang Liu continued this woman’s words.


Seeing her nodded, Jiang Liu smiled and said : “It’s a pity though, we don’t have any clue except that this guy might not be a human.”

“…….How do you know?”

Upon hearing that, the woman’s expression immediately became solemn.

Jiang Liu did not speak much, but immediately gave her a few video recording to see, and then her expression became even more solemn.

“Do you have any measure?”

After finished looking the video, the woman became silent for a long time, then she asked.

“There is one, but you can’t do it.”

Jiang Liu said after pondered a bit.

“What measure? Just speak it out!”

Everyone in the room perked their ears up and attentively listened.

“Reluctant to part with the child can not get the wolf……”

After Jiang Liu finished speaking, Jiang Qi couldn’t help but put his hand on his forehead.

The people in this room were no fools, so they naturally understood Jiang Liu’s idea, that was to gather children to bait this “thing”.

“This measure won’t do, where do we get the children from?”

The woman immediately denied this idea.

“Also, there is no parent that would use their own children as baits.”

Jiang Xue also did not agree with this idea.

“The most worrisome about this is the children are death and the wolf got away, because after all, for this wolf, we may not have ability to capture it.”

Jiang Qi at the side murmured to himself, which drew the woman’s attention.

“This one is……”

See the suspicious in the woman’s eyes, Jiang Qi’s heart felt like was stampeded by thousands of horse, he became completely silent.

So you venerable is paying attention at me now?

“Just a male worker, you don’t need to care about him.”

Jiang Liu’s casual answer made Jiang Qi wanted to vomited blood even more.

Seeing Jiang Qi, the two sisters laughed in their hearts.

Jiang Qi quietly came to two sisters’ side and asked in low voice : “Who is this inspector Chen? She seemed to be very difficult to deal with.”

“She is our aunt, aunt of the bride!”

Jiang qi hopped from the side and said, it’s just that the voice was a bit loud so everyone heard it.

That made Jiang Qi’s mind to immediately crumbled, my great aunt, why do you speak so loud?

The woman smiled faintly. She walked before Jiang Qi and said : “My name is Chen Lin.”

“Jiang Qi!”

Jiang Qi hastily shook hand with Chen Lin, then Chen Lin stepped back and suddenly felt a bit familiar impression.

“Did we meet somewhere before?”




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