Chapter 48 Estranged??

Chapter 48 Estranged??

Jiang Xue couldn’t describe her state of mind right now, angry, bashful along with a little bit of doubt from 30 minutes ago

30 minutes ago…….

Jiang Xue ran out of the Jiang Liu’s ward. Her father regained consciousness again had tossed her peculiar feeling previously into the sky high.

Seeing the doctors got off from work and took off their gauze mask with their faces full of exhaustion, Jiang Xue sighed in her heart.

It was the fault of this times!

Jiang Xue blanked out a little while, then she ran down the stair, she still remember that Jiang Liu was waiting.

Actually, as a big hospital, there was a supermarket at the first floor, but since this was very late already, it was already closed.

Fortunately, there was many supermarket opened all night outside the hospital because there were many patients.

This time Jiang Xue and others were really barely escaped death, Jiang Qi, Jiang Liu, Jiang Xue, and Jiang qi were almost at the center of the battlefield.

Although they managed to luckily get out alive, but Jiang Liu’s leg………

Thinking to this, Jiang Xue’s expression became gloomy, the doctor said : the possibility of completely healed was very small……and even if he was completely healed later, he still had to take the continuous supplement therapy.

But that didn’t matter!

Jiang Xue opened hospital’s door and she was shuddered by cold wind. Even though it was still in summer, but the night here was very cold.

Let us take care of you from now on!

Thinking of that, Jiang Xue walked toward the nearby supermarket.

“Little girl……..there is smell of light on your body?”

Suddenly, Jiang Xue heard a voice beside her. That voice was very deep and profounding, making her heart to taut.

Jiang Xue suddenly turned around and made a round kick.


Perhaps did not expecting this, the owner of the voice was kicked back a step.

“That’s pretty good…….mischievous human……l

The voice of person in black cloth carried a bit of surprised

“You are not human?”

Jiang Xue wrinkled her elegant brows, she narrowed her eyes and took a guard stance.


That person in black did not say anything, did not confirm nor deny.

Suddenly, Jiang Xue moved.

Clenching her left fist, She made a side kick, causing strong surge of wind.

But that person in black did not move, only stood there, waiting for Jiang Xue’s attack to land.


Jiang Xue’s pupils contracted, her left leg actually pass through this person in black like he was shadow.

“The next time we meet, little devil, this kick of your, I will surely return it……”

That person in black did not care about Jiang Xue at all, only looked at hospital’s direction, saying : “But you don’t need to be anxiously, today’s main objective is not you……”

Then, that person in black slowly disappeared.

Jiang Xue did not do anything useless, she instead thought about what’s that person saying.

Not good! Hospital!

Jiang Xue recalled the time when that person was talking, he seemed to looked at the hospital.

Although Jiang Xue did not know who was that person’s main objective, but she knew that her family were inside the hospital, along many innocent people.

Thus, without hesitation, Jiang Xue turned back to hospital.


Jiang Xue quickly returned to hospital and climbed on the stair. She seemed to hear the sound of conversation above but she couldn’t hear it clearly.

So she quicken her step.


Hearing a familiar voice, Jiang Xue stood in place dumbfounded.

That voice……

Without waiting for her to think, Jiang Xue was pushed to the floor, her subconscious tell her to counterattack, but in an instant, she had a clear look on that person’s face.

Jiang Qi?

And like that, Jiang Xue was pushed to the ground by Jiang Qi, and became angry at Jiang Qi’s hand…… actually knead it!!!


Jiang Xue instinctively screamed out, then Jiang Qi quickly stood up, and slipped his foot, and then…….and then……..

Jiang Xue’s eyes became big, she couldn’t react to what’s just happened.


The hospital’s corridor was still quiet like before, while Jiang Qi’s mind was not.

Looking at the shivering Jiang Xue, he didn’t know how to face her.

Both people, sank into the period of strange silent, Jiang Qi coughed and took the lead to break the silent.

“That…….are you alright?”


This is not good!

Jiang Xue lowered her head, so Jiang Qi couldn’t clearly see her expression.

“I went downstair looking for you, didn’t expected to miss a step……hahaha…….”


Jiand Xue still lowered her head, so he still couldn’t see her expression, but he seemed to see Jiang Liu holding an electric chainsaw in his hands, you dare to take advantage of when I’m sleeping…….

Thinking that, he could not help but shivered.

Since I am death anyway…….

Thus, Jiang Qi straightened his neck, closed his eyes, and said : “I’m sorry!! Since I can’t change anyhow…….you can kill or slice me as you want, as long as you are satisfied!”

Hearing Jiang Qi’s words, Jiang Xue made a sound.

“That person……”


Jiang Qi opened his eyes and look in surprised at Jiang Xue’s face that finally lifted up, but there was no emotion on her face and Jiang Qi noticed that she was difference.


This girl did not blame him, Jiang Qi could only response a word.

“Did you come across that person? The one in black cloth.”

Jiang Xue stood up, not looking at Jiang Qi’s face, and asked.

“You know him……”

Jiang Qi’s eyes widened, he thought of something.

“That’s right!”

Both people’s heart seem to be in sync, Jiang Xue immediately response.

“I came across him on the road.”

These two’s sight met each other in the air, and then averting off at the same time.
Jiang Qi’s expression became strange, he immediately asked : Are you alright?“

“I’m fine, but that person……”

Jiang Xue hesitated, said : “It seems this person want to find someone at this hospital.”


Jiang Qi’s mouth twitched, it did not take a genius to know whom that guy want to find.
“That person should have left now……”

Weakly speaking, Jiang Qi looked at the chilly expression of Jiang Xue.


Jiang Xue nodded and did not asked anything, even after this incident, she still trusted him.

“I will go get water……”

Jiang Xue said and walked down the stair again.

“I will accompany you!”

Seeing Jiang Xue walked down, Jiang Qi wanted to follow her, if that person was still nearby and wanted to harm her, he staying by her side could protect her.

“You go look after little qi and father.”

Jiang Xue did not turn her head and kept walking down the stair, leaving gloomy expression of Jiang Qi behind.

As expected, we become estranged……

Jiang Qi smiled mockingly at himself. Even though Jiang Xue treated him as family, but he was not genuine family member after all.

Shaking his head, Jiang Qi returned to Jiang Liu’s ward.


At the front of hospital, Jiang Xue leaned on the door, her face was bright red, and her hand was stroking at her lip. She could still feel the electric sensation on her lip, and her expression became complicated.



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