Chapter 5 The Ministry of National Defense was wiped out?

Chapter 5 The Ministry of National Defense was wiped out?

“Da. Da.. Da..”

Bullet firing up like a fire snake, hit the mechanical life form and created sparks on his body.


Suddenly, the blue jewel in the mechanical creature’s chest shone, then the light, like a liquid, flowed along the body’s stripes to the limbs, emitting dark blue light.

After the light flow all over the body, its eyes shone red, and its body also covered with dazzling light.

Stunned, the creature raised its feet and slowly stamped the ground. When its feet touched the ground, a blue shockwave suddenly spread out powerfully, submerged the surrounding building with the light.

Those soldiers who were near the creature died with their bodies destroyed, while for those who were far from it lose their limbs and all their fighting ability.

“Sir, you have to escape!”

A few soldier shouted to the old man.


The old man stared at the mechanical life

“I can’t abandon my soldiers!”

“But, sir, don’t forget why they were sacrificed!”

The soldier suddenly turned and shouted to the old man, “If something happens to you, their death will be in vain.”

“Quickly escape!”

The soldier said while pushing the old man to the chopper, and he watched it flew to the safe height then resuming his gaze.

“Hey, Guys! We’re going to deal with a big guy now!”

While the soldier armed with his weapon, he smiled to the others and said: ”we will live with this base!”

“Kevin, are you going to steal my spotlight this time ?”

A black man grinned and took the lead in pulled out his gun.

“Come on, Monster!”

The black man shouted and fired the bullets like there is no tomorrow

The soldier’s madness inspired those who were still fighting, and they stood up, picked up their guns and continued fighting.

“Isn’t there a lot of powerful secret weapons here ?”

Kevin leaned on the cover and quickly finished a mag of bullets and asked the soldiers to him.

“our armory was destroyed when the monster came!”

The soldier shouted back without turning his head.

“Damn it !”

Kevin retorted while throwing his gun, the soldiers here did not carry enough ammunition, with the case of their armory destruction, the ammo were even less.

And glancing at the unharmed monster, even with enough ammo it was probably useless.

He took out a grenade, pull out the safety pin and throw it to the monster.


After grenade’s sound faded, the creature stopped and shine with more light.

When the soldiers having a bad feeling, it moved again.

The left foot suddenly raised, Blu-ray surge, lining into a giant wave, spreading to the periphery, the left hand spraying a thick beam of light, destroying anything where the light touched.

After that, the mechanical creature suddenly raised its right foot and the right hand once again shooting another blue light beam, sweeping the battlefield, and then, bumping its fist together, charging in many rays of light, then separate its fist, and made a full swing hammering the ground……..

New York at 12 o’clock. Many people on the road saw the distant beam brighter than the sun.


“An once fallen hell.”

Death and Rebirth of the human.

Lost in the dark,

Though the soul is long gone,

The giant of light,

Shall always guarding them”

Jiang Qi saliva was almost gone while touching the ruins here.

Everything was in the ancient Greek style architecture, with the evening background, capturing the mood in the photo.

Excited, Jiang Qi immediately took out his phone to capture it, Encountered this scene was enough for students to boast.

But strangely, he could not get the photo, only a blank picture.

Not believing it, Jiang Qi took a picture again, but it was still a white photo.

“Objects in different spaces create a mutual exclusion of magnetic fields, so you can’t taking the picture here.”

Suddenly, Jiang Qi heard a soft voice behind, scared, he immediately put away his phone.

He turned around and found a girl with a strange cloth.

Having a twin tail tied with a red bow and a round face, it gave a very gentle feeling. Her skin was very white, even whiter than any girl Jiang Qi had seen. She had a willow curved eyebrows, and combine with that narrow crescent-like eye gave out a beautiful scenery. She’s wore a white witch costume, and she held a book at her chest, showing some text that almost look like cuneiform that Jiang Qi didn’t know.

“uh—- that, I didn’t mean to.”

Jiang Qi scratched his head, embarrassed to explain that he did not how to he came here.

“It’s all right, there’s no one here for a long time. ”

The girl narrowed her eyes, looked very happy said, and then stretched out her hand, facing Jiang Qi said: “You has a very familiar smell, my name is Liuli.”

Two hands touched, and they were stunned for a moment. Jiang Qi was stunned for a moment because the girl’s hand was icy, like a cold soda, and that girl was stunned because … …

“Oh! Your heart … It feels so fragile?”

Liuli smiled suddenly disappeared, replaced by a serious face, it seems to be a serious problem.

Jiang Qi was surprised when he heard the question : “Amazing! Knowing that with just a touch!”

“Don’t worry.”

Jiang Qi waved his hand and said: “This is my family genetic, but none of our families have died under the age of 60, and my grandpa is still alive.”

Seeing Jiang Qi’s attitude, Liuli frowned and softly said: “Your situation is different …“

“What is the difference?”

Jiang Qi froze a moment, asked, this was related to his own life, since she could identify his heart problems, she might really know.

“It’s nothing……”

Liuli Shook her head and said: “You … Be careful…”


Jiang Qi nodded his head strangely, and asked : “you said it has been a long time since someone was here, so how long you have been here ?”

Liuli answered melancholy.

“I don’t know, it’s been too long.”

Jiang Qi curiously asked while looked around for a moment.

“So where is this place?”

Liuli slowly answered

“The subspace of the Earth. ”

“How I did come here ?”

Jiang Qi asked again, this question was crucial.

“You had to ask that yourself.”

The girl answered Jiang Qi with a mysterious smile.

“Ask myself? I obviously….”

Suddenly, Jiang Qi face went dark and fiercely……pinched his cheek……




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