Chapter 49 The Mysterious Insignia

Chapter 49 The Mysterious Insignia

After the incident in hospital, the world enter into the period of peace, and no monster did appeared again as if these kind of things never really happen. Only the constructed building proved that everything was not a dream.

Many people were anxious and wanted to moved their house.

But where could they move to?

The humanity at present was still in state of panic, there were monster inside and aliens outside.

To let the citizens felt at ease, the government specially appointed patrol team to each city, taking turn every morning and evening.

But all of this didn’t matter to Jiang Qi and others, right now he should be worried about Jiang Liu’s question.


Sunlight shone through the sky, sprinkled onto the soil. The cloud drift on the sky, weaving into the golden sheet. The air was brimming with soft and warm feeling.

Frankly speaking, this kind of unsophisticated scene should not happen in this weather!

At the hospital’s door was bustling with the crowds of people, a middle age man emotionlessly was pushing the wheelchair he sat on forward.


Jiang qi stopped Jiang Liu’s wheelchair, seriously looked at him and said : “Why do you insist on leaving hospital?”

“That’s right.”

Jiang Xue also came to persuade : “The doctor said that you aren’t not completely heal yet, you should continue healing here!”

Jiang Liu did not say anything to them. He looked displeased, then turned his head to asked the doctor behind him : “I am here…….can you help me get better?”


That doctor took a moment hesitated a bit then said : “It is not impossible……”


Without waiting for doctor to finished saying, Jiang Liu snorted, and pushed the wheelchair forward.


Jiang Xue stopped Jiang Liu again, saying : “You should go back and stay in hospital!”
“Return to hospital?”

Jiang Liu looked around and asked Jiang Qi : “Smelly brat, do you think so?”

“?? Emm…..”

Jiang Qi awkwardly scratched his head, he actually understood why Jiang Liu wanted to leave hospital, but looking at Jiang Xue’s threaten expression, his heart thumped.

“I also think that you should stay in hospital to observe your condition.

Jiang Qi immediately answered without thinking.


Jiang Liu’s expression was dark, he looked between Jiang Qi and Jiang Xue, then pushed wheelchair forward.


The two sisters stomped their feet, they could only followed him.

Seeing Jiang Liu even though in poor health, he still had the usual attitude, Jiang Qi also gasped in admiration in his heart.

Didn’t expect that this good-for-nothing uncle to recovered so fast!

Jiang Qi himself was okay, being Zero’s human form. If he did not has the insane recovery ability, he might has to say goodbye to this world now.

As for Jiang Liu, after around a dozen of days pacing between life and death, now he actually……..

Jiang Qi knew that Jiang Liu was really fine, so he said to the doctors behind : “You guys still need to lok after those victims, just…….leave chief to me!”

After hesitated a little while, the doctors slowly returned, Jiang Qi also chased after Jiang Xue and others.


At the other side, at the side of the Beiwu city ruined by battle, a person in black cloth cam out from the forest.

“A familiar scent……”

The person in black cloth inhaled a breath, and slowly said after a while.

He slowly walked to the ancestral hall on Yan-Huang mountain, stroking these still preserved sculptures.

“How many years, how many times replacing, countless times of passing down inheritance, why is it that only light can pass on forever……”

His voice gradually fluttered, resounding in the forest.

“Perhaps, the inherent nature of soul is greedy, bloodthirsty, and hypocritical kind.”

That mysterious person’s hand gradually let go, and a red blood color energy began to surged.

“After the time of hiding in the darkness, the first light of dawn is even more dazzling……”

“This light burned my skin and ripped my soul. It reached out to me and pulled away at the moment I was about to hold it, for fear of contaminating my filth…..”

The person said and made a fist toward the statues in the middle of ancestral hall, his right hand continued to gather energy.

“The so-called justice, is just a sham!”
“You lofty lights, are nothing special!”

That person in black cloth arrived in front of the statues, looking at the statues imposingly stood there, his silver eyes sparkled with unknown emotion.

He gradually extended his hand surrounded by red energy, and grabbed the statue.


Suddenly, as if this statue could sense the danger, it unexpectedly shook. The faint light appeared and surrounded its whole body, blocking that person in black’s hand.

“Futile struggle——“

That person in black cloth sneered. The red energy intensified and gradually began to break through statue’s protective light.

“After have being wear down from ancient time, how much energy you have left?” (tl: Not totally sure about grammar, if wrong, tell me pls >_<)


As if being enraged by the word of person in black, the statue shook again and the light further intensified.


Suddenly, all the statues surrounding ancestral hall also shook, then there were cracks appearing on them.


The light strongly flashed, then every statue transformed into obelisks, there were cryptic and strange symbols on them, sending out white light.

The obelisk in front of the black cloth person shone with golden light, unlike other statues, this one did not look threatening at all, even its defense seemed insufficient.

Does it use its energy at another place?

“Finally reveal your true form, huh?”

The person in black cloth murmured, looking at the obelisk in front : “But what can you do?”

The light in his hand suddenly changed into black color.

Without any mean to resist, this obelisk was pierce through by the hand of black cloth person.

Then the light on this obelisk became unstably flickered.

As black cloth person’s hand was gradually pulled out, the light on obelisk continued to dim and many cracks appeared on its body.

“It’s over……”

That person stopped a bit and murmured, then he pulled his hand one last time and the obelisk immediately exploded.


And this action seemed to cause the chain reaction, those obelisk surrounded by light also exploded.

Black cloth person stood there silently, then he lifted his right hand, there was an orange insignia flickering in his hand.

Having achieved his objective, the black cloth man walked down the mountain, only left with the passing voice.

“You can rest assured, I won’t destroy this place. I give you all one last breath to see how your last light will be severed in my hand.

“When I found other things, that is the time light is gone!”



At somewhere in space, a young woman in shaman cloth sat in front of the stone statue, quietly prayed.


Suddenly, as if she sensed something, she creased her brows and looked at the sky.
It’s already start? Earth, It’s your turn……


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