Chapter 46 The Excited Jiang Liu

Chapter 46 The Excited Jiang Liu

In hospital, many doctors still did not got off from work, because there were still the wounded patients continuously delivered in.


A very monotonous sound, created a lifeless sensation.

Outside the ward, there were the sound of disorderly pace and the deliberately quiet conversation. The expression of the doctor became solemn.

Many doctors had worked straight for 24 hours already, they were exhausted, but to made the patients to regained their consciousness again, they straightened their back and continued on.

Also, this was the last wave of patients for today, after they finished healing them, they could finally go to rest.


Listening to the noise outside, Jiang Qi sighed and glanced at Jiang Liu, finding it somewhat funny.

He didn’t find it surprising that this uncle was so protective of his daughters……even in this kind of injuries……..

Thinking to this, he couldn’t help but smile.

“Smelly brat, what are you smiling for?”

Seeing Jiang Qi’s smiling expression, Jiang Liu suddenly chided at him, scaring him a bit.
Those sentence was spoke in full breath, not like the sentence that should came from a severely wounded person.

“You…..why don’t you rest?”

Jiang Qi awkwardly smiled and scratched his head, asking.

He did not has the usual attitude toward Jiang Liu, after all he was getting “intimate” with his daughter in front of him, a wounded man even.

“What? You brat hopes for me to rest?”

Jiang Liu casted a sidelong glance at Jiang Qi, said with utterly disdain : “Or doesn’t you want to take advantage of when I am sleeping to do some indecent things?”


Jiang Qi really wanted to cry for this “unjust accusation”, when did he do this indecent things?

“Humph! If I know that you do it, I will castrate your third leg!”

Jiang Liu coldly snorted, looking at Jiang Qi’s package down there with meaningful eyes.

Jiang Qi subconsciously clamped his legs, he looked at Jiang Liu’s vicious eyes and widely opened his mouth, he did not dare to believe that Jiang Liu would be that ruthless.

Looking at Jiang Qi’s expression, Jiang Liu nodded in satisfaction, then he closed his eyes.

Seeing Jiang Liu closed his eyes, Jiang Qi breathed a sigh of relief.

Frankly speaking, he wasn’t an opponent to Jiang Liu at all, after all Jiang Liu was very cunning.

“By the way, did you see the news?”

Picking the apple at the side table, Jiang Qi took the small knife and peeled it.

He was talking about the news of the whole world forming Union.


After a little while, Jiang Liu nodded

“Don’t have anything to say?”

Jiang Qi casually asked, but his ears were perked up.

Regarding the current situation, his experience was still too small, he couldn’t tell the in and out of what’s happening, while Jiang Liu was a detective, he should be able to understand clearly about pros and cons of the situation.

“What can I say?”

Looking at Jiang Qi, Jiang Liu smiled in a profound manner, then said : “It’s fine as long as it doesn’t harm us ordinary people.”

“As long as ordinary people are unharmed?”

Hearing that, Jiang Qi nodded, but he still think that there are something more than that.
“Only unharmed?”

Hearing this question of Jiang Qi, Jiang Liu couldn’t help but smiled a little. To think that you aren’t just a big fool!

“The Union is a double-edge sword, it can unite all the power together, and it can increase the entire global strength very rapidly.

Jiang Liu slowly said, then as if he had a headache he stop a little, he then continued saying while kneading his temple : “But if one day, there are someone who don’t comply with the Union, then perhaps, these people’s heart won’t be on the same page anymore, and the damage caused at that time will be far greater than the benefits they create.

“Isn’t it mean that this whole Union thing is not necessary?”

Jiang Qi’s heart tighten hearing that, he immediately asked.

“I just think that you are getting better, it seem that you are still a fool!

Jiang Liu gave him a scornful glance and scolded him.


Didn’t know what to say, Jiang Qi scratched his head. He carefully thought and realized that he was too hasty previously, so he smiled awkwardly.

Jiang Liu glaring at Jiang Qi, explained : “ This is the brilliance of George. As the people who stay in these position are all wise people, so they naturally understand all of these, and thus they will try maintaining the equilibrium.

“Is this what they called ‘Stake it all?’”
(tl:兵行险招 = make risky move to reverse the situation. Don’t know how to make it short though)

Jiang Qi slowly nodded, he understood the meaning in it.

By utilizing this, could it really let every countries to united?

“In fact, I don’t really interest in this……”

While Jiang Qi was thinking, Jiang Liu suddenly spoke.


Jiang Qi looked at Jiang Liu in surprised, didn’t understand why he suddenly said this.

“…….I am more interested in Ultraman Zero.”

Jiang Liu talked to himself but it almost made Jiang Qi to dropped the knife in his hand.


Jiang Qi awkwardly wiped his forehead and spoke in a guilty manner.


Jiang Liu nodded, and his eyes shone with excitement, how many years was it? From the time he solved “The Yeti of the Northeast case” and “The Tokyo’s dismembered body case”, there was no exciting case anymore, he originally thought that he would never found one again in his life, he didn’t expected to see one now.

“Don’t you find it strange?”

“S……Strange what?”

Jiang Qi asked in a low voice.

“Each time he appear, he immediately defeat the monsters, but not at all done anything toward humans. Especially in the current situation when humans already launch attacks at him, but he actually flew away!”

Jiang Liu spoke in excitement, he didn’t look like the people who was severely wound, on the contrary, Jiang Qi was full of cold sweat.

“Furthermore, the light on his chest often flickered, Could it be that it was his weakness?”

Hearing Jiang Liu’s words, Jiang Qi bit his lip, the feeling of being analyzed was truly disturbing. He hesitated a bit and said : “Perhaps he ran out of time?”

“Time? Why do you think that?”

Jiang Liu was dumbfounded, then he shook his head denying.

“Unlikely, the first time, he appeared for total of a minute and 40 seconds, the light on his chest started flickered at a minute and 10 seconds. The second time, he appeared for total of 2 minutes and the light on his chest started flickered at around a minute and 30 seconds. The third time, he appeared for 2 minutes and 30 seconds while the light flickered started around 2 minutes.”

Hearing Jiang Liu’s strings of explanations, Jiang Qi was crazily sweating. Did Jiang Liu research about him?

“Maybe it’s because of the energy?”

Jiang Liu shook his head, saying : “Forget it, I will surely figure it out one day sooner or later!”

Seeing the glimmer of excitement in Jiang Liu’s eyes, Jiang Qi felt he was under great pressure, he might get stalked from behind this time.

Jiang Qi putted an apple in Jiang Liu’s hand and hastily left.

“I will go get Jiang Xue.”

If he stayed any longer, he afraid something might be exposed.


Looking at the door, Jiang Liu’s expression instantly changed.

Am I overthinking this?

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