Chapter 51 The Mysterious Missing Children Case (2)

Chapter 51 The Mysterious Missing Children Case (2)

Time quickly passed, and now the sky already turned black, the pedestrian on the street also became few.

But in the vicinity of the Street Garden, this was just the beginning.

The handover of work to Jiang Liu and others had just been completed, they were going to staring working now.

They started to investigate from the nearby area.

“We are going to look for something this way?”

Jiang Qi pushing Jiang Liu’s wheelchair murmured.

“Based on our conclusion, the children only continue to be missing in this neighborhood.
If I’m not wrong, the suspect should be in this area.”

Jiang Liu who sat on the wheel chair heard Jiang Qi’s question and explained.

“But what we can think of, the suspect should too. Then this neighborhood shouldn’t have the suspect hiding in it?”

Jiang Qi immediately refuted against Jiang Liu’s concept. If it was really like that, then the police should already solved this cased by now.

“Those people were thinking like you.”

Jiang Liu did not turned his head but already understood what Jiang Qi had in mind.

He then turned to looked at Jiang Qi with scornful glance.

“Thus, when they did the investigation, they did not focus in this direction.”

“But if the suspect is really hided in this vicinity, then wouldn’t it be good?”

Jiang Qi tilted his head, still did not think highly of this patrol.

“The most dangerous place is also the safest place.”

Jiang Liu looked at the distant policemen, the little bit of uncertainty flashed in his expression.

“I am still puzzled about one point.”


Hearing that Jiang Liu was feeling uncertain, Jiang Qi became lively immediately and asked.

“If you wanted kidnap a child, how would you do it?”

Jiang Liu did answered but asked Jiang Qi back instead.

“If one wanted to kidnap a child, it should be for the money, if the kidnapper did threaten the parent, then they ought to sell the child off.”

Jiang Qi pondered and slowly said.

“The parents of the missing children did not receive any extortion message, so extortion and blackmail can be eliminated.”

Jiang Liu took a deep breath and said : “According to you, the suspect should sell off the children then.”

“According to the information, there are at least one hundred missing children, and in the recent surveillance video, there is no information showing that some people are leaving the province.” (tl: 100!? That’s big)

Jiang Liu slowly said, his face became a bit pale, after all he was still injured.

“Could it be that they want to transport everyone off together.”

Jiang Qi did not aware of Jiang Liu’s condition, he pondered for a bit and asked.

“That kind of goal is too difficult.”

Jiang Liu closed his eyes and refused to think about it. Then he opened his eyes and said: “Maybe there are other passages to the outside, or these children have not been sold out, but hidden in some place.”

“In other word, the children might be hidden in this neighborhood?”

Jiang Qi nodded, then slowly said.

“You brat are not completely stupid after all!”

Jiang Liu’s words leisurely reached Jiang Qi’s ears, making his face became black.

“But there are still suspicious places.”

The uncertainty on Jiang Liu’s face became stronger, he held his jaw between his fingers then said : “Why is the children keep missing in this vicinity? Could it be that the culprit is not afraid of being suspected?”

“Maybe it’s like you said, the most dangerous place is also the safest.”

Jiang Qi quietly answered.

“No, my thought is that children was missing in many places. Why is the culprit insist on kidnapping here.”

Jiang Liu slowly pondered, and then continued: “Also, the missing children are not those who are one or two years old, but rather eleven or twelve years old, they have the most basic ability to recognize.”


“It should not be monster right?”

Jiang Qi spoke out of the blue, making the pondering Jiang Liu dumbfounded.

“May be it is……”


Jiang Qi blankly looked at Jiang Liu, hearing him explained : “ The monster might retain their beastly nature? Then eating people might not be surprising.”

“……what’s surprising is that why eat children.”

Jiang Qi continued asking.

Jiang Liu only smiled faintly then said : “If it is really monster, then I can only say, we should go buy the lottery.”

Really, excluding the first and the second time, their rates of encounter monsters already reached 50%, and Jiang Qi even met them all, this kind of luck, if was not used in lottery, should really incurred the heaven’s wrath.


Jiang Qi looked at his left wrist and had a ominous premonition in his mind. According to the shows, Ultraman tend to frequently triggered “Run into each other at street corner” events with small monsters.
(tl: 转角遇到爱 as in typical VN where boy crash into girl at the corner of the street while running to school, with probably bread in their mouth.)

Don’t tell me it was really monster.

Jiang Liu did not notice how Jiang Qi’s expression was so brilliantly right now, he currently felt headache like his head was going to explode.

“We are returning.”

After speaking, Jiang Liu’s face became pale again.


Hearing Jiang spoke weakly, Jiang Qi nodded and pushed Jiang Liu back.


“How boring……”

Jiang qi looked at her sister who was leafing through the data of lost children, and couldn’t help but spoke.

“Then you should go find a place to play.”

Jiang Xue said without lifting her head, then she continued to focus leafing through the data with frowning brows.

Because she also noticed the suspicious points here.

The ages of missing children were not small. This neighborhood had many 7-9 years old children which usually was the kidnapper’s preference target. But that was not the case here, on the contrary, the missing children were the ones who capable of moving alone by themselves.

“Big sis~~”

Jiang qi acted spoiled and squeezed into Jiang Xue’s bosom.

“You go find father, Big sis find something strange here.”

Jiang Xue couldn’t help but put down the data and spoke to Jiang qi


Jiang qi pouted, shaking her head : “It is even more boring with father there, beside, that coward is also there, I definitely won’t go.”

Hearing Jiang Qi was mentioned, Jiang Xue recalled that event at night from before and couldn’t help but blushed red.

After hastily shaking her head, she then pinched Jiang qi’s nose and said : “Stubborned kid.”

That was clearly for Jiang Qi to take care of Jiang Liu, and yet this kid was still so tight lipped.

“Big sis~”

Jiang qi continued to act spoiled in Jiang Xue’s bosom.


Jiang Xue couldn’t help but temporarily laid down the work in her hands and played with Jiang qi.


Suddenly, there were noise from the door.

Jiang Xue immediately went to open it since it might be Jiang Liu.

“Eh? Auntie Chen?”

Seeing the woman who knocked the door, Jiang Xue became dumbfounded at first then shouted out in pleasantly surprised.



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